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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Fannie & Freddie & JP Morgan

Pro Publica has a very interesting story on how Freddie Mac was betting against OMOTS inability to re-pay mortgages.


And JP Morgan was involved in the war against OMOTS, veterans included.

Almost 50% of loan modifications WERE CANCELLED by JP Morgan Chase or 128,000 OMOTS!

Loan modifications are visually displayed here:


BAC, the bailed out crappy bank cancelled 54% of loan modifications, 217,120 OMOTS! So this is what happens when banks are bailed out, they TOSS OUT families onto the street.

So much for economic recovery.

Freddie Mac, having been BAILED OUT by the taxpayer, now goes and BETS AGAINST those that BAILED IT OUT!

According to Freddie's CEO, Charles "I'm in the corner of the OMOTS" Haldeman JR. speaking to Congress recently, he said that Freddie was:

“helping financially strapped families reduce their mortgage costs through refinancing their mortgages.”

Total fictitious statement! Charlie is earning a nice chunk of change from the TARP and other bail outs from the OMOTS, the people HIS GOVERNMENT AGENCY is betting against.

Here's Charlie's "Bail out" Haldeman's bio ---


And an interview with "SMART" Money!


HDD wonders how much $$$ this charlatan gets for CHUCKING FAMILIES out of their homes by betting against them?

Here's a quote from "Smart" Money:

"Of course, it's not as if the even-keeled, sandy-haired Haldeman didn't know what he was getting into when he took the $5 million-a-year job in 2009."

This guy is being paid $5 million!

Freddie Mac was set up to ENCOURAGE and MOTIVATE people to buy houses THEY COULD AFFORD. The idea that a government agency would BET AGAINST OMOTS in a bid to limit credit access is SCANDALOUS.

The mortgage model needs to be TURNED around as we attempt to get the economy back on track and home ownership available to THOSE WHO HAVE PUT DOWN a deposit.


And as the "S-election" goes on into November one of the Republicrats, Newt, was a lobbyist for the same group of people who MIS-MANAGED tax payers' money, bet against those taxpayers and are now "fixing" the problem!

Monday, January 30, 2012

40 YEARS AGO --- JAN 30th 1972

With a movie out on the "Iron Lady" and the distorted reality inherent in the Thatcherite policies and British power throughout the world, today marks the 40th anniversary of one of the bloodiest days in Irish history at the hand of the BRUTAL BRITISH!

Photos of that deadly tragedy can be accessed on the following link:


6 of the FOURTEEN KILLED were UNDER 17 years old! One adult died from his injuries later at the hospital.

FORTY years later, NOT ONE SINGLE paratrooper who murdered innocent catholic protesters has gone to jail or been punished on any level by the British government!

The entire Widgery report was a whitewash and millions of pounds were spent over several years in various investigations, most of which COVERED UP and made excuses for the security services that day, paratroopers trained to KILL, not police a protest!

Even the heading (right) "break up riot" was typical BRIT PROPAGANDA used to deflect the absolute responsibility held by the armed forces when they MURDERED 6 kids and a further 8 people over the age of 17!

The arrogance of those in power within the British establishment has always BAFFLED those under their thumb.

And now as the Finucance killing (Pat Finucance, 1989 killed on his own doorstep) demands answers, none are forthcoming either!

In fact Northern Ireland was for many, many years USED AS A BATTLEFIELD to TEST UK made armaments, riot gear, tear gas and plastic/rubber bullets, many of which were then sold to other nations at massive profit to those who manufactured these tools of death and destruction.

When HDD looks upon the faces of the FOURTEEN, HDD is reminded of how the BRITISH ESTABLISHMENT has managed to cover up many atrocities perpetrated on Irish soil, Kenyan soil and right across the former "empire", in the name of "democracy", "development" and "defense of the realm".


Thursday, January 26, 2012

DEBT and "Free Market" Economies

If freedom is measured in how indebted a nation is, then the "free" market economies of the western nations are enslaved to debt, mostly beholden to banks around the world that issued that debt and OWN THAT debt.

This debt bomb is primed to go off in 2012.

What will initiate the explosion? Or IMPLOSION?

Greece will most likely not be able to pay its debts to bondholders. Then Ireland, Portugal and any other problem country in the EU will whine about the Greek's getting away with their debts and will demand relief.

