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Friday, March 30, 2012

MASSIVE COP COVER UP on Trayvon Martin Murder

Some of the LSM, Fox etc. seem to be guilty of omitting FACTS on George Zimmerman:

#1. His father, Robert J. Zimmerman was a magistrate from 2000 to 2006 in Virginia;

#2. Bill Lee, Sanford Police Chief and Norm Wolfinger, state prosecutor have both stepped down as the FACTS about Trayvon Martin's brutal murder continue to be LEAKED by the media.

Here are some new facts about this MASSIVE COVER-UP:

Zimmerman is seen in a video at the police station on the night of the murder getting out of the cop car WITHOUT A BROKEN NOSE!

If his nose was broken by the child he shot, then his nose wouldn't be perfectly situated on his face.

This begs the obvious question: When was his nose broken? Why was his nose PURPOSEFULLY BROKEN? Where was his nose broken?

A nit-wit could answer these questions: the cops broke his nose at the station in a bid to COVER UP THE ENTIRE heinous crime. Zimmerman was known by the cops and his father was most likely contacted, hence a story was manufactured to suit the "self-defense" stand your ground law in FL.

When Trayvon's body was brought to the morgue, it was tagged JOHN DOE! The family didn't get the body for THREE WHOLE DAYS!


There has been no AUTOPSY as of this posting this morning just after 09:00hrs EST.


Bill Lee needs to be fired and any other cop involved in this cover-up of a teenager gunned down in cold blood by a wannabe cop, a predator whose father was a magistrate for 6 years in Virginia, a pseudo security guard paid in cash and a neighborhood vigilante with a huge racist chip on his shoulder.

HDD has been following this from the first day it hit the wires.

HDD has called both the Sanford Police Dept., the State Attorneys Office in FL and demanded a full and impartial investigation into this GROTESQUE KILLING of a child!

Grassroots efforts will bring this clown of a man Zimmerman to justice for the cold blooded murder of an unarmed teen.

The entire tragedy illustrates just how justice in America really works and how crimes are systematically covered-up.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

White Plains Cop-Thugs Cover-Up

News stories back in November pertaining to a 68-year old man, Kenneth Chamberlain, initially reported that cops were responding to an emotionally disturbed man with either a knife or hatchet ending up with White Plains police shooting the man dead.



Now, almost 5 MONTHS LATER we get the real story, or rather the FACTS of what happened that day.

Thug-cops broke down the ex-marine's apartment door while he was pleading with them to leave him alone and tasered him, then shot him in the chest dead. Mr. Chamberlain served his country and upon retiring worked as a corrections officer.

To date, not one single thug-cop has been charged, disciplined or assigned desk duty for this scandalous attack on an unarmed man, and subsequent cover-up by the White Plains Police Department.

David E. Chong, left in tuxedo surrounded by colleagues at a dinner on March 11th 2012, in Rye, NY was in charge of the cops that gunned down Mr. Chamberlain in his own house back in November.

HDD hopes that Chong and all of his buddy cops in White Plains are taken to task over the cold blooded shooting of Mr. Chamberlain in his own house. These cops ramming down the door of an ex-Marine and retiree from the corrections department violated the 4th Amendment of the US Constitution that states thus:

Amendment IV

"The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized."

These thug-cops, who are paid by taxes rifled from the citizens' pay checks have no right to rip the door off its hinges of a 68 year old man and murder him in his own house while he pleaded with them to leave him alone! The officer responsible for this heinous crime should be fired immediately and Mr. Chong needs to launch a full-scale investigation into the events of that day.

Regardless, there is a full audio tape and some video (from the taser gun) documenting precisely what happened that day.

One of our NY State senators, Suzi Oppenheimer has written a letter to the DOJ demanding a full investigation into the actions of White Plains Police on that fateful day!

Kenneth Chamberlain JR. has retained two lawyers in a bid to bring these cops to justice and ensure that his father's untimely death was not in vain.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Cascade of Whistle Blowers on the Way

Greg Smith, the South African ex-Goldman Sachs employee it appears has ulterior motives as his book becomes the center of a bidding war!


Here's his NYTIMES story:


With his banking career in tatters, Smith is writing a "memoir"!

Most likely his book will revolve around the fancy lunches, the glamorous bars and restaurants, the strip clubs and all of that banking nonsense.

Smith is just one of a CASCADE of whistle blowers that are LINING UP to spill the beans on insider fraud that is endemic in many of our TBTF (Too Big To Fail) "institutions".

