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Thursday, September 29, 2011

TWU Announces Solidarity With O-W-S

The TWU has just announced its support of Occupy Wall Street (O-W-S) this morning in a story posted in Business Insider (See Link).


Meanwhile the lady who was maced in the face by a white shirt wearing NYPD officer is speaking out about her experience. She states that she was attacked by the brute for no reason.


This NYPD bully needs to be disciplined ASAP.

Everyone knows who he is. There can be no excuses. Discipline him NOW!

NYPD has been since January 2011 exercising brutal tactics on a host of people in this city from cyclists running red lights in Central Park to a an ongoing stop and frisk policy, in an attempt to harass and scare the population.

In fact since 2000 stop and frisks have gone from 100,000 to a WHOPPING 600,000 with a minute number of arrests yielded from these stop and frisks!

The Village Voice wrote about this issue last week.

According to the story, less than one in ten stop and frisks results in an arrest or summons. In other words ordinary New Yorkers are been stopped and frisked FOR NO REASON!

I was walking across a crosswalk in Manhattan last year and had the light, but a NYPD cop car was flying through the red light and had to stop to allow me to walk.

Here was the exchange:

I was asked by a rather aggressive NYPD officer what I was doing.

I replied: "Walking across the cross walk to the other side"

He said, "Where's your ID?"

I said, "What law did I break? I don't have to show you any ID until you tell me what law I have broken!"

He stalled for a moment, then requested the following, clearly attempting to intimidate me: "You got a green card?"

I was shocked and looked him straight in the eye: "I don't have to give you that information!"

He turned and got back in his cruiser and off he went, without my ID, my name or any information requested.

Was I lucky? Or was this cop clearly outwitted?

(See Link)


The tactics are clear SCARE THE POPULATION into SUBMISSION and maintain business as usual on every level.

All change comes from the bottom up!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Boardwalk Empire

What is the difference between the 1920s and the 2010s?

Very little. Except we can get as much beer and liquor NOW than we could get then LEGALLY.

There was plenty of the stuff around, but it had to be procured through SPEAK EASIES many of which were run by gangsters. Now DC is run by gangsters and the majority of bar owners are OMOTSs who have the ability to drag this unemployment crisis out of the quagmire.

Nucky Thompson is the typical gangster/politician with control of his district on all levels.

That hasn't changed.

People are easily led, easily brainwashed over an idea and will vote accordingly.

That hasn't changed.

What has changed is the literacy of the population. But as the literacy of population has increased so too have the DIVERSIONS and DISTRACTIONS hoisted upon them, through TV, SPORT, INTERNET, RADIO and MOVIES.

This is the critiical difference in the 2010s!

Instead of a small GROUP OF MEN controlling the stock market we have a SMALL GROUP of banks and financial institutions controlling it.

Instead of just having come out of war, we are in TWO wars.

"Clown" Versus "Expert" --- BBC Sources SUSPECT

Charlatans and Real Heroes

I have always been suspicious of sources and as an ex-trader (in the mid-90s), I follow the markets with interest and am always open to the opinions of others. However I am ever skeptical of so-called "experts", so when I put a link on this BLOG for Alessio Rastani, the self-described "FOREX TRADER" etc. I assumed he was a legitimate source and that BBC had an independent commentator as a guest on the "News".

Well upon further investigation, this Rastani is nothing more than a self-promoting attention seeker and managed to get an interview with FORBES MAGAZINE on Tuesday, Sept. 27th!

(See Link)


I highly doubt this chap has a clue about the markets and his FACEBOOK page conveys the experience of a veteran trader, he's nothing of the sort.

But what he does, is REFLECT the anger and absolute disgust ordinary people have with what is going on across Europe. Banks, politicians and the elites have hijacked democracy. What we have is a pseudo-democracy in most Western European countries and here in the US, a circus where the people are treated to a silly every fourth year game of vote the clowns in.

In Ireland for example, a 62 year old woman is in JAIL for protecting her own land and trees from an electrical pylon that the ESB wanted to put on her land, yet the treasonous politicians and bankers who lied about their capitalization remain at large.

(See Link and pictures above)



As in most countries across Europe, the real gangsters are allowed to roam free while the OMOTS are JAILED. Another Irish farmer, Sharon Mullen was arrested on HER OWN LAND and vowed to go to jail rather than allow construction of electrical pylons on her land.

So here is a question?

Why does the LSM have the likes of Rastani on television, a so-called "expert" when the real heros are the likes of Treacy and Mullen, who are defending their right to their land over the expediency of a government command to allow a private company build a pylon on privately held LAND?

Saudi's Crack Down on Women

The latest prohibition and crackdown on women driving cars in Saudi Arabia is indicative of one the US allies disgusting behavior toward women.

In the story (linked) below, a woman who DEFIED the ban against women driving cars, was sentenced to 10 LASHES OF A WHIP!


