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Oliver Stone
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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Presstitutes - New "Careers in LSM"

"Presstitutes" an excellent description of so called JOURNALISTS with their silly propaganda, whether right leaning or left leaning.

Take Libya for example - a post-colonial territory chopped up by the very colonialists that chopped it up in 1942. (See Link)


One side of the presstitutes fawn at the feet of NATO, as if the Libyan people are "happy" with the recent developments. Obviously getting rid of a dictator is a good idea, but WHAT WILL REPLACE him? A Franco-Anglo dictatorship backed by NATO?

The map above shows how the world looked in 1905. Looking at Libya today and how it will look in the next few months suggests that French and British colonialism will chp it up under an oil company protectorate.

But the LSM would have us all believe that eveery thing is working out wonderfully.

Presstitutes all!

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