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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Why We Fight? Harnessing Public Opinion and Tax $$$

There are two documentaries that should be watched together, one a longer film the second a short.

"Why We Fight" is an excellent over view of the US and its need to begin wars, continue wars and ultimately harness public opinion and taxpayers' resources to prepare for and finance future war.

Rumblings abound that Iran is the next target and that the regime has weapons of mass destruction etc. or are building nuclear devices.

With the US economy limping along and wars in Afghanistan and Iraq either continuing indefinitely into the future or winding down next year, the US Military-Industrial-Think Tank-Complex needs another battle "theater".

Currently we have 14 permanent bases in Iraq, after invading on March 17th 2003. Most military brass don't think a war in Iran will be successful, yet think-tanks and military contractors are not giving up and ratchet up the battle hyper pole daily.

The second documentary is "Poster Girl", a film that follows an ex-cheerleader into battle and after her return from Iraq with PTSD (see earlier post on this blog).


It is a disturbing window into the soul of a female combat veteran, her struggles wit the VA, with her inner demons and society in general.

The main character Sgt. Murray even made it to the cover of "ARMY" magazine and was the poster girl for female combat soldiers.

Of course she regrets every single action she engaged in during her tour in Iraq. These are not the documentaries the top brass in the military want young people to see. Instead war is injected with MASSIVE DOSES OF HEROISM and patriotism.

A book that is rarely found in college libraries today is "War is a Racket" by Smedley Butler, written in 1935 many years after Butler had retired.

Little has changed today, 76 years later, except TECHNOLOGY AND PROPAGANDA METHODS. Instead of using boots on the ground the US military uses DRONES and BUNKER BUSTING bombs, "precision guided missiles" and cyber warfare in countries that have had "democracy" hoisted upon them from the barrel of a M-16 rifle. Thousands of soldiers are killed and hundreds of thousands of civilians are slaughtered all in the name of war.

Profits mount up and the usual profiteers see their stock prices rise into the stratosphere.

Monday, November 28, 2011

O-W-S @ CUNY; Tuition Increases Since 1980

O-W-S went to college today (see link below) and marched around the blocks 24th and 25th Streets as the board of trustees met to vote on a 35% increase on tuition.


Since 1980 college tuition has increased across the board, from private to public by massive multiples. Public colleges have increased from $2500 a year in 1980 to $15,000 in 2010.

That's a whopping 600%!

Imagine paying SIX TIMES MORE in 2010 for a degree in a four year public college than in 1980?

And as regards private colleges, as they say in Brooklyn - "FUGGET-ABOUT-IT"

What goes up MUST COME DOWN! The next bubble to BURST will be the college BUBBLE.

A few questions must be posed here:

#1. What role have student loan providers played in this hot air balloon?
#2. What banks are securitizing student loans?
#3. What are students getting for their money in terms of degree quality?
#4. How have tenured professors' salaries fared since 1980?
#5. Are students graduating with JOB-RELEVANT SKILLS?
#6. How long do students take to REPAY THEIR LOANS?
#7. Are students OVER-QUALIFIED in the present economy?

Answers to the seven questions above may go toward understanding exactly why students and faculty alike are protesting and will continue to do so.

The graph to the right shows just how absurd EDU-FLATION has become, accelerating way past other normal measurements of INFLATION.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

O-W-S Does Have A 3-point Agenda; TSA

The Guardian story below clearly illustrates the REAL reason why O-W-S were rounded up and chased out of Liberty Park, downtown.


DC clowns in suits who do not represent the OMOTS have created all sorts of loopholes that allow them to profit from information before it goes into law assisting them to make huge windfalls as they lobby on behalf of their clients in the financial, and corporate worlds.

As Americans sit back and gloat upon their recent purchases and swollen guts, Congress has a wonderfully anti-American piece of legislation ready to be voted on November 28th, 2011. (Will update on who voted for what on 11/29 or 11/30)

According to the ACLU (see link) any American citizen can be arrested and held without charge on American soil if this law is passed.


The reason for attempting to pass this heinous piece of legislation is this: the powers that be are terrified that if the economy turns further south and unemployment rises beyond the fake percentages spewed out by the BLS, social breakdown will accelerate and will necessitate a battery of laws, USAPATRIOT ACT included, to coerce the population and scare them.

