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Oliver Stone
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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Boosting Liquidity? - President of Gridlock!

The last day of November 2011 will go down in economic history as the day 6 CENTRAL BANKS around the world PRINTED LOTS OF MONEY to "boost liquidity!"

This fake economic and monetary engineering helps the banks ONLY and ensures that OMOTS get the shaft when it comes to availability of credit, but NOT at fair interest rates.

The Fed, Bank of England, ECB, Banque du Canada, Swiss Central Bank and Bank of Japan ALL printed plenty of money causing the DOW to soar by almost 500 points.

Here's a few questions:

#2. What do the big 6 central banks know that we don't?
#3. Is there a bank in Europe teetering on the BRINK of collapse, Lehman style?

All this does is create MORE MONEY out of thin air, offering this money at negligible interest rates to banks, who will in turn lend out a higher interest rates to the CONSUMER.

It's a scam!

Paper money backed up by nothing but TRUST and the ability of governments to tax the population won't last.

That's why Germany is against more bailouts.

Germany understands INFLATION more than ANY OTHER EURO NATION. After WW 1, wheelbarrows sold like hotcakes because the German Mark was WORTHLESS. People used it to light their stoves (above and right 5 billion mark note). Germans with a financial memory are TERRIFIED of hyper-inflation returning and know from bitter experience that with hyper-inflation comes dictatorship, social and moral break down and above all population DESPERATION.

The US Fed doesn't get it and never will, because the financial memory in this country is DISTORTED.


Who in their right mind would schedule a trip to New York City in the middle of the tree lighting ceremony?

Who would travel to NYC and tie up traffic across the city with no regard for the locals?

Who would travel with a HUGE entourage to NYC in a bid to grab some cash for re-election, while at the same time pretend to tackle the absurd saturation of money in politics?

Barack Obama of course, that's who! (see link)


The fundraisers, many of which were attended by the super-wealthy yielded plenty of cash for Obama's re-election campaign.

One event cost close to $36,000 a plate!

That's an entire ANNUAL SALARY for many Americans and many New Yorkers and this guy is here charging billionaires an OMOTS salary for dinner and cocktails!

So far Obama has raised about $100,000,000 for his 2012 election bid.

See Links ---



This is an scandalous outrage that in order to get re-elected in this country, a candidate needs to raise $100 MILLION.

There's good reason why he's SMILING FROM EAR to EAR!

He's the 100 million dollar man!

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