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Oliver Stone
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Friday, September 16, 2011

Brits & French Congregate in Libya

So Cameron and Sarkozy travel to Libya to congratulate the population with photo ops beamed across the world. Why are these two ex-Colonialists shaking hands with the courageous rebels?

The answer is oil!

Indeed the convicted Lockerbie bomber, Megrahi was released from jail WAY BEFORE he should have been because the Brits wanted first dibs on the oil fields in Libya. (See Links Below)



So to placate the Libyan regime in 2009 they released this bomber all in the name of oil. Now they pretend to be backing the rebel cause as they stand behind microphones smiling and shaking hands.

This is a cynical ploy by the Brits and French to placate their seething Muslim populations who have become marginalized within their respective societies, who live mostly in suburban wastelands throughout many parts of Britain and France.

(See Links Below)



So by beaming this "we understand your struggles" message across the world, Cameron and Sarkozy hope to convey that they are buddy, buddy with the Libyans. Meanwhile their massive oil companies, Total et al want to get control of the flow.

(See Link)


And UK oil companies too, Shell especially have been using all kinds of tricks to get into Libya, WAY BEFORE QADDAFI was being hounded by his suppressed people.

(See Link)


So the bottom line here is that Cameron and Sarkozy don't give a whit for the Libyan people, they care about control of the resources that belong to those people!

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