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Thursday, September 15, 2011

The The and Talk Talk 1981 onwards

They don't make music like this anymore! This was the staple of PIRATE RADIO back in the 80s. And here is one hell of a LIVE version of "Its My Life", Talk Talk 1986 Montreux


And another - "Living In Another World"


The CRAP that passes for music today is laughable.

Another serious band from 1979 until well into the 2000s was THE THE!

These bands were WELL INFORMED understood the human condition, social conditions and the political MALAISE that swept across England led by that fascist Margaret Thatcher.

See Link to THE THE (who predicted the Libyan implosion and blow back to the USA in 1986 for God's sake!)


I learned more from the state of the world from Matt Johnson and The The than I did in any bullshit history class..... Listen CAREFULLY to the lyrics and you'll see what I mean.

And another one from MIND BOMB! "The VIOLENCE of Truth"


In the early to mid-nineties, several of the independent record companies were MERGED or BOUGHT by mega corporations like Bertelsmann AG of Germany and further mega merges slated to happen in the 2000s (see link), the quality of music was degraded to the point or IRRELEVANCE . Crap songs about "girl meets boy" "love" and rubbish like that were what were played on radio, MTV etc.



Music that told the listener what the hell was happening locally, nationally, regionally or globally was relegated to the SALE PRICE CD bin and now in the age of I-TUNES, crap music has proliferated to the point of saturation.

Teeny bopper crap abounds! Compare crap music to this --- "Good Morning Beautiful" THE THE (1989)


Luckily I have a huge CD collection and add to it now and then when I see a rare gem in the remaining CD stores that exist in NYC's East Village or wherever they eek out a living in this world of CRAP MUSIC and irrelevant commentary on life.

Thank God for The The, Talk Talk and their ilk, for REM and Pink Floyd, AC-DC and Deep Purple.

Thank God for Public Enemy, NWA and Massive Attack.

Thank the creative muses for all the GREAT music that forces us to look inside and outside to explain the problems we face!

More on music in future posts.

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