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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Fast Food Stamps and STAMPER, Norm

$65 BILLION worth of food stamps were issued in 2010/11, TRIPLING since 2000 with over 43,000,000 people in the US eligible or using food stamps on a regular basis.

And now KFC and other fast food GIANTS want to get access to this REVENUE STREAM. According to sources, several fast food outfits are lobbying the Feds to allow food stamps to pay for fast food across the nation. (see links)




This morning as masses of people make their way to the New York Stock Exchange in a bid to prevent it from opening, ex-Seattle police commissioner, Norm Stamper spoke on DEMOCRACY NOW on police tactics and how he "regrets" his use of force back in the 1999 WTO protests.

He can be seen on the video link ---


He mentions in the interview that police forces are reacting increasingly in a MILITARY WAY to non-violent CIVILIAN CIRCUMSTANCES. But corporate America's Military-Industrial-Complex sees the post-September 2001 as an era of BOOM in the "domestic dissent" niche and continue to push military solutions on civilian problems across US cities, from TEAR GAS, to BEAN BAG GUNS and TANKS (in some states).

Such use of military tactics by police forces on UNARMED CIVILIANS is against the spirit of the US CONSTITUTION.

Yet there are 17,000 police forces, local, state and city across the country, all being courted by military contractors peddling their deadly wares, paid for by TAXPAYERS and then USED AGAINST those very taxpayers when they demonstrate peacefully.

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