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Oliver Stone
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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

DHS in Jamaica; 70 YEARS AGO

In May 2010, Homeland security (DHS) was in Jamaica according to an interesting article in the New Yorker and one US citizen was killed by security forces without a single official statement from those in State Dept. or DHS. Drug lord, Chris Coke (but local Robin Hood) was arrested in a massive swoop including a variety of security organizations, both US and Jamaican.

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This is an example of the extra-judicial assassinations that seem to follow from the current DHS "enemy combatant" policies. Big Brother has extended its tentacles to countries OUTSIDE THE US.

Exactly 70 years ago the US entered WW II due to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. Now as the drumbeat of war echos across the political landscape, many Republicans want to strike at Iran. Insanity!

This will lead to economic, social and military catastrophe. And the loudest voices calling for war, NEVER FOUGHT IN A WAR and NEVER WILL! People like "Small Balls" Romney who spent time in France on Mormon conversions while the less economically endowed of his generation were dying in the jungles of Vietnam.

HDD is disgusted by these presidential charlatans!

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