What kind of culture condones this sort of heinous behavior?
What sort of dictatorship signs off on a law that prohibits women from driving a car?
What sort of a country can ally itself with this kind of behavior?

By allowing women to drive the Saudi authorities will obviously provide a level of freedom for their female subjects. But this freedom must be denied as far as the royal family and their henchmen are concerned because if women begin to drive and find freedom in driving, they will demand more and more rights threatening the hegemony enjoyed by the males in Saudi society.

A book I read recently gives a disturbing insight into just how the Saudi kingdom operates: "Inside The Kingdom" by English author, Robert Lacey details his travels, at times under disguise throughout Saudi Arabia. His book is an eye opener into how the regime keeps itself in power and is a disgusting reminder of how an oil rich nation is allowed to get away with all kinds of heinous crimes against its own population, not least women.

Since the publication of the book in 2009, Lacey has been banned from ever travelling to the kingdom ever again.

Clearly he pissed a few of the Wahhabi off!

And the US has been propping up this regime for several decades. Indeed the DOD has been selling massive quantities of armaments, four-wheeled military hardware and ammunition to the Saudis, hardware that is being used to keep their subjects in line.

According to the State Department, the US provides the Saudis with tanks, helicopters and jet fighters, making billions of dollars in profits from the repression the Saudis have been heaping on its subjects.

(See Link Below)


The link between the Bush family and the Saudi family has been well documented and there will not be a change in the US-Saudi relationship anytime soon, since the Saudi royals hold massive amounts of US Treasuries, Citi Bank stock and provide millions of dollars of oil to the US annually.

The women of Saudi Arabia will suffer alone, without US intervention!

Its all about the $$$!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Collapse in EUROPE already FACTORED IN



Greek taxpayers who have been hit with a "Fiscal Reform" Emergency Tax Notice, have rebelled and defied the Greek government and are refusing to pay the tax.

Meanwhile in Germany a meeting with Greek PM, Papandreou and Merkel, all smiles would have us all believe that the Greeks are on board with all of this.

There is a MASSIVE DISCONNECT between those in power and those, taxed, who fund these clowns in power.

(See Link)


Goldman Sachs (GS) is one of the banks that has been behind much of the Greek financial corruption since 2010.

(See Links)



GS has made billions from betting against the very derivatives it was selling to clients in the 2007-2008 period right before the financial crisis.


#1. Question: Why Net Neutrality?

#2. Question: What forces are behind the 2-Speed INTERNET?

#1. ANS: Information should be available to all and access to that information will be obviously selective depending on who receives that information.

#2. ANS: By charging the OMOTS for "speedy Internet", the CONTENT can be regulated. For slow speeds, intelligent and thought provoking information and educative knowledge can be slowed SIGNIFICANTLY.

The major media companies (LSM) want to to charge for content, thereby ensuring that relevant information is regulated but trivial nonsense is proliferated across the INTERNET/WORLD-WIDE-WEB.

What media corporations control access to the Internet/WWW? (See Links Below)




According to link 3 above, AT&T is NUMERO UNO! And a cursory look at how much $$$ this behemoth has given to BOTH SIDES in DC, illustrates just how important AT&T believes control of the FCC has become.

(See Link)


AT&T is number 3 in the HEAVY HITTERS list having gifted a WHOPPING $41.6 million in lobbying funds from the 1989 election cycle to the upcoming 2012 election to both Demuplicans and Republicrats has a little FENCE beside it because they don't give a rat's ass what party is in power!

Finally VINT CERF (See Links Below), has commented publicly about NET NEUTRALITY and his comments and videos can be viewed below - story 2010, video 2006.



"Constrain and Limit" is the KEYWORD from the video of VINT.

Vint's expansive bio is linked below ---



Monday, September 26, 2011

Seething at the Seams

Permits to protest?

Massive force at an anti-death penalty rally?

LAME STREAM MEDIA's ongoing castrated coverage of issues that affect the OMOTS?

Economic double speak that "things are improving?"

Cops taking copius notes, camera footage and intelligence on union activists at Baruch College-CUNY in NYC?

What this all adds up to is the evolution of a police state backed up by legislation passed in 2002 in an attempt to use anti-terror laws to KEEP THE POPULATION from dissenting on the streets and avenues of this country.

But there are signs that cities are bursting at the seams with dissent, defiance and more importantly unity around a common cause.

The key is to build momentum, to knit common cause together while the powers that be will attempt to divide and conquer, an age old tactic.

What the powers that be detest more than protest is a UNITED COMMON CAUSE. Once this gains traction itis unstoppable. And as the economic situation deteriorates over the next few months and years, this common cause will TRICKLE UP! People who would never be out on the streets protesting will join those already there.

In the meantime, time for that Belgian beer!