Right now as this is being written, DAVOS is in session. This is the place where the elites meet in security and seclusion in Switzerland to "discuss" economics and politics.


Decisions are being taken by the SUPER-WEALTHY to ensure that their wealth is NOT IMPACTED by what is about to happen around the globe: i.e. DEBT IMPLOSION and citizen reaction to that debt implosion.

Here are a few characters that have been in attendance at Davos.


People like George Soros who made a personal fortune of $1 BILLION on the 1992 Sterling DEVALUATION.

Here are a few questions:

#1. Why is Janet Napolitano at Davos?

#2. What is Brian Moynihan telling investors now that his bank has lost $45 a share since October 2007, DOWN A WHOPPING 85% of its value?

#3. And the Queen of Norway? Maybe Moynihan is assuring her that BAC will improve in 2012?


Looking at the faces of these people, HDD will assume that the CRISIS is MUCH WORSE than the OMOTS is being led to believe.

And it seems, the police commander of Davos, was recently found dead. (see below)


The WEF (World Economic Forum) is an EXPENSIVE affair and seems to be represented more by BILLIONAIRES than OMOTS.

$40,000 a person! The average American family makes this AFTER TAX ANNUALLY!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Northern Lights - Spectacular v Stupid People

Spectacular stuff!

The beauty and POWER of NATURE versus the stupidity and vanity of mankind! If you have a kid, spend QUALITY TIME with the child instead of trying to do THREE things at the same time!

Concentrate on one task with passion and cease trying to do lots of stuff in a lousy way. Common sense is a SCARCE RESOURCE these days with clowns on phones, texting, I-padding and such, all TRIVIAL DRIVEL!

HDD is a STUPID-FREE-ZONE and will highlight stupid practices, stupid statements and stupidity in all its forms.

Living in New York City one comes across various categories of stupidity. Here are some of the regular occurrences:

#1. Dogs off leash in Central Park

#2. Women or men pushing kids in strollers while on roller blades

#3. People texting while walking on the sidewalk, oblivious to oncoming pedestrians

#4. People cramming into the subway, but staying RIGHT NEAR THE DAMN DOOR when there are several seats all up the subway car

#5. Tourists in all forms, vermin most!

Stupidity is a condition that can be remedied - by listening to others, learning how to improve and above all - SHEDDING THE ENTITLED ATTITUDE!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

New York York "Rudest City"! (Apparently)



Who decides this NONSENSE? Who the hell is "Travel and Leisure"?

Who cares what this whimpy publication writes about NYC?

What exactly does RUDE mean? Is it being DIRECT and not putting up with any BULLSHIT from idiot tourists asking stupid questions, many of whom stay in the DISNEY-FIED Time Square area for the crappy one week vacation and eat at the usual chain joints.

HDD thinks this city is the BEST IN THE WORLD and if you don't like what we have to say or how we do it, then don't bother coming here!

In this politically-correct-obsessed culture, its refreshing to live in a city that is what it is and that represents the best (and worst) humanity can offer.

So as far as HDD is concerned these "surveys" are NONSENSE! And what "out of towners" think is as relevant as what an ant has to say about global warming.

Monday, January 23, 2012

IM-F-ed (Up)

Ireland is being put through the wringer thanks to the IMF and the population is getting pissed off.


Here is a perfect example of the OMOTS paying through the nose via taxes, household rates and other stealth methods for the GREEDY MISTAKES of ONE bank - ANGLO-IRISH!

Here's a story from a local Irish New York paper regarding the luxury these IMF clowns are enjoying while dictating draconian cuts on the Irish population.


The bottom line here is that the Irish will be FORCED TO PRIVATIZE all of the nation's public assets built on the sweat and hard work of those who played by the rules and paid taxes, rates and VAT.

The Irish have one choice left --- REVOLT against the IMF imposed rules and tell the bondholders to go to HELL!

Last week a few taxpayers took over a building and installed their own system of government --- this is the way to go:


Vacant government building (above) while the IMF is deciding what has to be sold and when!

Full text of the IMF plans for Ireland (below) --- a post-colonial plan to ensure the Irish are enslaved to tax and debt for the next TWO DECADES!