Indeed the Dallas Fed just published its annual report (see link) regarding the TBTF issue and how these banks are creating serious market risk and NEED TO BE BROKEN UP as soon as possible with MASSIVE PUBLIC LOSSES and PRIVATE PROFITS locked in for those deep inside the system!


Recent commentary on financial and commodity boards (one of which was taken down 24 hours ago from the CFTC comment section - see link below) refers to DERIVATIVES and how they are priced, controlled and MANIPULATED to the benefit only of those at the TBTF banks.


The phrase of the day today is "CASCADING CREDIT EVENT", kind of like dominoes falling due to one simple trigger - Greece or Ireland or Spain defaulting!

HDD predicts that the June referendum in Ireland will reflect the people's REJECTION OF THE IMF-COLONIALIST approach to the country, causing a trigger event at some level.


All of these TBTF bankers know the system is weighed down with DEBT, DERIVATIVES, and CORRUPTION. What they also know is that time is running out, like a egg timer and they want to get out before its TOO LATE!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Human Evolution in 21st Century

Just saw an excellent documentary on the human brain from conception to adulthood:
"Zeitgeist: Moving Forward" Linked below ---


Locke, Smith and many others are discussed - in the latter part of the documentary - and their impact on the evolution of modern day capitalism: "Invisible Hand of the market"! The system is, according to Smith, now in equilibrium.

What was Smith's view on SLAVERY? Or on the environment?

"From the experience of all ages and nations, I believe, that the work done by free men comes cheaper in the end than the work performed by slaves. Whatever work he does, beyond what is sufficient to purchase his own maintenance, can be squeezed out of him by violence only, and not by any interest of his own."

Although against slavery, he was for the maintenance of as close to low wages as possible to ensure profit at any cost, flowing to those who controlled the resources of society (and at the time the British Empire).

Modern corporatism and political systems are based on massive influence by the few over the masses, from media to voting to banking and skewed economic and monetary policies.

All of these ideas are illustrated in the documentary.

Friday, March 23, 2012

UNIVIEW and I-Ran-Away-Romney

Here's one of the Republican candidate's business ventures:
Squash all democratic efforts in China no matter what and make a pile of cash doing it!

Bain Capital has taken over the company Uniview Technologies, a company that has huge contracts with the Chinese government and uses its technology to SPY on Chinese citizens, Tibetan monks, pro-democracy dissents and anyone else the Chinese Communist Party deems "anti-social" and in need of "re-education".

Thanks Mitt for promoting democracy and free market capitalism in Communist China!

And thanks to all who will vote in November for this apologist for anti-democratic China.



BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING, brought to you by Mitt Romney's Bain Capital!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Skittles VERSUS 9mm; Cop Cover-Up


So a young kid, 17 years old, goes to the store to get a bag of skittles. His father lives in a gated Florida community. The kid is visiting. After walking to the store, he notices he's being followed by a male, eighty pounds heavier and an adult.

This man is carrying a gun, a 9mm.

The kid is scared and is asked by the male what he's doing. Fear comes upon him and he walks faster away from the male with the gun, pulls his hoodie up over his head in a bid to escape the fast approaching male.


Then he is pushed over by the male and shot! He is shot to DEATH!

Trayvon Martin RIP!

What do the cops do?

Hide the facts. Bundle the body into a car and place it in the morgue and BUNGLE the entire tragedy in a COLD COVER UP!

The shooter, a self-appointed "guardian" of the gated community is PROTECTED for almost 3 weeks, that's TWENTY-ONE DAYS of protection.

This killer has just shot to death a seventeen year old kid in cold blood, claiming "self defense", against a kid armed with a bag of skittles!

Here are some basic questions for the cover-up cops in Sanford, FL ---

#1. Who within the Police Department knew Zimmerman?

#2. Why wasn't Zimmerman arrested?

#3. Why was there a TWENTY-ONE DAY LAPSE in information about this heinous crime?

#4. Why was the cell phone of Trayvon Martin not checked IMMEDIATELY?

#5. Finally why was Zimmerman allowed to carry a gun, a 9mm, given that he had prior arrests?

Perhaps a call to the Sanford Police Department might change their bungling ways. HDD just called (09:17hrs EST) and before a comment could be made was told by Nancy: "The case has been passed to the State's SG. Have a nice day!"


(Nineteenth District) Information taken down, COINCIDENTALLY as of 09:25hrs EST!



