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Oliver Stone
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Monday, September 19, 2011

Division of Knowledge - MIS-Education

In most colleges, universities and schools across the country there is a distinct DIVISION OF KNOWLEDGE and of subjects. For example, History and Economics are usually taught in a totally separate way when in fact they are inextricably linked.

Instead students are taught irrelevant dates, battles and the names of personalities involved in key events, many of which have no bearing on the modern world we live in.

They forget all of these facts and learn nothing. They are taught that there is no connection to what we see today around the world.

Similarly, finance and history are taught separately, as are geography and political science.

The reality is that all of these perceived differing topics are CONNECTED.

By continuing to separate subjects, a curious seeker of knowledge begins to see no relationship between war and economics, geography and political science and the world and all of its occurrences is a confusing mess.

The reality is that history, like the Sine Curve in mathematics (above), REPEATS itself and the same mistakes are made generation after generation.

But colleges and schools and universities have BUDGETS and each department has to JUSTIFY its existence by ensuring that it gets a large portion of the money pie.

So ECON gets x%, FIN gets x% etc. etc. and the division of knowledge continues on into perpetuity without a single connection, as if all of these subjects exist in a separate universe. And so the human brain begins to look at life in a divisive way, disconnecting events as if they were all stand alone occurrences.


That's the policy in the world of knowledge when it should be CONNECT, LEARN and APPLY!

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