Oliver Stone

Oliver Stone
Untold History of the US

Thursday, December 29, 2011

2012 -- Predictions

#1. Obama will run against Ron Paul;
#2. Economic volatility will increase due to Italian crisis;
#3. Oil prices will increase due to middle-east-Iran crisis;
#4. Israel-USA will strike Iran on some level;
#5. US unemployment will increase above U-6 rate of 17% to about 20%;
#6. The Fed will continue on its Q-E-NONSENSE;
#7. Americans will continue struggling financially and economically.

Overall there will be jitters on several levels with the powers that be manipulating the fears of the population using the Lame Stream Media as a tool to instill mass hypnosis.

Weather patterns will reflect the volatile nature of both the markets and the geo-political environment.

Even New York City's weather this holiday season from 2010 was balmy reaching the mid-50s some days. Compare that to several feet of snow in Dec 2010.

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