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Oliver Stone
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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Raw Video NYPD v TARP-oline Protestors




NYPD venturing to slap a few plastic hand cuffs on the population who are basically SICK of the BS and the FED and all of the TARP funded bail outs!

NYPD statement: "as long as they adhere to the specifics of the law" they will be granted a PERMIT!

A permit to protest?

Are you kidding me?

A permit to march on the street a la EGYPT, LIBYA et al over the absolute corruption of the FED, the political system, the CLOWNS we have running this country?

"Oh, please Mr. NYPD man, may I get a nice permit to PROTEST? Yes Mr. NYPD man I'll sign here and tell you my name and address and SOC-SEC number and EVERYTHING you need to know about me so you can put me on a NO FLY LIST and keep tabs on me! Thanks so much for the permit Mr. NYPD man. Now I'll climb over this barrier here and protest all I want!"What a crock of BS?

The Tipping Point is near!

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