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Oliver Stone
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Thursday, December 29, 2011

2012 -- Predictions

#1. Obama will run against Ron Paul;
#2. Economic volatility will increase due to Italian crisis;
#3. Oil prices will increase due to middle-east-Iran crisis;
#4. Israel-USA will strike Iran on some level;
#5. US unemployment will increase above U-6 rate of 17% to about 20%;
#6. The Fed will continue on its Q-E-NONSENSE;
#7. Americans will continue struggling financially and economically.

Overall there will be jitters on several levels with the powers that be manipulating the fears of the population using the Lame Stream Media as a tool to instill mass hypnosis.

Weather patterns will reflect the volatile nature of both the markets and the geo-political environment.

Even New York City's weather this holiday season from 2010 was balmy reaching the mid-50s some days. Compare that to several feet of snow in Dec 2010.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Legal Bureaucrats Need to Be FIRED

When a violent ex-con WHO SHOULD HAVE BEEN LOCKED UP for a shooting in another state, but gets out and kills an NYPD cop, bureaucrats need to be FIRED!

This is a tragedy of vast proportions. A heroic cop attempts to prevent a robbery from happening and is killed by an ex-con, who should be been put away in North Carolina.

See Links ---




Meanwhile the authorities instead of leaving old women and children alone at airports, harass them when they're going on vacation without cause.

The excuses in this horrible tragedy are multiplying by the hour - "legal snafus", "warrants with no extradition orders" and a host of other bureaucratic and legal bungling

Bureaucrats have everything ass backwards! They let go a convicted criminal who is allowed to skip between states and KILL A COP, while they target innocent travellers on their way to visit family.

The entire bureaucratic apparatus and bungling legal system seems to be assisting those with serious convictions, while heavily weighted AGAINST those with none! Innocent men who were framed by crappy, lazy police work are executed while convicted killers are still on the loose.

The Pride case resulting in Police Officer Figoski's gunning down in the line of duty is an example of inter-state bureaucracies and an effective communication system that are BROKEN to the point of being DANGEROUS!

DC "Newspeak" - Iraq War Over - Troops Return

According to the clowns in DC, we have ceased operations in Iraq.

What does this mean exactly?

Well, Baghdad now has the LARGEST EMBASSY in the world! This fortress is 80 football fields in size and cost $750 million in US TAXPAYERS' money, while our infrastructure is CRUMBLING.

The link below gives some context to the sheer DIMENSIONS of this monstrosity ---


Feeding into this huge fortress-embassy are several bases and FOBs costing hundreds of millions in special interest contracts to build and maintain, all again funded through the docile US taxpayer.

As of November 30th 2011, according to a Brookings Institute study (see link "Iraq Index") ---


$9 billion of US taxpayers' funds have been "lost" or "unaccounted for" along with 110,000 AK-47s.

Further, KBR (former division of Halliburton) was paid $20 billion to supply US military with fuel, food and housing. Meanwhile, tricky Dick Cheney appeared on CBS this morning rambling on about Iran!

See Link ---


Left circa 1983 is Rummy Rumsfeld with his buddy dressed in tuxedos as they carve up the area for oil.

Cheney and Rummy have been involved in defense and war since 1975 and need to SHUT UP now!

Instead they both write books to DELUDE the masses that their ill-conceived war was for freedom. Following the money and the contracts gives a clue as to why this country invaded Iraq. Billions in profits were amassed, while taxpayers in the US got screwed on all levels.

HDD was against the war from the outset and believes the current LSM's overview of the wars "conclusion" is propaganda at its best. On December 20th 1983, Rumsfeld and Saddam were busy shaking hands and making deals against their common enemy - Iran, 3 years into the Iran-Iraq war (1980 to 1988).

28 years later the same neo-CON MEN are in power, spectating from the sidelines and "advising" Obama, who never fought a day in his life on a battlefield.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Federal Failure and The FENCE

A recent documentary, "The Fence" aired on HBO and illustrates in less than 40 minutes how the Feds have FAILED MISERABLY on tackling the immigration problem in this country.

Here are links to the relevant web-sites ---




However, if the Feds don't reform the current BROKEN IMMIGRATION system, 2012 and beyond will put further pressure on states to push for reform. New York is mostly a pro-immigration state, but many are anti-immigration on many levels.

