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Oliver Stone
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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

DC "Newspeak" - Iraq War Over - Troops Return

According to the clowns in DC, we have ceased operations in Iraq.

What does this mean exactly?

Well, Baghdad now has the LARGEST EMBASSY in the world! This fortress is 80 football fields in size and cost $750 million in US TAXPAYERS' money, while our infrastructure is CRUMBLING.

The link below gives some context to the sheer DIMENSIONS of this monstrosity ---


Feeding into this huge fortress-embassy are several bases and FOBs costing hundreds of millions in special interest contracts to build and maintain, all again funded through the docile US taxpayer.

As of November 30th 2011, according to a Brookings Institute study (see link "Iraq Index") ---


$9 billion of US taxpayers' funds have been "lost" or "unaccounted for" along with 110,000 AK-47s.

Further, KBR (former division of Halliburton) was paid $20 billion to supply US military with fuel, food and housing. Meanwhile, tricky Dick Cheney appeared on CBS this morning rambling on about Iran!

See Link ---


Left circa 1983 is Rummy Rumsfeld with his buddy dressed in tuxedos as they carve up the area for oil.

Cheney and Rummy have been involved in defense and war since 1975 and need to SHUT UP now!

Instead they both write books to DELUDE the masses that their ill-conceived war was for freedom. Following the money and the contracts gives a clue as to why this country invaded Iraq. Billions in profits were amassed, while taxpayers in the US got screwed on all levels.

HDD was against the war from the outset and believes the current LSM's overview of the wars "conclusion" is propaganda at its best. On December 20th 1983, Rumsfeld and Saddam were busy shaking hands and making deals against their common enemy - Iran, 3 years into the Iran-Iraq war (1980 to 1988).

28 years later the same neo-CON MEN are in power, spectating from the sidelines and "advising" Obama, who never fought a day in his life on a battlefield.

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