Bike Handling Skills - Primer

Racing in the rain is a serious business.

Tapping on the brakes when you come into a corner at speed is the essence of STUPIDITY! During a recent early morning race in New York City over a wet and slick surface, clowns on bikes bombed into corners on a downhill, hit the white painted line and watched their front wheel wobble horribly as they went flying off the bike into the kerb or across the oncoming field of racers.


PSI in the rain needs to be adjusted - downward!

No brake tapping - COMMON SENSE!

Carbon Wheels = Cork Brake Blocks/Pads.

It's amazing to me just how many clowns wheels SCREECH when they pull their brakes, again COMMON SENSE.

Of course many TT bikers can't control their super-duper carbon souped up bikes when CORNERING.

TT-ers can't corner that well.

That's enough bike talk for today!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Wall Street Occupied and 1984

Below is the link to some of the disparate individuals protesting on Wall Street. What these people need to know is this --- NYPD have to release each protester UNLESS THEY have BROKEN A LAW.

If the momentum of people grows beyond the core group, then NYPD can't do much. Coincidentally on CBS tonight there was a "60 minutes" on how well equipped NYPD are in terms of technology.

In their bid to capture people, many laws have been passed to assist NYPD in their development of a police state.

See Link ---


CBS is one the pathetic LSM channels and their coverage of the protesters on Wall Street has been minimal.

Until and unless the NYPD tell a protester what law they have broken, the protester doesn't have to tell the NYPD ANYTHING.


Protesting WITHOUT a permit is a MICKEY MOUSE LAW, passed to ensure NON-DISSENT.

It is a farce and should be IGNORED.

See Links Below ---




Why was the permit-to-protest brought in?

#1. Too stifle dissent on all levels.

#2. To ensure the NYPD have a heads-up on who and where and how many people will be protesting.

#3. To collect intelligence on all arrested and build a database on those involved.


This is castrated protest. It is a joke! The hope is that people will just get sick and tired and LEAVE the vicinity.

But it is NOT WORKING.

In fact it is a breach of the first amendment right of free speech. The intent is to SQUASH mass movements and ensure that by dividing in small groups, the NYPD conquer the protest.

A question?

Would the Civil Rights marches have requested a permit?

Would the Indian populations during Gandhi's time have requested a permit?

Would Mandela have requested a permit?

Ans. NO!

People are pissed off with the cosy relationship DC has with finance and lawyers.

There is a perception of democracy, yet when the decisions in DC are not affecting the population and the $14,000,000,000,000 US debt is not assisting the population, people WAKE UP and start to get pissed.

This is the reason for the current protests. And they will grow in population.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Two BOOKS to be READ in this AGE

Aldous Huxley and George Orwell (aka Eric Blair) influenced me back in the late 80s and early 90s when I read prolifically as the ideas of how the world worked percolated in my mind.

Then as the INTERNET came to dominate the minds of men, "1984" became more and more relevant to this modern world. So too did "Brave New World" by Huxley and a rarer edition of the fictional book entitled "Brave New World Revisited".

This trio of masterpieces reflected what the authors perceived in their lifetimes, PROPAGANDA run rife, mind and thought control, the rise of totalitarianism and the proliferation of lethargy within the thoughts of the masses.

Orwell wrote 1984 in or around 1948, just after the Second World War, Huxley wrote Brave New World in 1931 and "Revisited" in 1958. The latter was an essay style analysis of his own book from 27 years earlier - a fascinating overview of what had come to pass from 1931 to 1958!

(See Full Link Below)


Thursday, September 22, 2011

El-Erian on the Crystal Ball Again

Pimco's El-Erian wrote a book three years ago and has been spot on most of the time. IN an interview on Bloomberg he is certain that a catastrophic financial event is on the cards REALLY SOON in Europe.
(See Link Below)


It doesn't take brain science to figure out what country is going to default, but the TIMING of that default is key. My bet is the second week in October, say beginning October 15th to 17th, a deja vu from 1987's crash on October 19th 1987, a Monday. Or perhaps later in the month, exactly 82 years from the 1929 crash of October 29th, a Tuesday.

Here is the dominoes-falling-AND-FAILING-event:

A PIIG nation or a FRENCH BANK exposed to a PIIG nation will default or collapse. The Euro, due to panic, will be crushed and money will flow into the Swiss Franc, the USD and GOLD.

The outcome of the default or bank implosion will be far greater than the 2008 banking collapse of Lehman and Bear Stearns. But if we were to believe the words coming out of the IMF (another Neo-Colonial Tool that has wrecked many developing nations under its SAPs), all is well in Europe and the IMF can cope with any ILL-liquidity that may arise!

(See Links and Interview with LaGarde - 12 minutes long)



The above link is a brief history of how the IMF has operated with IMPUNITY over the past several decades, in the early 90s and late

Along with the World Bank, the IMF has forced countries to sell national assets to repay loans doled out WITHOUT THE WILL of the people in these countries.

