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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

NYC Councilman Arrested and Cuffed

Ydanis Rodriguez was arrested last night by NYPD, along with several journalists, all of whom were OBSERVING the NYPD moving O-W-S from the park. See Link ---


Rodriguez was interviewed on NY-1 (see link) and was clearly shook up as a result of these NYPD tactics of over reaction to an observer.


When cops and their minions in the city government ramble on about "public safety" as they ARREST PUBLICLY ELECTED officials and journalists covering public events, people need to WAKE UP AND OPPOSE this crack down on information.

NYPD need to learn to COMMUNICATE with the community instead of OPPOSING them and engaging in CONSTANT COMBAT with the very people who pay taxes!

Mayor Bloomberg and Commissioner Kelly need to immediately inform the rank and file that brutal tactics won't be tolerated.

Instead, it's a pat on the back for a job well done. In a previous post HDD referred to the militarization of US cities.

These recent examples of cops brutalizing the population is clearly a step toward militarization rather than community-based policing.

And all of this will end in the masses isolating themselves from NYPD on all levels.

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