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Oliver Stone
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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

November 21st 1933 --- Planned US Coup

Why isn't this taught in history classes throughout the United States?


Why are these facts broad casted by the BBC?

Because the LSM doesn't want the population to understand the real history of this country, especially where the FED and FDR is concerned.

Ex-head of the Marines, Smedley Butler is not taught in the whitewashed versions of history classes, thereby conveying BY OMISSION that the US and its power brokers never entertained a fascist takeover of democracy.

Butler remains a GIANT in history, yet little can be found on him save his book: "War is a Racket". He was very critical of the so-called "investigation" into the coup plotters.

What has changed since 1933? In just 78 years, very, very little in terms of politics.

Today we have the TSA, DHS, wiretaps, military courts, Congress passing the law on November 28th 2011 that US citizens can now be arrested ANYWHERE in the world and tried by military court, while most Americans stuffed themselves with turkey and pumpkin pie.

Real unemployment is close to 17%, while the LSM's main goal is to distract, divert, instill fear and SELL CRAP made in China.

Gerald McGuire, a Wall Street big wig - see right - was going to back the coup financially.

He had approached Butler, a patriot and war veteran who had put his life on the line for his country and attempted to sway Butler's powerful influence on 500,000 US Army veterans. McGuire never served in the army and knew little or nothing about fighting for freedom or putting his life on the line in battle.

Yet he was planning a coup with a decorated veteran, Smedley Butler.

Comparing Butler and McGuire on any level shows just how diametrically opposed they were toward democracy. Even physically, Butler was a trim and fit man, while McGuire was a fat cat, living off the energy of others.

Smedley Butler remains a man for his time who stood up to the powerful Wall Street suits and never backed down from a good fight.

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