Who are the heavy weights in the IMF?

The voting rights of member countries is determined by their equity interest.

The U.S. (with 16.77 per cent), Japan (6.02 percent) or Germany (5.88 percent) are the heavyweights of the IMF. More detail below.


Gambia on the other hand, is only 0.03 percent to 0.05 percent and Haiti with little or nothing.

Hence countries with no equity don't get squat.

Instead they get SQUASHED.

Ireland, one of the PIIG nations has no say and is currently waking up from its 7 year FINANCIAL AND ECONOMIC HANGOVER(2000-2006), a toxic mixture of loans, mortgages doled out to clowns who couldn't afford them and an over confident population who's delusions were based on house prices increasing into perpetuity.

Along with 12 other nations, Ireland's percent of the fund total is a hilariously tiny 3.6%! Included in these 12 are other tiny island nations, such as, Jamaica, Dominican Republic and St. Kits, with one large nation Canada, who probably hold the majority share of that 3.6%.

So this is how the IMF operates. It's like the tall stack poker player at the table with MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF CHIPS. The short stack player is screwed even if he has a good hand, because he can't compete on a level playing field.

Like the player in the top picture, he's got a relatively good hand, Q-Ace, but with a short stack he's screwed. He can only borrow from the tall stacked players and repay what they dictate on their TERMS.

That's where the PIIGS are at right now and its just a matter of time how it all pans out.

But what is certain, El-Erian's crystal ball is SPOT ON!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sick and Tired of the DELUSIONAL FED

I cannot keep writing about the FED as I am writing a book on this "august private cabal" and need to conserve my energy for this enterprise.

A link below shows just how this TWIST is being reacted to by the Repubs ---


Either way it is an attempt to BEND THE YIELD CURVE.

This is the arrogance of the FED in its self delusion that by over-meddling in the economy from the financial perspective that short term interest rates will fall.

The FED owns over $5 Trillion worth of US Debt and seems to think that by PRINTING MONEY we can somehow affect in a positive manner the REAL ECONOMY.

This is delusional to the N-th degree.

When income tax was written into law on February 14th 1913, a dollar THEN WAS WORTH 97% MORE than a dollar NOW! Forget about what a dollar could buy in terms of OTHER CURRENCIES, but what real things it could buy and the cost of bread, beer, meat, housing etc.

The picture above this post illustrates how the dollar has lost value and as a result MORE OF THEM need to be circulating in the economy, hence banks LEND more and apply ABSURD interest rates to those loans.

Further for people who are attempting to live off their savings, the interest rates offfered on their money is close to zero!

Why bother saving? Don't bother!

Why are banks offering tiny savings rates? Because banks don't need or want your money. Father FED takes care of them! They want to lend or are supposed to lend, but with their CRAPPY balance sheets and risky investments in derivatives that they hardly understand, their capital is weak and therefore they need Father FED more now than ever.

You don't need a degree in economics or business or accounting (or ANYTHING for that matter) to figure out if the OMOTS is better off now in 2011 than he was in say, 1991, two decades ago.

The reality is that most people are in DEBT up to their eyeballs and have a negative equity situation with regards to their house.

We are assured by the LSM that "we're getting out of recession" and that "green shoots in the economy are sprouting up".

What a lot of CRAP!

Most of these talking heads are paid absurd amounts of money to interview "experts" and the more their network or cable station sells in advertising, the better.

So they HAVE TO CONTINUE to tell us that "everything is getting back to the way it was". Otherwise less stuff would be purchased and less revenue from advertising would flow and they'd be out of the job!

So I am going to try not to write about the FED for a week or more.

Ambien - Anecdotes from the Battlefield

Frontline, PBS.org, the excellent investigative weekly documentary, rebroadcast last night the following show (see link) "The Wounded Platoon".

This is the second time I have watched this documentary.


It traces the progress of 42 soldiers upon their return to the US from Iraq. It is a most disturbing overview of how combat soldiers attempt to "blend back in" to ordinary, tedious, civilian life.

The most interesting part of the documentary is how many of these soldiers ended up under severe PTSD AFTER their initial return. Some were sent back with a clean bill of health, when in fact they were close to mental implosion.

Several of the platoon were medicated up to the gills with a cocktail of sleeping pills, from Ambien to heavier psychotropic drugs, such as Prozac, Klonopin and Zoloft with horrific side effects. (See Links)




What was not discussed in this documentary was what pharmaceutical companies provided the US ARMY with these sleeping pills and what ones continue to provide VAST QUANTITIES to the US military.

Who are the pharmaceutical companies that are providing these drugs to our US military?

#1. Ambien by Sanofi-Aventis

#2. Klonopin by Roche

#3. Zoloft by Pfizer

#4. Paxil by Glaxo Smith Kline

#5. Prozac by Eli Lily

How much is the US military charged for these massive doses of prescriptions?

