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Oliver Stone
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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Wall Street Occupied and 1984

Below is the link to some of the disparate individuals protesting on Wall Street. What these people need to know is this --- NYPD have to release each protester UNLESS THEY have BROKEN A LAW.

If the momentum of people grows beyond the core group, then NYPD can't do much. Coincidentally on CBS tonight there was a "60 minutes" on how well equipped NYPD are in terms of technology.

In their bid to capture people, many laws have been passed to assist NYPD in their development of a police state.

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CBS is one the pathetic LSM channels and their coverage of the protesters on Wall Street has been minimal.

Until and unless the NYPD tell a protester what law they have broken, the protester doesn't have to tell the NYPD ANYTHING.


Protesting WITHOUT a permit is a MICKEY MOUSE LAW, passed to ensure NON-DISSENT.

It is a farce and should be IGNORED.

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Why was the permit-to-protest brought in?

#1. Too stifle dissent on all levels.

#2. To ensure the NYPD have a heads-up on who and where and how many people will be protesting.

#3. To collect intelligence on all arrested and build a database on those involved.


This is castrated protest. It is a joke! The hope is that people will just get sick and tired and LEAVE the vicinity.

But it is NOT WORKING.

In fact it is a breach of the first amendment right of free speech. The intent is to SQUASH mass movements and ensure that by dividing in small groups, the NYPD conquer the protest.

A question?

Would the Civil Rights marches have requested a permit?

Would the Indian populations during Gandhi's time have requested a permit?

Would Mandela have requested a permit?

Ans. NO!

People are pissed off with the cosy relationship DC has with finance and lawyers.

There is a perception of democracy, yet when the decisions in DC are not affecting the population and the $14,000,000,000,000 US debt is not assisting the population, people WAKE UP and start to get pissed.

This is the reason for the current protests. And they will grow in population.

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