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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Bikes and Pedestrian-s-tupid

The link below is from today's New York Post. The story is about accidents between pedestrians and bikers and puts the BLAME squarely on the bikers.

What the story does not discuss is whether the peds were walking in a bike lane, were wearing earphones or not, were texting while walking, were looking before crossing or a host of other absurd behaviors that peds in NYC exhibit on a regular basis.

A study by Hunter College-CUNY (cited in the POST) was commissioned to investigate bike-ped accidents.

The full study is linked below --



The Post has been anti-bikes and anti-bike lanes and anti anything that is anti-car for years. Perhaps the two professors should focus their attention on bikers and car accidents and how many bikers are run over or KILLED by reckless drivers speeding through the five boroughs of NYC. Three peds were killed by bicycles in the PAST FIVE YEARS while a WHOPPING 766 peds were mowed down and KILLED by cars with 10,000 injured by cars annually.

According to most POST stories the dastardly bikers are villains while the infantile innocent peds are NEVER at fault! The Post has embarked on a sustained propaganda campaign against bike owners and riders and has purposely engaged in a process of demonizing cyclists in NYC.

As for bike lanes, many of them are BLOCKED BY TRUCKS, parked cars, dumb tourists wandering around like farts in a trance, while bike riders have to weave their way around or through. The design of these lanes are silly and culturally New Yorkers don't seem to understand how to use them i.e. DON'T WALK IN THE BIKE LANE!

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