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Oliver Stone
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Monday, January 30, 2012

40 YEARS AGO --- JAN 30th 1972

With a movie out on the "Iron Lady" and the distorted reality inherent in the Thatcherite policies and British power throughout the world, today marks the 40th anniversary of one of the bloodiest days in Irish history at the hand of the BRUTAL BRITISH!

Photos of that deadly tragedy can be accessed on the following link:


6 of the FOURTEEN KILLED were UNDER 17 years old! One adult died from his injuries later at the hospital.

FORTY years later, NOT ONE SINGLE paratrooper who murdered innocent catholic protesters has gone to jail or been punished on any level by the British government!

The entire Widgery report was a whitewash and millions of pounds were spent over several years in various investigations, most of which COVERED UP and made excuses for the security services that day, paratroopers trained to KILL, not police a protest!

Even the heading (right) "break up riot" was typical BRIT PROPAGANDA used to deflect the absolute responsibility held by the armed forces when they MURDERED 6 kids and a further 8 people over the age of 17!

The arrogance of those in power within the British establishment has always BAFFLED those under their thumb.

And now as the Finucance killing (Pat Finucance, 1989 killed on his own doorstep) demands answers, none are forthcoming either!

In fact Northern Ireland was for many, many years USED AS A BATTLEFIELD to TEST UK made armaments, riot gear, tear gas and plastic/rubber bullets, many of which were then sold to other nations at massive profit to those who manufactured these tools of death and destruction.

When HDD looks upon the faces of the FOURTEEN, HDD is reminded of how the BRITISH ESTABLISHMENT has managed to cover up many atrocities perpetrated on Irish soil, Kenyan soil and right across the former "empire", in the name of "democracy", "development" and "defense of the realm".


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