Friday, March 16, 2012

Global Trends and Demographics - US v World

According to several published reports 50% of the world is urbanized.

This means that 3.5 billion people live in cities or near cities in suburban neighborhoods. The other 3.5 billion live in rural areas. Another interesting trend is the speed of aging in the developing countries: China for example will see its
65+ population go from 7% in 2000 to 14% by 2027.

And developed countries such as the US will see 14% of its total population over 65+ by next year! That's a whopping 43,789,335 people OVER 65 according to the US Commerce Department's total US population of 312,780,968.

How will this over 65 group affect social security?

There are two theories on this:
#1. "Social Security Going Broke" and #2. "Social Security Not Going Broke".

When Social Security was sat up in 1935, the US had just come out of the Great Depression and as the war years grounded to a halt more and more people were working in well paid, long term, pensionable jobs.

Social security was in good shape with about 40 workers to every retiree (see graph) but now in the second decade of the 2000s due to the baby boomers and lower employment levels, that ratio is a disturbing 2.9 to 1 and will go lower over the next decade ASSUMING UNEMPLOYMENT DOES NOT EXPLODE!

So the group who believe Soc-Sec is broke are primarily in the world of finance and hope by scaring the population who are working NOW, they will force them to abandon any hopes of access to Soc-Sec when they retire and plough their retirement money into stocks and bonds.

The other group, unions and optimists who believe Soc-Sec can brave the financial storms ahead lobby for a more proactive approach by government on keeping a so-called "lock-box" on the Soc-Sec trust fund.

Whatever side you believe in, the facts are this: LESS PEOPLE are working and MORE PEOPLE are retiring!

Mathematics doesn't lie!

The poster left is from the late-thirties when the United States was rebuilding its industrial base, coming out of the Great Depression and hadn't entered the war yet.

Since then US manufacturing jobs have fled to Mexico, been outsourced all around the world and service jobs make up a substanial percentage of employment in 2012.

Added to this is the fact that 73% of US GDP is made up of CONSUMPTION and the picture gets clearer: we are a nation of consumers, aging at an increasing rate with employment slowing and economic growth stagnant.

HDD believes that the official government statistics in unemployment are WAY OFF since they do not take into account the people who have RUN OUT OF UNEMPLOYMENT INSURANCE and have given up searching for a job!

Most of the research on the state of Soc-Sec presently and in the future assumes that unemployment will decrease and NOT INCREASE.

HDD thinks that unemployment will increase to around 20% over the next five years.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Anglo Irish "Solution" - PACTA SUNT SERVANDA

A quick look at the web-site set up recently as the "Irish Bank Resolution Corporation Limited" suggests the following:

#1.Resolution conveys that there is something to RESOLVE - there is nothing to resolve except to continue screwing the Irish taxpayer. Anglo bond holders are UNSECURED and therefore shouldn't get a PENNY!

#2. Some of the board members are precisely those who ran the banking industry into the ground through greed and unbridled fiscal rectitude (see link)


#3. This entity sounds very like a collection agency working on behalf of the banks that hold the Anglo bonds and NOT working on behalf of the Irish people and taxpayers, none of whom owe a penny to Anglo and the other poorly run and crappy financial institutions.


According to the story above, the Irish government must honor its financial commitments and the Latin phrase: "Pacta Sunt Servanda" is uttered to the Irish government ensuring that no financial rebellions take place.

In other words, "respect your commitments and obligations" as far as the ECB is concerned with respect to Ireland.

A list right shows WHO OWNS ANGLO BONDS and who the IBRC is REALLY WORKING FOR!

(see link below)


"Cead Mile Failte to the IMF" --- Great Song (in time for Paddy's Day!)


Below is a low resolution screen shot of some of the bonds coming due in teh next few months and years and bondholders both secured and unsecured will be paid off while hospitals, schools and roads across the Irish Republic will go UNFUNDED!

And further, Anglo Irish Bank is only the tip of the iceberg, Allied Irish Bank is also in dire need of assistance ---

Below is a link that explains just how serious the Irish financial fragility really is and how the big global banks are exposed to Irish bank debt, some secured and most unsecured:


Take at random the five year bond, ISIN NUMBER# XS0307691559 issued by Anglo on June 28th 2007 and maturing this June, 28th 2012.

The amount is 400,000,000 GBP (Pounds) and with interest and upon maturity will become more than 461,095,101 GBP, while the OMOTS in Ireland will see taxes increase, funding for hospitals DECREASE and general services SLASHED, all because an UNSECURED BONDHOLDER somewhere in the banking system has to be paid off with interest.