HDD believes that the Feds need to MAKE A PATHWAY FOR LEGALIZATION of those here for many years who have NO CRIMINAL RECORD and want to stay here, work hard and pay taxes.

So far the Feds have (in)acted by building a 700 mile fence across the 2000 mile border with Mexico.

It has been an abject failure, costing $3 billion or about $1.9 million per mile! It will require another $49 billion over the coming years to maintain, extend, etc.

Talk about a half assed policy (or rather a third assed policy!).

And the light of "fast and Furious", whoever takes over the reigns of power in DC needs to pay serious attention to IMMIGRATION REFORM!

Corzine Might Remember if JAILED

Who do these arrogant, connected liars think they are?

Corzine was in DC on 12/8 telling the tax payer funded "house agriculture committee", that he doesn't know where the money went!

This disgusting liar needs to spend a few months or years in jail to jog his memory!



He has the audacity to blame others.

HDD watched a small part of these sickening videos with Corzine playing the typical VICTIM!



If this clown doesn't serve TIME, OMOTS need to DEMAND that he be tried ASAP!

Look at his name tag --- "The Honorable" --- obscene indeed!

HDD cannot post anymore about this grotesque scandal.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Documentary on National Geographic; Man's Meaning

Fascinating and in depth documentary shown in NAT GEO channel last night - a two part series on the rise of fascism in Germany in the 1920s shows how a demoralized people can be hypnotized by the delusions of a mad-man.

The picture left is of a baby who turned into a monster.


Well worth watching since all of the footage has been restored in COLOR and shows the extent to which propaganda will go to sway a docile public, turning them into war mongers and colonizers of Europe.

There are parallels to our modern era - massive unemployment, Europe on the brink and US rhetoric on Iran!

Could it happen again? Are the European population docile or angry? Are we sufficiently well-fed today?

A book that HDD read in the early nineties (published in 1946) had a deep impact in terms of how far mankind can go to achieve a Utopian ideal.

Viktor Frankl was born in 1905 and died in 1997 (RIP), became a best selling author with his book "Man's Search for Meaning" (Frankl right).

The documentary on the rise of totalitarianism is truly horrific and when one considers it was less than 90 years ago, the true gravity of the era hits the viewer like ton of bricks. After the Treaty of Versailles the German economy unravelled and created a social and political vacuum for the rise of the monster.

But who financed the wrecked German economy? Who backed the monster and his monstrous plans?

Answers to these questions are quite disturbing and will be posted in the coming weeks and months.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

DHS in Jamaica; 70 YEARS AGO

In May 2010, Homeland security (DHS) was in Jamaica according to an interesting article in the New Yorker and one US citizen was killed by security forces without a single official statement from those in State Dept. or DHS. Drug lord, Chris Coke (but local Robin Hood) was arrested in a massive swoop including a variety of security organizations, both US and Jamaican.

See Link ---


This is an example of the extra-judicial assassinations that seem to follow from the current DHS "enemy combatant" policies. Big Brother has extended its tentacles to countries OUTSIDE THE US.

Exactly 70 years ago the US entered WW II due to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. Now as the drumbeat of war echos across the political landscape, many Republicans want to strike at Iran. Insanity!

This will lead to economic, social and military catastrophe. And the loudest voices calling for war, NEVER FOUGHT IN A WAR and NEVER WILL! People like "Small Balls" Romney who spent time in France on Mormon conversions while the less economically endowed of his generation were dying in the jungles of Vietnam.

HDD is disgusted by these presidential charlatans!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

November 21st 1933 --- Planned US Coup

Why isn't this taught in history classes throughout the United States?


Why are these facts broad casted by the BBC?

Because the LSM doesn't want the population to understand the real history of this country, especially where the FED and FDR is concerned.

Ex-head of the Marines, Smedley Butler is not taught in the whitewashed versions of history classes, thereby conveying BY OMISSION that the US and its power brokers never entertained a fascist takeover of democracy.

Butler remains a GIANT in history, yet little can be found on him save his book: "War is a Racket". He was very critical of the so-called "investigation" into the coup plotters.

