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Thursday, September 29, 2011

TWU Announces Solidarity With O-W-S

The TWU has just announced its support of Occupy Wall Street (O-W-S) this morning in a story posted in Business Insider (See Link).


Meanwhile the lady who was maced in the face by a white shirt wearing NYPD officer is speaking out about her experience. She states that she was attacked by the brute for no reason.


This NYPD bully needs to be disciplined ASAP.

Everyone knows who he is. There can be no excuses. Discipline him NOW!

NYPD has been since January 2011 exercising brutal tactics on a host of people in this city from cyclists running red lights in Central Park to a an ongoing stop and frisk policy, in an attempt to harass and scare the population.

In fact since 2000 stop and frisks have gone from 100,000 to a WHOPPING 600,000 with a minute number of arrests yielded from these stop and frisks!

The Village Voice wrote about this issue last week.

According to the story, less than one in ten stop and frisks results in an arrest or summons. In other words ordinary New Yorkers are been stopped and frisked FOR NO REASON!

I was walking across a crosswalk in Manhattan last year and had the light, but a NYPD cop car was flying through the red light and had to stop to allow me to walk.

Here was the exchange:

I was asked by a rather aggressive NYPD officer what I was doing.

I replied: "Walking across the cross walk to the other side"

He said, "Where's your ID?"

I said, "What law did I break? I don't have to show you any ID until you tell me what law I have broken!"

He stalled for a moment, then requested the following, clearly attempting to intimidate me: "You got a green card?"

I was shocked and looked him straight in the eye: "I don't have to give you that information!"

He turned and got back in his cruiser and off he went, without my ID, my name or any information requested.

Was I lucky? Or was this cop clearly outwitted?

(See Link)


The tactics are clear SCARE THE POPULATION into SUBMISSION and maintain business as usual on every level.

All change comes from the bottom up!

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