An ISIN number refers to the International Securities Identification Number and by GOOGLING the aforementioned bond several PDFs appear with risk attached and comprehensive analysis covering each and every bond.

Bottom line here, the bond that matures on June 28th 2012 will be repaid with interest and the OPPORTUNITY COST of repaying that UNSECURED bond will be massive austerity measures and CUT BACKS!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Public Opinion and How to Manufacture LIES

The book below, by Walter Lippmann, available on GOOGLE books, shows from where the so-called "Public Opinion" industry originated. Lippmann published the book in 1922, and although 90 years old, many of the concepts are as relevant today in 2012 than they were back in 1922!

His observations of the "News" are quite revealing and clearly he saw the direction the media was taking almost a century ago.


Essentially "Public Opinion" is malleable and, like clay, can be sculpted according to policy needs: WAR, GLOBAL TERROR, FEAR etc.

By keeping the populace in a perpetual state of fear, mental paralysis through LSM and corporate controlled media outlets, the 'public opinion' is used to further the aims of those who govern, maintain power, both socially and economically for the benefit of the few.

Between 1914 and 1917, Lippmann wrote and published "Drift and Mastery" see left. The book contributed enormously to progressive thinking in the midst of a World War and post-colonial jockeying for position around the world.

Lippmann understood the deep effects of fear on a society and how a plethora of fears used by the governing authorities over the governed proved an excellent antidote to REBELLION! Little has changed in regards to "Public Opinion" and how the governed are kept in the dark since Lippmann's time.

What has changed is the proliferation of INFORMATION and CONTROLS on the OMOTS, from digital control to political, travel and religious control.

HDD believes that Lippmann's writings are as relevant today as they were in the early to mid-1900s.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Irish Students Hack FBI (Federal Bureau of Ineptitude)

The kid left is Donnacha O'Cearbhaill (Donagh Carroll in English) with the EX-President of Ireland and her husband. Looks like O'C may get a little time in jail OR GET A JOB OFFER with the FBI!


Various reports filed today are accusing several Irish students with hacking into FBI data bases and other incidences of hacking into STRATFOR via Anonymous.




HDD will follow the ongoing indictment of D O'C and will bet that he will either spill the beans on his co-hackers, get a job or serve jail time!


Its like "The Guard" all over again!

China and US --- Doing Business and Turning a Blind Eye

If a private US company wants to benefit from doing business in China, PWC is ready to help: (see link below)


Access to 1.3 billion people and cheap labor are the main reasons to get involved in China.

Of course nothing mentioned about human rights abuses, Tibet (see links) or the forced removal of peasants from China's rural areas to make way for factories, dams and other centrally planned infrastructure. Nor is there any mention of the ruthless repression of democratic efforts within China.



The link below gives an overview of the major US corporations with a presence in China:


Most of these companies are MANUFACTURING their products IN CHINA and NOT EXPORTING to China. This is a critical point: their presence revolves around CHEAP LABOR and ACCESS to the internal Chinese market and Asia in general.

And as we await the US trade deficit number later this week it is worth noting how US investment in plant and factories in China will most likely accelerate over time because the US market for many products is SATURATED and as the Chinese middle-class grow, there is no point is making consumer and some non-consumer products in the US in the future.

This economy will be further hollowed out!

Despite the appallingly nauseous rhetoric coming out of DC and from the mouths of politicians and presidential candidates, US jobs will not be coming back to the US anytime soon.

Monday, March 5, 2012


Looks like the so-called "Fiscal Compact" in Ireland isn't washing with the OMOTS and RIGHTLY SO!

If the OMOTS rejects the IMF-ECB austerity measures, other countries, Spain, Portugal will most likely follow Ireland's lead.

HDD believes the majority of the Irish population are NOT BEHIND the IMF-based structural programs and conditionalities. According to press reports, the referendum, announced on February 28th by Taoiseach Enda Kenny, is expected in early June.

This gives plenty of time for the Pro-IMF and Anti-IMF groups to get their message out to their respective constituents.



Like the Pink Floyd album cover above, OMOTS in Ireland don't want to get BURNED by the IMF suits.

Local, grassroots movements are setting up across the nation or Ireland and organizing on a street level AGAINST IMF-FINANCIAL COLONIALISM.

