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Monday, November 28, 2011

O-W-S @ CUNY; Tuition Increases Since 1980

O-W-S went to college today (see link below) and marched around the blocks 24th and 25th Streets as the board of trustees met to vote on a 35% increase on tuition.


Since 1980 college tuition has increased across the board, from private to public by massive multiples. Public colleges have increased from $2500 a year in 1980 to $15,000 in 2010.

That's a whopping 600%!

Imagine paying SIX TIMES MORE in 2010 for a degree in a four year public college than in 1980?

And as regards private colleges, as they say in Brooklyn - "FUGGET-ABOUT-IT"

What goes up MUST COME DOWN! The next bubble to BURST will be the college BUBBLE.

A few questions must be posed here:

#1. What role have student loan providers played in this hot air balloon?
#2. What banks are securitizing student loans?
#3. What are students getting for their money in terms of degree quality?
#4. How have tenured professors' salaries fared since 1980?
#5. Are students graduating with JOB-RELEVANT SKILLS?
#6. How long do students take to REPAY THEIR LOANS?
#7. Are students OVER-QUALIFIED in the present economy?

Answers to the seven questions above may go toward understanding exactly why students and faculty alike are protesting and will continue to do so.

The graph to the right shows just how absurd EDU-FLATION has become, accelerating way past other normal measurements of INFLATION.

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