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Oliver Stone
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Friday, September 9, 2011

Stimulation and Impediments

3 Stooges

Obama spoke last night about the need to STIMULATE the US economy and put forward a package of $447 billion, not enough in my view. It should be at least $1 trillion. But that level of stimulus would be hacked down by the INEPT IMPEDIMENTS in the Republican party.

(See Link Below)


But the Republicans will continue with their worn out mantra that the federal government is expanding further into our lives, their usual redundant script!

SOMETHING has to be done!

If the Republicans had their way, they would allow NOTHING to be done and hold the economy hostage. On the political spectrum, I have decidedly turned against all of these clowns. The reason is simple: there is a "CORP-OTOCRACY" in this country today. The two party system is rigged. A cursory look at the link below illustrates WHO CONTROLS DC (See Link)


Lobbyists in DC have the power, the money and the over-arching reach to ensure that their interests are bought and paid for. A little research on who in Congress is getting what from what interest group shows who is really in charge. So all the BICKERING in DC is a smokescreen, a Wizard of OZ pantomime.

I first visited DC in 1996. We rented a car and drove from NYC to DC to catch an OASIS concert. DC is an OASIS in the middle of a broken down neighborhood. The Capitol is pristine and suits run all over the place, huge SUVs, darkened windows, while just a few miles out of down was major economic degradation.

I was SHOCKED to observe the absolute bi-frication of the society a few miles apart. And since 1996 very little has changed. The link below shows just the reality of education for example in DC.

(See Link)

There has been marginal changes, but we have a long, long way to go. A stimulus is not JUST ABOUT throwing money into the black hole of government agencies. It is about ensuring that bureaucracies are DISMANTLED and the money flows in PARALLEL with substantive action and accountability.

$447 is a start. Let's see where it goes!

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