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Monday, January 23, 2012

IM-F-ed (Up)

Ireland is being put through the wringer thanks to the IMF and the population is getting pissed off.


Here is a perfect example of the OMOTS paying through the nose via taxes, household rates and other stealth methods for the GREEDY MISTAKES of ONE bank - ANGLO-IRISH!

Here's a story from a local Irish New York paper regarding the luxury these IMF clowns are enjoying while dictating draconian cuts on the Irish population.


The bottom line here is that the Irish will be FORCED TO PRIVATIZE all of the nation's public assets built on the sweat and hard work of those who played by the rules and paid taxes, rates and VAT.

The Irish have one choice left --- REVOLT against the IMF imposed rules and tell the bondholders to go to HELL!

Last week a few taxpayers took over a building and installed their own system of government --- this is the way to go:


Vacant government building (above) while the IMF is deciding what has to be sold and when!

Full text of the IMF plans for Ireland (below) --- a post-colonial plan to ensure the Irish are enslaved to tax and debt for the next TWO DECADES!



Page 23 in the above document under the section "Structural Reforms iii" is the critical phrase:

"reduce by 1 Euro per hour the minimum wage" --- here is a direct ATTACK on the OMOTS making the population pay for the MISTAKES OF THE BANKS!

Page 31 refers to WATER CHARGES ---

"start charging in 2012/2013" --- here the national asset of the necessity of water will be PRIVATIZED and SOLD TO A MULTI-NATIONAL!

the overall intent of the IMF in Ireland is to HOIST DEBT UPON the nation's taxpayers', ensure several national assets are prepared for sale and enslave the population to DEBT INTO PERPETUITY!

Wake up folks and smell the economic coffee!

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