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Oliver Stone
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Monday, September 26, 2011

Seething at the Seams

Permits to protest?

Massive force at an anti-death penalty rally?

LAME STREAM MEDIA's ongoing castrated coverage of issues that affect the OMOTS?

Economic double speak that "things are improving?"

Cops taking copius notes, camera footage and intelligence on union activists at Baruch College-CUNY in NYC?

What this all adds up to is the evolution of a police state backed up by legislation passed in 2002 in an attempt to use anti-terror laws to KEEP THE POPULATION from dissenting on the streets and avenues of this country.

But there are signs that cities are bursting at the seams with dissent, defiance and more importantly unity around a common cause.

The key is to build momentum, to knit common cause together while the powers that be will attempt to divide and conquer, an age old tactic.

What the powers that be detest more than protest is a UNITED COMMON CAUSE. Once this gains traction itis unstoppable. And as the economic situation deteriorates over the next few months and years, this common cause will TRICKLE UP! People who would never be out on the streets protesting will join those already there.

In the meantime, time for that Belgian beer!

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