What has changed since 1933? In just 78 years, very, very little in terms of politics.

Today we have the TSA, DHS, wiretaps, military courts, Congress passing the law on November 28th 2011 that US citizens can now be arrested ANYWHERE in the world and tried by military court, while most Americans stuffed themselves with turkey and pumpkin pie.

Real unemployment is close to 17%, while the LSM's main goal is to distract, divert, instill fear and SELL CRAP made in China.

Gerald McGuire, a Wall Street big wig - see right - was going to back the coup financially.

He had approached Butler, a patriot and war veteran who had put his life on the line for his country and attempted to sway Butler's powerful influence on 500,000 US Army veterans. McGuire never served in the army and knew little or nothing about fighting for freedom or putting his life on the line in battle.

Yet he was planning a coup with a decorated veteran, Smedley Butler.

Comparing Butler and McGuire on any level shows just how diametrically opposed they were toward democracy. Even physically, Butler was a trim and fit man, while McGuire was a fat cat, living off the energy of others.

Smedley Butler remains a man for his time who stood up to the powerful Wall Street suits and never backed down from a good fight.

Monday, December 5, 2011

DISBAND T.S.A. NOW --- Scandalous!

Here, according to the TSA are the duel faces of "terrorism" --- TWO OLD LADIES!


Disband the TSA NOW!

This pseudo-DHS tentacle is a disgrace to freedom in a so-called democracy and has exhibited a litany of outrageous activities against innocent civilians, all in the name of PROTECTION.

Fire Napolitano NOW!

File suit against Chertoff for eroding the rights inherent in the US CONSTITUTION.

US Knowledge of Geography

Same magazine! Different cover!

Why does the Euro edition of TIME have an entirely different cover page than the US edition?

There is a wonderful web site that shows newspaper covers from around the world.


Non-USA papers can be found here ---


Compare the Wall Street Journal: Euro edition to US edition.

One question needs to be asked:

How is Geography taught (if at all) in the US?

According to a 2010 Harvard study only 37% of 18-24 year old Americans, (some were students) surveyed KNEW WHERE IRAQ WAS?

See Link ---


Why does this matter?

Because the US accounts for JUST 4.48% of the total world's population, but exerts a powerful impact all across the globe and consumes 22% of the world's energy and 17.26 BILLION barrels of oil.

India on the other hand has about 16% of the TOTAL WORLD POPULATION but consumes 3.28 BILLION barrels of oil a year, or 4.9% of world energy output.

The links below shows total world-country population and energy consumption ---



Africa is a great example in terms of how much AMERICANS DON'T KNOW. Ask a typical student about Africa and they'll refer to it as a "country".

Africa has 53 nations (including island nations such as Madagascar, Comoros etc.) and a geographic area that can accommodate MOST OF EUROPE, the US, MOST of CHINA and ALL OF Alaska!

The majority of Americans DON'T have a passport.

There are good reasons for this; the country is vast and travel within the US can be an adventure, but, given US global reach, more Americans need to travel OUTSIDE the country. According to published reports between 27% and 30% of Americans actually HOLD A PASSPORT.


If both of these facts are combined: lack of geographic knowledge and non-ownership of passports, one can logically assume that the OMOTS in the US has a myopic view of the world and as such is INFLUENCED strongly by the CORPORATE MEDIA'S presentation of the world OUTSIDE THE US.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Massaging Jobs Numbers


Or job number massaging? (see links)



The latest unemployment numbers dipping below 9% to the magical 8.6%, conveniently just before the holidays.


The LSM loves these headlines, but it never discusses how these so-called "jobless rates" are calculated.

The BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics) doesn't count people who have GIVEN UP LOOKING or who's unemployment insurance has RUN OUT.

Going into an election year the BLS and Labor Dept. will be pressurized to continue their massaging of statistics for political expediency.

The real unemployment rate is closer to 17%!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Grade A-B-C-Pending ---- NYC Health Dept. SCAM

Many small businesses in this city are the life blood of the New York economy, yet city officials working for the NY Dept. of Health and Mental Hygiene have been responsible for the unnecessary issuance of fines against well run and well liked bars and restaurants across all boroughs in the city!


