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Friday, September 9, 2011

Congress Grid-Lock

Another volatile Friday on Wall Street.

Another European nightmare about to unleash further fear and pain on the US and European economies.

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New York City is in grid lock today, as a result of the checkpoints that NYPD have erected across the city in an effort to protect New Yorkers from "imminent attacks". According to the LSM (Lame Street Media), NY-1 et al. there is a "credible threat" that a truck bomb may be driving around the city.

This is usual 9-11 shenanigans that go on around this time of year. Fox that fear instilling media outlet has this story from today.

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We are "urged to go about" our "business as usual". How the fuck can we do this when we have the likes of Janet Napolitano as head of DHS? Napolitano assures us that if she "has to issue a threat advisory, I will issue a threat advisory."

What a pile of crap?

How many people go about their business knowing that a "code red" or "code orange" is in effect.

In NYC, we are always going about our business no matter what. These clowns in DHS [budget last year was a WHOPPING $55 billion] operate 7 agencies in total and are apparently responsible for a multi faceted approach to "protecting the homeland."

From us? US citizens who are getting very, very tired of DC?

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I smell a big huge police state apparatus here and since 2002's USA Patriot Act, which Obama EXPANDED, we have gradually become a state under the watchful eye of the security forces, who we are assured are here to "protect us".

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All of this 9-11 has spawned an INDUSTRY in security and protection and "credible threats" and "advisories" etc.

I lived in the early 90s in Derry, N.I. and I can tell you that that was a place where credible threats were REAL. Not a lot of media frenzied fear instilling garbage.

And that's what's going on here and will continue into perpetuity.

Meanwhile Congress is in grid lock as NYC plods along.

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