According to a 2008 GAO study, the DOD tripled its expenditures on prescription drugs from $1.6 billion in 2000 to $6.2 billion in 2006. It is expected to double even further by 2015 to $15 billion.

(See Links for full details)



A recent story linked above illustrates from where these drugs are distributed, i.e. Walgreens.

In 2009, the CBO wrote a report on one of the DODs main contractors, TRICARE Mail Order Pharmacy Program. (see Link) www.cbo.gov/doc.cfm?index=10009

The full details are contained in a PDF file and is well worth reading.

Three large corporations control 80% of the distribution market and they are ---

McKesson Corporation Cardinal Health and AmerisourceBergen.

With the huge increase in PTSD sufferers throughout the military, these companies will most likely reeap the benefits as combat veterans return and attempt to "blend back in" to normal living.

As one of the Army MDs said in the documentary ---

"PTSD is a normal reaction to an abnormal situation".

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Raw Video NYPD v TARP-oline Protestors




NYPD venturing to slap a few plastic hand cuffs on the population who are basically SICK of the BS and the FED and all of the TARP funded bail outs!

NYPD statement: "as long as they adhere to the specifics of the law" they will be granted a PERMIT!

A permit to protest?

Are you kidding me?

A permit to march on the street a la EGYPT, LIBYA et al over the absolute corruption of the FED, the political system, the CLOWNS we have running this country?

"Oh, please Mr. NYPD man, may I get a nice permit to PROTEST? Yes Mr. NYPD man I'll sign here and tell you my name and address and SOC-SEC number and EVERYTHING you need to know about me so you can put me on a NO FLY LIST and keep tabs on me! Thanks so much for the permit Mr. NYPD man. Now I'll climb over this barrier here and protest all I want!"What a crock of BS?

The Tipping Point is near!

FED Watching Oliver Twist --- Please Sir Can I'ave some more?

A new phrase in the lexicon of economics - Twist!

What the hell does it mean and what the hell is it attempting to achieve?

Three links on MSNBC, Bloomberg and FT below explain what this "Twist" is all about.





Question #1. Will it assist in JOB CREATION?

Question #2. Will it assist banks in lending to small businesses and potential home buyers?

Question #3. By "bending" the yield curve will it harm or help the economy?

Question #4. Will it simply assist bond speculators and neglect the OMOTS who earns an average household income of about $45,000 to $50,000?

Question #5. Is it yet another GIFT to banks that have SCREWED UP severely and seem not to be taking action on BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION?

The FED has over stepped its mark many times before and has therefore become a dangerous influence in the US economy. If you look at who owns the MAJORITY of the US national debt you will see that it is NOT JAPAN, nor CHINA, but...... wait for it.... the FED!

Yes the FED owns the MAJORITY of US debt, about $5,351,000,000,000 OVER FIVE TRILLION!!

See Link Below ---


So ask yourself what will this TWIST really do? It will attempt to make money cheaper and will ensure that people will need more of the stuff. It will encourage banks to take on more debt and people to borrow more.

It WILL NOT create jobs!

It WILL NOT assist in building the falling apart infrastructure in the US!

So when the LSM blabs on and on about how great the FED is as it TWISTS its way toward 2012 and beyond, be very, very skeptical.


C-SPAN 3 LIVE is investigating, through those in the know, how contracts in Afghanistan are coming along.

The conclusion --- NOT VERY WELL!

It has become a quagmire for our TROOPS while 80% of contractors are non-US citizens and are MILKING the US taxpayer for BILLIONS while not providing what they are tasked to provide!

Example --- Afghan police are being paid through their CELL PHONE

Where is the Lame Street Media on this? Instead the OMOTS is fed a diet of "Emmy Awards", "Celebrity This and That" and a pile of other NONSENSE that has no impact on their lives.

Meanwhile the OMOTS has friends, sons, daughters, fathers and mothers in a country far away who are being rifled by contractors, many of whom are ABSOLUTE GREEDY and CORRUPT money hungry BASTARDS!

C-SPAN 3 and the Subcommittee assures us that "WASTE, FRAUD AND ABUSE IS UNACCEPTABLE" while several experts sit behind tables in front of the cameras telling us what needs to be done but is not being done!

See Links Below ---



Watching this testimony I am DISGUSTED by how taxpayers money is being SQUANDERED in Afghanistan along with thousands of troops being shipped out there in defense of this country. Yet as we send people out there, contractors are SCREWING our troops via the taxpayers RIFLED INCOME TAX!

A cursory look at Afghanistan over the years shows that no country has managed to colonize the place.

Alexander the GREAT, the British, the Russians and now the USA, all have attempted and all have FAILED!