That's why O-W-S is a major threat and cannot be allowed to continue and that's why sections 1031 and 1032 parts of the NDAA (S 1253), if passed, gives the US military, power to round up US citizens ANYWHERE in the world (including the United States) and held without trial.

If this bill and its repressive sections are enacted, the entire security apparatus of the DHS, DOD et al will be used to squash ALL DISSENT while OMOTS chase sales in Macys, Wal-Mart and continue to act as doe-eyed consumption conduits.

Recently on a trip back from Florida I observed the TSA and all of their shenanigans, with their super-expensive machines and radiation sniffing devices and I just had to laugh at all of this SECURITY APPARATUS used against the population in a bid to make them think they're being protected.

The entire escapade is a waste of taxpayers' money. And as the hoards go to airports across the country there will must likely be some kind of mickey mouse incident like two years ago with the inept "underpants bomber".

Then we'll all be asked to allow the TSA to check our drawers before getting on a plane!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Florida's Wildlife and Happy Thanksgiving

HDD is in Florida for a few days with limited internet access!

The wildlife here is amazing with gators, saw one yesterday, about 7 feet long, cranes, egrets, cormorants and several other species of birds, all hanging out enjoying the fruits of their labors.

Happy Thsnksgiving to all!

Enjoy the holiday season!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Do Nothing Congress --- Happy Thanksgiving!; MF Double Act

HDD is not a fan of DO NOTHING POLITICIANS and as we approach Thanksgiving, Congress has gifted the US taxpayers a FLOP in the form of a SUPER-INEFFICIENT COMMITTEE! (see links)

At left are all 12 of the flop committee, who in their unlimited ineptitude, have delivered a BIG FAT ZERO to the American people.

Further they had FOUR MONTHS, that's about 120 days, to sit around and do nothing, on the taxpayers' dime.



These CLOWNS IN SUITS in DC cannot get it together to agree on ANYTHING and as a result, uncertainty will remain at the core of the political and economic environment the closer we get to the holiday season.

The DOW didn't take too kindly to this colossal political ineptitude in DC and as of 14:30 hrs EST was down by 300 points.

Thanks Congress!

Time to launch into that turkey TODAY and open a few beers while we're at it! The picture above shows just what these guys are concerned about and it is NOT THE WELL BEING of the US economy.

It is feathering their own nests, no matter what the cost to the US taxpayer!

And finally looks like Jon Corzine's missing millions have turned into missing billions!

M-F Global has DOUBLED DOWN!


According to CLOWNS IN CONGRESS: Pizza = Veg

So the clowns in DC can't get it together to fulfill their duties as SUPER COMMITTEE on debt reduction!





But they have made a much more important PRONOUNCEMENT. And what is that?

Yes they have decided in their "wisdom" that PIZZA IS VEGETARIAN! But the story is much more disturbing than that: the USDA, increasingly represents HUGE FOOD COMPANIES and care little about the health of the youth in this country.

This corrupt organ of government and the MEGA AGRI-BUSINESSES wants to ensure that the youth of America keep SHOVELLING down crap food in school cafeterias.

It's disgusting actually!

the question is this: Who voted for this nonsense and who lobbied to block the USDA's decision to LIMIT CRAP FOOD in school cafeterias? Who financed those who voted this insane nutritional equation that PIZZA = VEGETABLE?

Here's the 354 PAGE BILL! HR-2112


As far as HDD is concerned kids in this country are WAY TOO FAT! Sitting in front of computer and TV screens, eating crappy food, not getting ENOUGH EXERCISE and doing little or NO CORES around the house.

Instead of working around the house or in the garden, they lie about the place shovelling over processed foods into their huge guts and develop a lethargic attitude to life simply because of their crappy diets and the incessant marketing, bombarding them with FOOD, FOOD AND MORE FOOD --- most of it CRAP!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Rebuilding US Infrastructure

A recent documentary on CNBC, aired Thursday night (see link) shows just how terribly degraded our bridges, levees, gas pipelines and highways are.


HDD has set up an i-petition on this issue - linked below -


HDD believes that the Feds have FAILED in their duties regarding the infrastructure.

It matters not whether state, local, private or federal money is paying for rebuilding our bridges etc.

What matters is: THE JOB GETS DONE.