Page 23 in the above document under the section "Structural Reforms iii" is the critical phrase:

"reduce by 1 Euro per hour the minimum wage" --- here is a direct ATTACK on the OMOTS making the population pay for the MISTAKES OF THE BANKS!

Page 31 refers to WATER CHARGES ---

"start charging in 2012/2013" --- here the national asset of the necessity of water will be PRIVATIZED and SOLD TO A MULTI-NATIONAL!

the overall intent of the IMF in Ireland is to HOIST DEBT UPON the nation's taxpayers', ensure several national assets are prepared for sale and enslave the population to DEBT INTO PERPETUITY!

Wake up folks and smell the economic coffee!

Friday, January 20, 2012


Arrests made in DOJ and FBI hacking incident.


Anonymous apparently responsible for the incidents:


Just as the big banks have MONOPOLIZED access to credit and savings, BIG ENTERTAINMENT wants "protection from BIG government" under the umbrella of PIRACY! If SOPA activists have their way we'll have a multi-speed Internet with access to paid DRIVEL and massive impediments to information, knowledge and learning.

Maybe the US DOJ needs to update its desk tops, many of which run on WINDOWS!

Maybe our tax dollars need to be spent LESS ON TECHNOLOGY and more on DEMOCRACY!

The idea that government can run in a CYBER-VIRTUAL world is absurd.

Politicians and elected officials seem to think that electronic voting machines, ONLINE this an online that makes for greater efficiency when in fact it opens up huge opportunities to steal IDs of tax payers.





Contact the YES and impress upon them that NO is what OMOTS wants!



Thursday, January 19, 2012

SOPA = "Trash" in Swedish/PIPA = "Pipe"; Bankopoly

What does the proposed SOPA bill and the movie "The Name of the Rose" have in common?


In the movie, Sean Connery plays an investigator of a series of murders at an abbey where the notorious Bernard Gui arch inquisitor of the time shows up and demands a show trial of scapegoats, blamed in a series of murders.

Turns out several of those murdered had knowledge of BANNED BOOKS hidden in a tower behind a door high up in the abbey.

The INTERNET and its access to information is that tower with the books, but if SOPA and those behind the legislation have their way, we as consumers and knowledge seekers will be banned from MAKING OUR OWN MINDS UP on what we access and read.

Just like the movie, we MUST FIGHT for our right to access information and use that information for the betterment of self and others. SOPA disguises the overall attempt to CONTROL AND CENSOR what US citizens have access to. And as we all know the LSM already bombards us with DRIVEL! Like the two SWEDISH words, SOPA and PIPA, TRASH is being shoved down the Internet PIPE in a bid to control what we hear, see, witness and learn.

Here is the link to SOPA (PDF) ---


Who exactly is behind SOPA? Large corporations that have literally taken over all aspects of TV, INTERNET, CONTENT and media markets from local radio to television stations and newspapers. People like Joe Lieberman, the arch-ANTI INTERNET senator, who has flip-flopped on so many issues depending on which way the political wind blows. If Joey has his way OMOTS will be forced fed drivel and media debris on a daily basis learning NOTHING and having "news" censored to the point of IRRELEVANCE!

Google posts a "Transparency Report" regularly on its web site and reading this illustrates just how many YOU TUBES pissed off the powers that be, especially in the USA, footage of POLICE BRUTALITY, citizen journalism at its finest.


THIS IS THE REAL REASON FOR SOPA's attempted passage. KEEP THE OMOTS on the street and NOT IN POWER.



Above on the start page is a GRAPHIC of how the banks, since the GUTTING of Glass Steagall via Slick Billy Clinton, got to where they are today --- A BANKOPOLY! Half way through Clinton's second term, the BANKOPOLIES ACCELERATED to the point where by 1999, when GLB Act was passed, further consolidation and MOPPING up of medium sized banks continued.



Link to Graphic here ---


As the banks have gone almost MONOPOLY, so too have the media companies, vast CORPORATION controlling cultural content, deciding what culture is and who should access it. As the media continues to conglomerate, so too have the banks. In less than THIRTEEN years, bank as have gone from a perfect competition market structure to a VIRTUAL OLIGOPOLY --- a BANKOPOLY!