The picture right illustrates how the OMOTS perceives the austerity plan and if the OMOTS refuses to go along, taxes cannot be collected efficiently and if taxes are not collected, IMF loans will go unpaid. If that happens, DEFAULT quickly follows and will have a knock-on domino effect on all of Europe.

This is what HDD expects and predicts will come to pass. And it won't be pretty!

For Ireland is caught in between the jaws of two forces: IMF colonialist programs in exchange for loans and national opposition toward austerity and cuts in funding for hospitals, roads, education, old-aged pensions etc.

Both jaws are closing fast, squeezing the political capital of the government into juice. If rejected, the inept Irish government will be unable to borrow on bond markets for ongoing daily operations.

It is really a test of people power VERSUS central power.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Pink Floyd and the Walls Constructed Since 1982

Thirty years ago, Bob Geldof starred in "The Wall" an Alan Parker masterpiece reflecting the inner turmoil, ultimate destruction and reconstruction of a rock star.

It is also a reflection of the inner mind of many men and of the societies that have risen since the 1980s, societies where a police states exists, where cyber warfare is the norm and Big Brother stalks the knowledge seeker daily, through the Internet.

Many of the scenes in the film revolve around the main characters childhood, his father killed in WW-II, his domineering mother, the education system at the time and Britain's descent into a Neo-Nazi state (aptly illustrated in the final scene) under Thatcher and her pro-free market policies that threatened to destroy any gains made under previous governments.

The Brixton riots, 1981, are graphically illustrated in the film where police repressed the local Jamaican population without regard for rights or social justice, while Thatcher allowed ten Irish hunger strikers in a Northern Ireland prison to DIE ON HUNGER STRIKE, all of whom were political prisoners.

The over arching theme of the film as far as HDD is concerned is this: walls, both internal and external must be smashed, but unless they are replaced by something founded on peace, inner understanding and outer equality, they are doomed to continue the vicious cycle of exploitation and ongoing division.

The education system for example has deteriorated since Pink Floyd's "The Wall". Now students are NOT TAUGHT to think or problem solve, but rather MEMORIZE, PARROT and CONFORM on every level, creating a CLONE-LIKE system based on grades and GPA scores rather than common sense and a creative approach to the myriad of problems that need to be solved.

Little has really changed since Waters, Gilmour et al released "The Wall" one of the best albums ever created by a rock band. And HDD had the pleasure of seeing Pink Floyd in 1994 (sans Waters)!

Floyd's music is as RELEVANT TODAY as it was in 1973 when "Dark Side of the Moon" came out to thunderous applause, an album that is as alive today as it was nearly FORTY YEARS AGO!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Yelp-ing At-Groupon-et al

Are we in for another DOTCOM BOOM/BUST scenario? Today YELP was IPOed at $24 and change.

The company hasn't made a profit since 2004! With $83 million in revenue and NO PROFIT last year, the market is either stupid or long term smart, unless all of the money invested in Yelp is for a very, very short term gain, say a few days, weeks or months.

Another hysterical media event was Groupon. Here's what happened with that stock:

If you bought in at 09:30hrs on the day it was offered for sale and got out at just before 10:00hrs you may have been unscathed. If you held on until the end of the day you would have been absolutely SCREWED!

Back during the DOT.COM-insanity, people realized after 2-3 years that certain stocks were NEVER going to make a profit, yet the big investment banks were singing the praises of this.COM and that.COM while at the same time SHORTING THE CRAP out of the same ones, people like Henry Blodget of Merrill Lynch, who admitted that many of the stocks he trumpeted, as quoted below:

“The majority of today's pure-play Internet companies will never make money and will not exist in three-to-five years. There will be a lot of consolidation and a lot of failure, and ultimately valuations will fall more in line with historical norms.”


Here's some of Henry's legal problems when he was investigated by the SEC under anti-fraud provisions. Reading some of the emails he wrote, while at the same time heralding stocks that were GOING NOWHERE, HDD believes Blodget was an over paid crook, pedalling crap to greedy punters.


HDD does not believe that companies that have consistently broken even or lost money over several years, in Yelp's case, 8 full years of no profit, can sustain a rising stock price, UNLESS Yelp is taken over by GOOGLE or BAIDU and the investors involved in Yelp don't expect profits either.

Only time will tell.

By 10:30 hrs EST today Yelp was trading at $24 and change.

Let's check back later today or on Monday and see what the market REALLY thinks of Yelp! 2012 sees about 200 IPOs ready to dart out of the starting gate and the DADDY of them all, FACEBOOK, is watching and waiting with bated breath!