Its a SCAM and a way for the city to fine hard working business owners who employ thousands of New Yorkers.

What is the most absurd aspect of all of this is that the clowns in uniform never worked in a restaurant in their life. They prance around with a clip board and a pen ticking off stupid boxes, JUSTIFYING THEIR OWN EXISTENCE! while ensuring the NON-EXISTENCE of several well run cafes, restaurants and bars.

Example (see links) --- In 1947 a Harlem restaurant opened up on street, but was closed last year and fined $15,000. In 2010 this nanny state organization shut down 27% MORE restaurants than in 2009. That's more New Yorkers UNEMPLOYED because some clown with a clip board who NEVER WORKED in a restaurant ticks off few boxes and that's the end of an ERA!


Here's an apt quote from the story above:

"The Health Department counted $27.75 million in fines last year - $872,122 more than the previous year.

And don't get comfy with any local diner, takeout spot or pasta place too quickly, as more restaurants are likely to close this year since the city is hiring 50 more inspectors.

The beefed-up inspection team will execute the Health Department's new letter grade systems, where restaurants are given A, B, or C grades based on sanitary conditions. The grades must be prominently posted in the windows."

This grading is a load of bull shit, a gimmick as my grandmother used to say twenty or thirty years ago!

It's a way for the cash strapped city to collect cash, put legitimate businesses out of business and ensure the Dept. of Health continues to get funding! i was recently talking to a friend of mine a hardworking business owner (bar and restaurant) who was fined a WHOPPING $1500 by some clown in official Health Dept. attire.

If he doesn't pay, it may be doubled when they revisit his premises, when another TOTALLY DIFFERENT health "inspector" with a silly clip board will check off a whole other series of boxes.

When HDD goes to a restaurant, the grade doesn't matter a damn, since it only appeals to dumb tourists and out of towners!

Boosting Liquidity? - President of Gridlock!

The last day of November 2011 will go down in economic history as the day 6 CENTRAL BANKS around the world PRINTED LOTS OF MONEY to "boost liquidity!"

This fake economic and monetary engineering helps the banks ONLY and ensures that OMOTS get the shaft when it comes to availability of credit, but NOT at fair interest rates.

The Fed, Bank of England, ECB, Banque du Canada, Swiss Central Bank and Bank of Japan ALL printed plenty of money causing the DOW to soar by almost 500 points.

Here's a few questions:

#2. What do the big 6 central banks know that we don't?
#3. Is there a bank in Europe teetering on the BRINK of collapse, Lehman style?

All this does is create MORE MONEY out of thin air, offering this money at negligible interest rates to banks, who will in turn lend out a higher interest rates to the CONSUMER.

It's a scam!

Paper money backed up by nothing but TRUST and the ability of governments to tax the population won't last.

That's why Germany is against more bailouts.

Germany understands INFLATION more than ANY OTHER EURO NATION. After WW 1, wheelbarrows sold like hotcakes because the German Mark was WORTHLESS. People used it to light their stoves (above and right 5 billion mark note). Germans with a financial memory are TERRIFIED of hyper-inflation returning and know from bitter experience that with hyper-inflation comes dictatorship, social and moral break down and above all population DESPERATION.

The US Fed doesn't get it and never will, because the financial memory in this country is DISTORTED.


Who in their right mind would schedule a trip to New York City in the middle of the tree lighting ceremony?

Who would travel to NYC and tie up traffic across the city with no regard for the locals?

Who would travel with a HUGE entourage to NYC in a bid to grab some cash for re-election, while at the same time pretend to tackle the absurd saturation of money in politics?

Barack Obama of course, that's who! (see link)


The fundraisers, many of which were attended by the super-wealthy yielded plenty of cash for Obama's re-election campaign.

One event cost close to $36,000 a plate!

That's an entire ANNUAL SALARY for many Americans and many New Yorkers and this guy is here charging billionaires an OMOTS salary for dinner and cocktails!

So far Obama has raised about $100,000,000 for his 2012 election bid.

See Links ---



This is an scandalous outrage that in order to get re-elected in this country, a candidate needs to raise $100 MILLION.

There's good reason why he's SMILING FROM EAR to EAR!

He's the 100 million dollar man!