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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Grade A-B-C-Pending ---- NYC Health Dept. SCAM

Many small businesses in this city are the life blood of the New York economy, yet city officials working for the NY Dept. of Health and Mental Hygiene have been responsible for the unnecessary issuance of fines against well run and well liked bars and restaurants across all boroughs in the city!


Its a SCAM and a way for the city to fine hard working business owners who employ thousands of New Yorkers.

What is the most absurd aspect of all of this is that the clowns in uniform never worked in a restaurant in their life. They prance around with a clip board and a pen ticking off stupid boxes, JUSTIFYING THEIR OWN EXISTENCE! while ensuring the NON-EXISTENCE of several well run cafes, restaurants and bars.

Example (see links) --- In 1947 a Harlem restaurant opened up on street, but was closed last year and fined $15,000. In 2010 this nanny state organization shut down 27% MORE restaurants than in 2009. That's more New Yorkers UNEMPLOYED because some clown with a clip board who NEVER WORKED in a restaurant ticks off few boxes and that's the end of an ERA!


Here's an apt quote from the story above:

"The Health Department counted $27.75 million in fines last year - $872,122 more than the previous year.

And don't get comfy with any local diner, takeout spot or pasta place too quickly, as more restaurants are likely to close this year since the city is hiring 50 more inspectors.

The beefed-up inspection team will execute the Health Department's new letter grade systems, where restaurants are given A, B, or C grades based on sanitary conditions. The grades must be prominently posted in the windows."

This grading is a load of bull shit, a gimmick as my grandmother used to say twenty or thirty years ago!

It's a way for the cash strapped city to collect cash, put legitimate businesses out of business and ensure the Dept. of Health continues to get funding! i was recently talking to a friend of mine a hardworking business owner (bar and restaurant) who was fined a WHOPPING $1500 by some clown in official Health Dept. attire.

If he doesn't pay, it may be doubled when they revisit his premises, when another TOTALLY DIFFERENT health "inspector" with a silly clip board will check off a whole other series of boxes.

When HDD goes to a restaurant, the grade doesn't matter a damn, since it only appeals to dumb tourists and out of towners!

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