Meanwhile the FED, a private institution (but using a .GOV for its web site) ahs been embarking on it form of TRANSPARENCY with a recent issuance of a 2006 transcript, when GEITHNER was NY Federal Reserve Chairman and head honcho when of the financial SKULDUGGERY was going on.

Where is he now? Head of Treasury!

And his old mentor, Larry "BIG CHIN" Summers is being tipped as future head of the WORLD BANK!!!!!!



Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Master Card and Banks Protecting Merchants

Here's a quick anecdote.

Man gets a letter in the mail from Citi Bank informing him that his bank account "may be at risk for unauthorised use".

Man is advised to call bank at 1-800 number.

Man calls 1-800 number and is informed that in the past week his DEBIT CARD may have been "compromised" at a location where he ate, purchased goods or services.

Man asks Citi Bank customer service which merchant?

Citi Bank says "don't know". Continues to say that "MASTER CARD sent us a list of cards that may have been compromised and your debit card was on that list."

Man contacts Master Card and asks if his card has been compromised. Customer service in Florida says "we are contractually bound by privacy and cannot tell you which merchant your card was compromised at."

In other words a merchant has system hacked into.

A card number is stolen and may be used in the future, but Master Card won't tell the consumer where the incident occurred or when! Consumer must guess!

Bottom line: Citi Bank and Master Card care more about their merchants than their customers. As far they're concerned what does it matter that a customer is defrauded. He can just get another card and another number, no big deal!

And its no coincidence that updated credit card/debit card fraud statistics are no where to be found, because the big credit card issuers and their buddies in banking don't want the OMOTS to find out!

More to come on this issue in the next few days!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Kenya-England-Forgotten History

With all the movies out lately conveying the wonder of all things British - "Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy", "The Iron Lady" etc. one film that won't be getting as much hysterical publicity is "The First Grader", a true story based on how one man was DENIED an education due to his participation in REMOVING the colonial English from Kenya.

The heinous crimes against Kenyans perpetrated by the "British Empire" must never be forgotten. Many movies today rely on over dramatic fantasy to illustrate something in life that never happened, using over paid "stars" to hyper-exaggerate reality.

HDD cannot watch anymore crappy hyper-Hollywood-ized drivel.

Recommending "The First Grader" HDD recognizes that learning from history is more important than escapism through the movie screen.

The Mau Mau uprising and ultimate removal of the British from so-called "British East Africa" was a victory for Jomo Kenyatta and his East African patriots. In 1952 he was arrested and served seven years in prison for "anti-colonial" activity while a member of the Mau Mau Society.

Finally as the English colonialists yielded to internal pressure from the native tribes who managed to unify around one mantra - "Get the English Out" of East Africa.

Kenyatta was made president in 1963 and ruled until 1978.

The man - right - represented in the movie - (see link) http://www.thefirstgrader-themovie.com/news/ - is an ordinary Kenyan from the Kikuyu people who is determined to learn how to read and write.

The true story involves Kimani Maruge going back to school against all odds and reveals the REASONS WHY HE had no access to education. Reading published stories on Maruge one is led to believe that his fame stems from his status as the "oldest pupil in the world", rather than pointing to the reasons why he had to return to school after such a hard, cruel and repressed life at the hands of the British in his own country.

The more important point here is that British colonialism destroyed countries like Kenya, impoverished its citizens and ensured tribal division would continue as a modus operandi to control the people and EXTRACT resources from the land.

Below is a map of the British Empire at its height!

And the decline - right -

Friday, January 13, 2012

Lame Stream Media Scrambles

The story below illustrates just what is happening with viewership, especially under 25s who use computers almost like an appendage and cannot do without cell phones, I-Pads etc for more than 24 hours!


You tube is taking over and the folks at GOOGLE are betting that OMOTS will ditch the DRIVEL programming on cable tv and migrate en mass toward the Internet and YOU TUBE CHANNELS.

According to Forrester Research by 2016 50% of households will have Wi-Fi devices on their televisions enabling them to access Internet content. This is terrifying the cable companies and network television corporations.

This is one fight I want a ringside seat at!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Job "Creator" Mitt and his merry Bain band of raiders

Mitt the "job creator" Romney! Good for jobs! Yeah RIGHT.


