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Thursday, September 15, 2011

City Government TAKES on Happy Meals

Why should I have go to a restaurant and abide by RULES dictated to a restauranteur by the politician below?

Obesity is a two-way street.

Discipline to SAY NO to food and EXERCISE!

No amount of government intervention will prevent a person putting morsels or VAST quantities of food into their respective mouthes. Obviously HAPPY MEALS are a marketing ploy to get kids to buy FOOD and stuff their little faces with the junk, but ADULT SUPERVISION is the real problem here.

Many adults don't want to take the time to cook a decent meal for their kids and resort to JUNK FOOD seven days a week.

A local news story in the City on NY-1 (See Link and NYPOST story from April 2011) illustrates just what exactly the City government seems to think it can do to influence kids and their parents. It is an absurd example of Nannying the public.



Comrie needs to slim down and stop intervening in people's lives by attacking Happy Meal Toys. Has he done any research on WHERE THESE crappy toys are made? CHINA that's where! Maybe he should have them made in Queens instead of China and set up a factory here to make toys and create JOBS! Instead he's the local Nanny of Queens.

He needs to show that DISCIPLINE AND EXERCISE are the two ways to combat obesity and all of the horrible diseases that follow: heart disease, diabetes, athritis etc.

Small businesses in teh restuarant and bar game are going be inundated with silly bureaucrats coming around the place from the Dept. of Health and Mental Hygiene(See Link)ensuring that the fries are cooked in NON-trans fat oil.


And fines collected are used to prop up the likes of Comrie as he masquerades as teh Robin Hood of the kids of Queens.

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