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Oliver Stone
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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Romney-I-Ran-From Vietnam

Left is "Big Balls" Romney pointing to his son.

Now a grown "small balls" Romney goes on about going to war with Iran if elected president of the US. But where was "Small Balls" Romney when the Vietnam war raged?

He was swanning around France as "minister for religion" attempting to convert the Catholic French to Mormonism! (see link)



Above is Mitt in France trying to convert a few locals.

Listen to this CLOWN GO ON ABOUT IRAN, and ask yourself before you go into the "voting" booth:

Where was he when his generation was sent to Vietnam?

ANS: In France, sampling fine wines and sending letters to his friends back in the U.S.

This hypocrite wants to send young men and women into battle if elected.
He wants to send US citizens into ANOTHER WAR if elected.
He wants to RIFLE TAXPAYERS' coffers and send their sons and daughters to war.

This is Mitt "small balls" I-Ran Romney!

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