HDD is NON-PARTISAN and believes Republicrats and Demuplicans have FAILED in addressing the infrastructure crumbling scandal!

If the US Congress can bomb Iraq and destroy the infrastructure of that country and spend almost $1,000,000,000,000 on rebuilding, military aid etc. it can REBUILD OUR INFRASTRUCTURE no excuses.

Sign the petition above and let's get these CLOWNS in DC off their fat asses and give them all a shovel to GET DIGGING and POURING CONCRETE --- with NO TV cameras on hand.

Just get the job done, no excuses!

Tourists Shopping in Manhattan


Throngs of tourists wandering around avenues and streets, camera in hand, brain dazzled by lights in TIMES SQUARE, shopping bags bulging with crap they don't need, all milling around Rock Center and the LATEST DEVELOPMENT - Renting bikes in Central Park and rolling around AGAINST TRAFFIC with their silly non-helmeted heads, holding the handlebars with one hand and taking pictures of John Lennon's ex-residence with the other!

Morons All! Verminesque even!

When HDD travels to other countries etiquette is observed and emulated, but these arrogant clowns with their fat bellies and bulging Abercrombie & Fitch shopping bags are clueless when it comes to ETIQUETTE in the BIG APPLE!

When the masses go shopping for bargains and end up getting trampled on and sometimes to death, one must ask the question:
Why put one's life at risk for some materialistic piece of crap made in China?
What types of security does Wal-Mart have when one of its employees is TRAMPLED to death by a herd of bargain-hunting clowns? As happened last year at a Wal-Mart near Long Island, New York.

New York attracts a certain type of holiday shopper. Usually their sphere of travel revolves around 5th Avenue in mid-town, Macy's on 34th street, Broadway to see a play and THAT'S IT!

Their minuscule, puny experience gives them an impression that New York City is a dazzling affair with luxury abounding, Times Square, hustle and bustle and brimming with shoppers, food emporiums, toys a la FAO Schwartz and Trump Tower.

Little do they know or care of the outer boroughs, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Staten Island, or Queens. Instead their abiding memory is Manhattan and THAT'S IT!


Oakland cops arrested a man for the "crime" of "public meditation" on Thursday! After his arrest, Francisco “Pancho” Ramos-Stierle, was made wear a red jumpsuit in jail.

In Oakland, blue signifies "non dangerous criminal", yellow "dangerous" and red "ultra-dangerous".

According to the distorted view held by the authorities a man who peacefully meditates in public is to be treated as an "ultra-dangerous" criminal! This is how the taxpayer funded cops who are paid to PROTECT the citizens react to a peacefully meditating man in front of a public building.

Unfortunately for Ramos-Stierle, his student visa had expired and he may now end up getting DEPORTED by that august department of gross INEFFICIENCY ICE.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Romney-I-Ran-From Vietnam

Left is "Big Balls" Romney pointing to his son.

Now a grown "small balls" Romney goes on about going to war with Iran if elected president of the US. But where was "Small Balls" Romney when the Vietnam war raged?

He was swanning around France as "minister for religion" attempting to convert the Catholic French to Mormonism! (see link)



Above is Mitt in France trying to convert a few locals.

Listen to this CLOWN GO ON ABOUT IRAN, and ask yourself before you go into the "voting" booth:

Where was he when his generation was sent to Vietnam?

ANS: In France, sampling fine wines and sending letters to his friends back in the U.S.

This hypocrite wants to send young men and women into battle if elected.
He wants to send US citizens into ANOTHER WAR if elected.
He wants to RIFLE TAXPAYERS' coffers and send their sons and daughters to war.

This is Mitt "small balls" I-Ran Romney!

Fast Food Stamps and STAMPER, Norm

$65 BILLION worth of food stamps were issued in 2010/11, TRIPLING since 2000 with over 43,000,000 people in the US eligible or using food stamps on a regular basis.

And now KFC and other fast food GIANTS want to get access to this REVENUE STREAM. According to sources, several fast food outfits are lobbying the Feds to allow food stamps to pay for fast food across the nation. (see links)




This morning as masses of people make their way to the New York Stock Exchange in a bid to prevent it from opening, ex-Seattle police commissioner, Norm Stamper spoke on DEMOCRACY NOW on police tactics and how he "regrets" his use of force back in the 1999 WTO protests.