Here are examples of Mitt and his job "creating" policies. How duped the electorate can be by modern soud bites and "catch phrases" of absolute meaningless utterances.

Mitt the BAIN of American workers!

Shock Doctrine

Well worth watching the you-tube version of the book --- click on book cover on side gadgets to see full documentary.

Economic history as taught in the academy rarely looks at the shocks that were applied to Chile in 1973, Russia (circa 1991)or Iraq in 2003 and beyond.

This documentary is a rare glimpse into the various rabid free marketeers from Thatcher to Pinochet and their ilk across the globe.

With the new movie out about Thatcher, OMOTS should watch the documentary which sheds light on whether Thatcher was a heroic economic figure or not.

HDD is not of that opinion.

In fact her record in destroying unions and allowing an elected member of parliament to die - Bobby Sands MP - suggests her policies were far from free market, but rather thinly disguised fascism!

Thatcher was an admirer of the FASCIST regime of Augusto Pinochet right up until the end of his reign when he was extradited. How can the free marketeers pour so much hypnotic admiration on the likes of Thatcher and Pinochet a tyrant and torturer?

HDD plans on viewing the new movie on Thatcher and will post a review in due course.

Here's the two free market lovers together a few years ago!

HDD has tremendous respect for Streep, but asks the following question: Why does a woman who BROKE unions in the UK, allied herself with many tyrants throughout the 1980s, destroyed local communities and branded Mandela a "terrorist" have a movie made about her?


HDD will report back on the film in a few weeks!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Dave Chappelle on Recent Events

HDD will not comment anymore on this 2012 nonsense AUCTION for democracy.

Here's Dave's take on politics and such!


Meanwhile in Georgia (the country NOT the state), it appears war with Iran is imminent. But as usual the US LAME STREAM media is not reporting this, rather its the Russian media!


HDD believes the US LSM is so bad now, that procuring FACTS is becoming increasingly more difficult as we browse through the 1,000 channels of DRIVEL across the cable tv sphere.

How many more REALITY SHOWS can the population stomach?

How many game shows can they endure?

How many more stupid advertisements will be bombarded across US tv screens?

How many smiling news "ANCHORS" compete for our eyeballs during "PRIME-TIME"?

CJR (Columbia Journalism Review always updates the section "WHO OWNS WHAT" and you may be surprised to see EXACTLY what is owned and by WHOM?

see link


Here's a list of what MICKEY MOUSE and DONALD DUCK own via DISNEY (updated August 2011) ---


HDD went into a dizzying state when looking into what DISNEY OWNS.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Geithner! Keep your small mouth SHUT

Who the hell does this little mouse think his?

Geithner says to Japan Iran needs to have sanctions Japanese-style!


This TAX DODGER who never fought a day in his life is calling for sanctions against Iran by Japan.

Next stop all out war!

Geithner is Obama's poodle in the Japan and will put pressure on the Japanese to follow the US lead. the last thing we need in this country in ANOTHER WAR! But these clowns in DC will use the fear mongering and Iran as a platform for re-election, mass hysteria and couched patriotism.

Who will be the winners in all of this?

The oil speculators and BIG OIL! Geithner says China is "manipulating its currency" while he and his buddies at Treasury in collaboration with the FED are PRINTING dollars like there's no tomorrow. This clown Geithner thinks that by printing money en mass and slapping the Chinese on the financial knuckles, that we'll all end up happily ever after.

GEITHNER - keep your mouth SHUT!

Both Japan and China need Iranian oil, so by putting pressure on these countries, Geithner is INDIRECTLY adding to INFLATION in these countries and since the US imports a heck of a lot of stuff form Japan-China, we as citizens will be forced to pay higher prices due to Geithner's GUNG HO FINANCIAL JUJITSU.

Here's a man that dodged his taxes and blamed a computer program on the mistake:


Any OMOTS that did what Geithner did would be fined and/or harassed by the IRS.

Not Geithner. No way! He was made TREASURY SECRETARY!

HDD believes that publicly Geithner pretends to be pro-USA but privately he is a globalist and will ensure the heaping of more and more debt on the American people in collaboration with the FED. During his tenure at the Fed-NY he orchestrated transfers to AIG-GOLDMAN et al. under the umbrella of "TARP"!