But plenty of $$$ are being made from the attempted colonization of the country and the OMOTS is footing the bill in blood and treasure.

This link is a real EYE-OPENER ---


AND what states are paying the HIGHEST PRICE?


Bikes and Pedestrian-s-tupid

The link below is from today's New York Post. The story is about accidents between pedestrians and bikers and puts the BLAME squarely on the bikers.

What the story does not discuss is whether the peds were walking in a bike lane, were wearing earphones or not, were texting while walking, were looking before crossing or a host of other absurd behaviors that peds in NYC exhibit on a regular basis.

A study by Hunter College-CUNY (cited in the POST) was commissioned to investigate bike-ped accidents.

The full study is linked below --



The Post has been anti-bikes and anti-bike lanes and anti anything that is anti-car for years. Perhaps the two professors should focus their attention on bikers and car accidents and how many bikers are run over or KILLED by reckless drivers speeding through the five boroughs of NYC. Three peds were killed by bicycles in the PAST FIVE YEARS while a WHOPPING 766 peds were mowed down and KILLED by cars with 10,000 injured by cars annually.

According to most POST stories the dastardly bikers are villains while the infantile innocent peds are NEVER at fault! The Post has embarked on a sustained propaganda campaign against bike owners and riders and has purposely engaged in a process of demonizing cyclists in NYC.

As for bike lanes, many of them are BLOCKED BY TRUCKS, parked cars, dumb tourists wandering around like farts in a trance, while bike riders have to weave their way around or through. The design of these lanes are silly and culturally New Yorkers don't seem to understand how to use them i.e. DON'T WALK IN THE BIKE LANE!

Monday, September 19, 2011


The link below is a case study in what happens WHEN a country defaults on its debt obligations. Greece WILL DEFAULT!

Not if but WHEN.


Meetings in Europe are simply a way to pretend that the "masters" of the financial universe have an element of control over the Greek meltdown.

They do not!

A documentary about Argentina in the 1990s "The Take" (See Links) shows the consequences of the default, economic melt down and how a well run, profitable factory is affected.


As went Argentina, so will go Greece, except for one CRITICAL difference: Greece is a member of the EURO and as a result, it will have a contagious effect on the rest of Europe.

The PIIGS will get infected by the Greek tragedy as it unravels speedily. Many banks will be dragged down, one in particular, as mentioned in previous posts on this blog.

Bloomberg News reckons a 98% probability of Greece defaulting. (See Link)


I would add a 2% EXTRA probability to that.

Not if but WHEN?

Theseus slayed the mythological minotaur, half-man-half-bull.

Now the Greeks must slay their own demons and dragons created by corruption, IMF-colonialism, bank lending run riot and taxation avoidance.

Division of Knowledge - MIS-Education

In most colleges, universities and schools across the country there is a distinct DIVISION OF KNOWLEDGE and of subjects. For example, History and Economics are usually taught in a totally separate way when in fact they are inextricably linked.

Instead students are taught irrelevant dates, battles and the names of personalities involved in key events, many of which have no bearing on the modern world we live in.

They forget all of these facts and learn nothing. They are taught that there is no connection to what we see today around the world.

Similarly, finance and history are taught separately, as are geography and political science.

The reality is that all of these perceived differing topics are CONNECTED.

By continuing to separate subjects, a curious seeker of knowledge begins to see no relationship between war and economics, geography and political science and the world and all of its occurrences is a confusing mess.

The reality is that history, like the Sine Curve in mathematics (above), REPEATS itself and the same mistakes are made generation after generation.

But colleges and schools and universities have BUDGETS and each department has to JUSTIFY its existence by ensuring that it gets a large portion of the money pie.

So ECON gets x%, FIN gets x% etc. etc. and the division of knowledge continues on into perpetuity without a single connection, as if all of these subjects exist in a separate universe. And so the human brain begins to look at life in a divisive way, disconnecting events as if they were all stand alone occurrences.


That's the policy in the world of knowledge when it should be CONNECT, LEARN and APPLY!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Presstitutes - New "Careers in LSM"

"Presstitutes" an excellent description of so called JOURNALISTS with their silly propaganda, whether right leaning or left leaning.

Take Libya for example - a post-colonial territory chopped up by the very colonialists that chopped it up in 1942. (See Link)


One side of the presstitutes fawn at the feet of NATO, as if the Libyan people are "happy" with the recent developments. Obviously getting rid of a dictator is a good idea, but WHAT WILL REPLACE him? A Franco-Anglo dictatorship backed by NATO?

The map above shows how the world looked in 1905. Looking at Libya today and how it will look in the next few months suggests that French and British colonialism will chp it up under an oil company protectorate.

But the LSM would have us all believe that eveery thing is working out wonderfully.

Presstitutes all!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Brits & French Congregate in Libya

So Cameron and Sarkozy travel to Libya to congratulate the population with photo ops beamed across the world. Why are these two ex-Colonialists shaking hands with the courageous rebels?

