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Oliver Stone
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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Legal Bureaucrats Need to Be FIRED

When a violent ex-con WHO SHOULD HAVE BEEN LOCKED UP for a shooting in another state, but gets out and kills an NYPD cop, bureaucrats need to be FIRED!

This is a tragedy of vast proportions. A heroic cop attempts to prevent a robbery from happening and is killed by an ex-con, who should be been put away in North Carolina.

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Meanwhile the authorities instead of leaving old women and children alone at airports, harass them when they're going on vacation without cause.

The excuses in this horrible tragedy are multiplying by the hour - "legal snafus", "warrants with no extradition orders" and a host of other bureaucratic and legal bungling

Bureaucrats have everything ass backwards! They let go a convicted criminal who is allowed to skip between states and KILL A COP, while they target innocent travellers on their way to visit family.

The entire bureaucratic apparatus and bungling legal system seems to be assisting those with serious convictions, while heavily weighted AGAINST those with none! Innocent men who were framed by crappy, lazy police work are executed while convicted killers are still on the loose.

The Pride case resulting in Police Officer Figoski's gunning down in the line of duty is an example of inter-state bureaucracies and an effective communication system that are BROKEN to the point of being DANGEROUS!

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