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Oliver Stone
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Monday, November 14, 2011

Silvio Bids Adieu; Euro Chaos

Red Toupee Resigns and Italians Wonder What's Next?

Merkel isn't over joyed at the Toupee's decision and in the story below, she compared it to WW II!!


HDD doesn't trust any of these EURO-CLOWNS.

It has already been decided IN ADVANCE that the EURO will FAIL.

In 1991, when the Berlin Wall came crashing down, Germany needed to REUNIFY and the EURO project was initiated for that purpose. All the other member nations would scramble into the EU, Germany would EXPORT its goods to the member nations and the EURO would ELIMINATE any currency exchange risk for the GERMANS and FRENCH.

Now that Germany is ONE, there is NO NEED FOR THE EURO to exist. So Merkel & Co. have decided that the 17-MEMBER STATE has to be dismantled.

There will be Drachmas, Punts, Escudos, Francs, Marks and Guilders, like before the WALL FELL DOWN!

Nationalism will rise and the central European power that emanated from Brussels et al. will wane.
This augers badly for stability on every level in Europe.

The DISNIFIED UTOPIA of the European Super State is dying a slow death.

HDD misses the Punts of old and the Escudos and all of the other diverse currencies.

Welcome back IRISH PUNT!

What would 5,000 Escudos buy you now?

Or a punt at the pub?

What's stopping the Greeks from bringing back the Drachma? The Germans, the Mark? The French, the Franc?

The next few days and weeks will most likely put pressure on the Euro and see the dollar strengthen as political and economic chaos sweep across Europe.

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