The answer is oil!

Indeed the convicted Lockerbie bomber, Megrahi was released from jail WAY BEFORE he should have been because the Brits wanted first dibs on the oil fields in Libya. (See Links Below)



So to placate the Libyan regime in 2009 they released this bomber all in the name of oil. Now they pretend to be backing the rebel cause as they stand behind microphones smiling and shaking hands.

This is a cynical ploy by the Brits and French to placate their seething Muslim populations who have become marginalized within their respective societies, who live mostly in suburban wastelands throughout many parts of Britain and France.

(See Links Below)



So by beaming this "we understand your struggles" message across the world, Cameron and Sarkozy hope to convey that they are buddy, buddy with the Libyans. Meanwhile their massive oil companies, Total et al want to get control of the flow.

(See Link)


And UK oil companies too, Shell especially have been using all kinds of tricks to get into Libya, WAY BEFORE QADDAFI was being hounded by his suppressed people.

(See Link)


So the bottom line here is that Cameron and Sarkozy don't give a whit for the Libyan people, they care about control of the resources that belong to those people!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

The The and Talk Talk 1981 onwards

They don't make music like this anymore! This was the staple of PIRATE RADIO back in the 80s. And here is one hell of a LIVE version of "Its My Life", Talk Talk 1986 Montreux


And another - "Living In Another World"


The CRAP that passes for music today is laughable.

Another serious band from 1979 until well into the 2000s was THE THE!

These bands were WELL INFORMED understood the human condition, social conditions and the political MALAISE that swept across England led by that fascist Margaret Thatcher.

See Link to THE THE (who predicted the Libyan implosion and blow back to the USA in 1986 for God's sake!)


I learned more from the state of the world from Matt Johnson and The The than I did in any bullshit history class..... Listen CAREFULLY to the lyrics and you'll see what I mean.

And another one from MIND BOMB! "The VIOLENCE of Truth"


In the early to mid-nineties, several of the independent record companies were MERGED or BOUGHT by mega corporations like Bertelsmann AG of Germany and further mega merges slated to happen in the 2000s (see link), the quality of music was degraded to the point or IRRELEVANCE . Crap songs about "girl meets boy" "love" and rubbish like that were what were played on radio, MTV etc.



Music that told the listener what the hell was happening locally, nationally, regionally or globally was relegated to the SALE PRICE CD bin and now in the age of I-TUNES, crap music has proliferated to the point of saturation.

Teeny bopper crap abounds! Compare crap music to this --- "Good Morning Beautiful" THE THE (1989)


Luckily I have a huge CD collection and add to it now and then when I see a rare gem in the remaining CD stores that exist in NYC's East Village or wherever they eek out a living in this world of CRAP MUSIC and irrelevant commentary on life.

Thank God for The The, Talk Talk and their ilk, for REM and Pink Floyd, AC-DC and Deep Purple.

Thank God for Public Enemy, NWA and Massive Attack.

Thank the creative muses for all the GREAT music that forces us to look inside and outside to explain the problems we face!

More on music in future posts.

City Government TAKES on Happy Meals

Why should I have go to a restaurant and abide by RULES dictated to a restauranteur by the politician below?

Obesity is a two-way street.

Discipline to SAY NO to food and EXERCISE!

No amount of government intervention will prevent a person putting morsels or VAST quantities of food into their respective mouthes. Obviously HAPPY MEALS are a marketing ploy to get kids to buy FOOD and stuff their little faces with the junk, but ADULT SUPERVISION is the real problem here.

Many adults don't want to take the time to cook a decent meal for their kids and resort to JUNK FOOD seven days a week.

A local news story in the City on NY-1 (See Link and NYPOST story from April 2011) illustrates just what exactly the City government seems to think it can do to influence kids and their parents. It is an absurd example of Nannying the public.



Comrie needs to slim down and stop intervening in people's lives by attacking Happy Meal Toys. Has he done any research on WHERE THESE crappy toys are made? CHINA that's where! Maybe he should have them made in Queens instead of China and set up a factory here to make toys and create JOBS! Instead he's the local Nanny of Queens.

He needs to show that DISCIPLINE AND EXERCISE are the two ways to combat obesity and all of the horrible diseases that follow: heart disease, diabetes, athritis etc.

Small businesses in teh restuarant and bar game are going be inundated with silly bureaucrats coming around the place from the Dept. of Health and Mental Hygiene(See Link)ensuring that the fries are cooked in NON-trans fat oil.


And fines collected are used to prop up the likes of Comrie as he masquerades as teh Robin Hood of the kids of Queens.

Synthetic ETFs, Fraudsters and No Understanding

Another HUGE fraud causing a $2 billion loss for UBS!

"Synthetic" ETF trader, Kweku Adoboli was arrested this morning in London, charged with the fraud.

