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Oliver Stone
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Monday, December 12, 2011

Federal Failure and The FENCE

A recent documentary, "The Fence" aired on HBO and illustrates in less than 40 minutes how the Feds have FAILED MISERABLY on tackling the immigration problem in this country.

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However, if the Feds don't reform the current BROKEN IMMIGRATION system, 2012 and beyond will put further pressure on states to push for reform. New York is mostly a pro-immigration state, but many are anti-immigration on many levels.

HDD believes that the Feds need to MAKE A PATHWAY FOR LEGALIZATION of those here for many years who have NO CRIMINAL RECORD and want to stay here, work hard and pay taxes.

So far the Feds have (in)acted by building a 700 mile fence across the 2000 mile border with Mexico.

It has been an abject failure, costing $3 billion or about $1.9 million per mile! It will require another $49 billion over the coming years to maintain, extend, etc.

Talk about a half assed policy (or rather a third assed policy!).

And the light of "fast and Furious", whoever takes over the reigns of power in DC needs to pay serious attention to IMMIGRATION REFORM!

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