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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Saudi's Crack Down on Women

The latest prohibition and crackdown on women driving cars in Saudi Arabia is indicative of one the US allies disgusting behavior toward women.

In the story (linked) below, a woman who DEFIED the ban against women driving cars, was sentenced to 10 LASHES OF A WHIP!


What kind of culture condones this sort of heinous behavior?
What sort of dictatorship signs off on a law that prohibits women from driving a car?
What sort of a country can ally itself with this kind of behavior?

By allowing women to drive the Saudi authorities will obviously provide a level of freedom for their female subjects. But this freedom must be denied as far as the royal family and their henchmen are concerned because if women begin to drive and find freedom in driving, they will demand more and more rights threatening the hegemony enjoyed by the males in Saudi society.

A book I read recently gives a disturbing insight into just how the Saudi kingdom operates: "Inside The Kingdom" by English author, Robert Lacey details his travels, at times under disguise throughout Saudi Arabia. His book is an eye opener into how the regime keeps itself in power and is a disgusting reminder of how an oil rich nation is allowed to get away with all kinds of heinous crimes against its own population, not least women.

Since the publication of the book in 2009, Lacey has been banned from ever travelling to the kingdom ever again.

Clearly he pissed a few of the Wahhabi off!

And the US has been propping up this regime for several decades. Indeed the DOD has been selling massive quantities of armaments, four-wheeled military hardware and ammunition to the Saudis, hardware that is being used to keep their subjects in line.

According to the State Department, the US provides the Saudis with tanks, helicopters and jet fighters, making billions of dollars in profits from the repression the Saudis have been heaping on its subjects.

(See Link Below)


The link between the Bush family and the Saudi family has been well documented and there will not be a change in the US-Saudi relationship anytime soon, since the Saudi royals hold massive amounts of US Treasuries, Citi Bank stock and provide millions of dollars of oil to the US annually.

The women of Saudi Arabia will suffer alone, without US intervention!

Its all about the $$$!

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