He lived off Brick Lane in the East End of London (see picture)and was part of UBS Global Synthetic Equities Trading Team.

(See Link Below)


Warren Buffet once said he never invested in anything he didn't UNDERSTAND.

Any financial instrument with a the word "synthetic" or "exotic" before it conveys massive potential for MISUNDERSTANDING!

When will these easy-money-hunting-bankers and traders realize that there is no such thing as a SURE THING?

Such activities have a direct and reckless effect on those areas of a bank that ARE MAKING MONEY.

This reckless and fraudulent behavior will result in further job lay-offs at UBS and probably the implosion of a hedge fund or two or three.

The big question now is: What other banks will be affected by this?

In the late 80s and early 90s, there were complicated derivatives that had emerged as a result of the work of two financial economists - Black and Scholes.

They both studied the pricing of derivatives and in 1973 came up with the Black-Scholes formula.

(See Link Below)


Almost forty years later the emergence of much more complicated and "synthetic" derivatives has caused the proliferation of financial weapons of mass destruction, many of which the OMOTS has no clue about.

Even those who trade these things have little or no understanding of the POTENTIAL DOWNSIDE if things go awry!

Further, after the collapse of the Berlin Wall 20 years ago, and the implosion of the former Soviet Republics, hundreds of thousands (millions even) of people fled toward Western Europe and the US.

Of these economic and political refugees, there were many VERY QUALIFIED MATHEMATICIANS and PHYSICISTS, who had a wealth of knowledge in applied and advanced mathematics.

With no jobs and no prospects in their countries' they arrived in the advanced market economies with advanced mathematical theories and so began the era of FINANCIAL ENGINEERING.

It all sounded great! Apply these complex formulae to financial markets, make a pile and live happily ever after - right?


Many of these complex and mostly theoretical financial algorithms did not take into account the REAL WORLD of human greed, fraud and upheaval across the globe.

So something that might not have been included in the algorithm, i.e. house prices falling for example, would render the entire financial derivative WORTHLESS. Some traders I know operate massive excel spread sheets, so complicated that a marginal change in one tiny cell with a number like .00000011 has a disastrous effect on the valuation of a derivative.

The number might represent the probability of something ACTUALLY OCCURRING a default, a mortgage not repaid, a destabilizing political event in a country, or a host of other events.

A Black Swan event as the book says. (See Link)


THE IMPACT OF THE HIGHLY IMPROBABLE! This is the essence of what we are dealing with in the modern financial engineering age and there are several improbable events that have not been considered by those who, in their arrogance, invent financial weapons of mass destruction that negatively affect the masses while minimally affecting the few!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

T-S-A --- Keeping US-A-LL Safe

A few TSA people rounded up in Florida doing a stellar job PROTECTING us all from whatever they are supposed to protect us from! This TSA ineptitude is an American phenomenon. In no other country that I know of, or have travelled to or from does this farce exist.

(see Link Below)

The real purpose?

To instill fear into the population that they may be as inconvenienced as MUCH AS POSSIBLE when they fly.

2011 budget increased TSA budget by $508.7 million to $8.2 BILLION! (See Link)


Another hilarious link to this TSA ineptitude: Chertoff Associates recommended that ALL US AIRPORTS install machines to "sniff" for whatever substances may be "suspect".

(See Links)



Massive profits are being generated by the industry of fear and while we stand in ridiculously slow moving lines at the damn airport, billions of taxpayers money is being spent on the likes of Chertoff Associates. While we get patted down and are commanded to walk through radiation machines at airports, Chertoff Associates are making a pile of cash.

Welcome to your flight departing at zero hundred hours! And welcome to a line that will make you so damn irate that you'll WISH YOU TOOK THE GREYHOUND BUS!

Emergency Meeting - Geithner & Co.

Do you trust these people with the future of the banking system? Geithner all smiles with Darling and Lagarde. I wonder what the hell they're laughing about?

Could it be that 20% of Americans are living in poverty or that 10% of American children are living in extreme poverty? (See 2 Links Below)



There is an economic chasm across great swathes of this land in terms of basic access to education, health care and jobs. And as long as Geithner & Co. continue with their propping up of a Federal Reserve system that continuously PRINTS MONEY backed up by DEBT, paid off by the tax payer, the chasm between basic economic independence and dependence in this country will widen substantially.

The link below illustrates just where the $$$ come from and what are the biggest expenditures, INTEREST alone on the debt is a whopping 200 plus BILLION!


shows an interesting ratio between payroll taxes (small businesses) and income taxes combined VERSUS corporate taxes, a 10:1 relationship. In other words we the taxpayers, people and small businesses pay TEN TIMES more in taxes than corporations.

Totals for the combined income and payroll are about $1.9 Trillion, while about $190 billion is collected from corporate taxes.