Oliver Stone

Oliver Stone
Untold History of the US

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Oliver Stone is back with a history of the US - from 1898 to 2013, a 115 year overview of how and why the US engaged in military invasion of a myriad of countries, from countries throughout Central America, Asia and coups in selected regions to destabilize democratically elected presidents (Allende in Chile).

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

ONE Year Later --- HDD is BACK

Since my last post, almost everything I predicted about the economy, US and global has come to pass. Here are some facts: US-DEBT-CLOCK = $17 Trillion US GDP is $1 Trillion LESS, latest figures here:

US Student Loans Outstanding = $1 Trillion Republicans still repulse the population having succeeded in BLOCKING Obama Care in 34 states --- In other words Republicans in several states DO NOT WANT their constituents to receive healthcare at all --- 22 states don't want Obama Care --- More here --- Matt Taibbi writes two excellent stories in Rolling Stone: one on student loans and the other on State pensions being ripped off by hedge funds --- A crash will come very, very soon and the consequences will result in many waking up to smell the coffee when it's too late!