He can be seen on the video link ---


He mentions in the interview that police forces are reacting increasingly in a MILITARY WAY to non-violent CIVILIAN CIRCUMSTANCES. But corporate America's Military-Industrial-Complex sees the post-September 2001 as an era of BOOM in the "domestic dissent" niche and continue to push military solutions on civilian problems across US cities, from TEAR GAS, to BEAN BAG GUNS and TANKS (in some states).

Such use of military tactics by police forces on UNARMED CIVILIANS is against the spirit of the US CONSTITUTION.

Yet there are 17,000 police forces, local, state and city across the country, all being courted by military contractors peddling their deadly wares, paid for by TAXPAYERS and then USED AGAINST those very taxpayers when they demonstrate peacefully.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

NYC Councilman Arrested and Cuffed

Ydanis Rodriguez was arrested last night by NYPD, along with several journalists, all of whom were OBSERVING the NYPD moving O-W-S from the park. See Link ---


Rodriguez was interviewed on NY-1 (see link) and was clearly shook up as a result of these NYPD tactics of over reaction to an observer.


When cops and their minions in the city government ramble on about "public safety" as they ARREST PUBLICLY ELECTED officials and journalists covering public events, people need to WAKE UP AND OPPOSE this crack down on information.

NYPD need to learn to COMMUNICATE with the community instead of OPPOSING them and engaging in CONSTANT COMBAT with the very people who pay taxes!

Mayor Bloomberg and Commissioner Kelly need to immediately inform the rank and file that brutal tactics won't be tolerated.

Instead, it's a pat on the back for a job well done. In a previous post HDD referred to the militarization of US cities.

These recent examples of cops brutalizing the population is clearly a step toward militarization rather than community-based policing.

And all of this will end in the masses isolating themselves from NYPD on all levels.

Cute NEWT Paid $1.9 MILLION; Pepper Spraying 4ft 10ins

Wonder what Newt was telling Bill here? "You're gonna GET IT BILLY!"

Looks like Cute Newt Gingrich was a good buddy of Fannie and Freddie, was paid $1.9 over 8 years as a "strategic" thinker. (See Links)



This guy was horsing around with another woman at the same time he was IMPEACHING CLINTON and pretends to be ANTI-FREDDIE/FANNIE when he was on their payroll netting almost $2 MILLION.

HDD is non-partisan.

All of these CLOWNS in DC are HYPOCRITES and will say whatever it takes to get re-elected on the taxpayer's DIME!


HDD is outraged by the pepper SPRAYING OF AN 84 year old woman in Seattle by THUGS IN UNIFORMS, paid by the TAXPAYERS of WA. (See Story Link)


Dorli Rainey was covered in pepper spray by these disgusting cops run rife.

THIS IS AN UNPROVOKED ATTACK on a defenseless woman. Rainey, a retired teacher actually vowed to return on Wednesday to the Occupy Seattle protest.

Ms. Rainey is a HERO and should be HERALDED across the country as such.

She could have sat around and whined and complained about the state of the world, but instead stands in OPPOSITION TO THUGS in uniform, ATTACKING TAXPAYERS in a public space.

During the 2003 Anti-Iraq War protests, HDD had the pleasure of standing side by side Henrietta Yurchenko on Park Avenue opposing NYPD in FULL RIOT GEAR.

Ms. Yurchenko was in her late-80s back then. She passed away on December 10th 2007.

See Link ---


Ms. Yurchenko and HDD saw OMOTS and families being pepper sprayed by cops and horses stomp on people.

HDD took photos and sent them to NYC Council via Bill Perkins who exposed the outrageous behavior.

The OMOTS needs to understand how taxpaying citizens are being SCREWED on every level and when they DISSENT and PROTEST like Ms. Rainey they are PEPPER SPRAYED by the thugs in uniform PAID BY THE TAXPAYERS!!!!

Cities Under Siege: COPS using MILITARY strategies and hardware

The book left discusses the rise of military approaches to the city dwellers dissent and how military contractors are assisting police forces all across the US by providing them with hardware used on a battle field: TANKS are one example of urban police departments' new hardware to "BATTLE" the citizens!

With the USAPATRIOT ACT being expanded under "HOPE AND CHANGE" Obama, it's not a surprise that cities are becoming increasingly militarized.

In NYC we have police watch towers in many busy urban areas observing and monitoring everything, big-brother watching!

Under the umbrella of the Global War on Terror (GWOT), the USAPATRIOT ACT (see link)
has expanded into every area of life, including street protest, cyber snooping, bank records, texting by phone etc.


Title II, Sec. 201. to 204. is interesting reading indeed!

How many OMOTS are aware of this act and its comprehensive reach into our liberties as US citizens under the Constitution?

Several sections of the act deal with "suspicious activities" of "underground banking".

Why hasn't the act been USED AGAINST the likes od M-F Global or other overground banking and brokerage entities?

Under Obama, in May 2011, the act was expanded (see link) to include cell phone provider information and a host of other sources for personal information.


HDD is concerned that such acts as the USAPATRIOT ACT will be USED AGAINST DISSENTERS and those who believe the entire political and economic system is corrupt.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

O-W-S Cleared Away; Chief Evans of the FED tells how it is, how it SHOULD be!

Is there a connection between the Federal Reserve Bank and its policies and Occupy Wall Street (O-W-S)?

Awoke this morning to hear some voices on WBAI down at O-W-S and the NYPD night raid on the camp at about 01:00 hrs. The O-W-S folk had planned a two month of occupation action on November 17th, but this plan was dashed as a result of last night's Mayoral decision to clear the park "for cleaning".

They'll be allowed back but WITHOUT TENTS, SLEEPING BAGS etc.

The Mayor knows that with New York winter coming, the protesters won't last. He's banking on the fact that by ensuring no shelter, they'll go away.

And the LSM has done a great job of highlighting the lunatic fringe that have hung out down there, NOT THE VAST MAJORITY, many of whom were medics, professors, teachers, laid-off construction workers, people recently fired from their jobs, students etc.

Meanwhile on CNBC one of the Fed's big-wigs, Charlie Evans of the Chicago Fed assures us all that target unemployment "Should be 6% but is in fact 9%". See Link


Wake up Charlie Evans, because the REAL NUMBER IS 17%. Here is a blatant example of one of the FED's head honchos being TOTALLY OUR OF TOUCH WITH THE REALITY of the economy. Evans bio suggests he hasn't had a job OUTSIDE THE FED!

Here is the problem: there is a HUGE DISCONNECT between ordinary people and these monetary policy EXPERTS sitting in their ivory Federal Reserve towers surrounded by economic data that is, frankly, IRRELEVANT OR INACCURATE.

It is set up that way. The FED and its member institutions are out for their own PROFITABILITY and NOT MONETARY STABILITY and all that other economic JARGON that one reads on their web-site.

IT IS A PRIVATE INSTITUTION FOR PROFIT! Nothing more and nothing less. The FED has the power to create BOOMS and BUSTS by altering the interest rates and ensuring that MORE MONEY IS PRINTED! So when I hear Charlie Evans go on about the unemployment rate and how "it should be", I laugh hard.

It is 17%. It "should be 6%" says Charlie. What a HUGE GAP? 11% is about 10 million people OUT OF WORK. In other words the FED is basing its assumptions on FALSE NUMBERS OUT OF WORK. It assumes more than TEN MILLION ARE WORKING when this is not the reality.

There are two realities - the FED's and the OMOTS.

Both are intertwined and one has more power than the other, well did have up until now.

The clearing of O-W-S should inspire the leaders to look at the next step and GALVANIZE the support of OMOTS by LINKING THEIR PLIGHT with ordinary taxpayers.

Democracy Now via WBAI radio was down there DURING THE CLEARING and saw piles of books dumped into sanitation trucks.

An entire library dumped into the back of a sanitation truck! The "DEBRIS of DEMOCRACY" as Amy Goodman said. See Link for full show --


The LSM has successfully MARGINALIZED O-W-S by presenting misinformation, imbalanced coverage and managed to DIVIDE AND CONQUER those who are on the sidelines and support the protesters and those who are ACTUALLY PROTESTING.

But the next few days will be critical because ORGANIZED LABOR will be joining in with the O-W-S. The TWU, 32-B-J and many others will march arm in arm with the O-W-S to find a way forward, a galvanizing of the movement against the STATUS QUO, economically, politically and socially.