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Monday, October 31, 2011


You won't see this movie distributed to a wide audience.

The reason: Conventional medicine and the insurance companies have allied themselves to big pharmaceutical corporations and make billions from sick people.

Preventative care is ignored. Doctors dismiss alternative methodologies and stick to the status quo despite what the evidence points to.

I plan to watch this movie when it hits NYC or buy DVD when available and will post a few more screeds on this.

Here's a brief clip ---


Unnecessary procedures are doled out like candy and the profits generated are in the tens of billions.

Keeping the status quo in place is the order of the day. The side effects of many socially accepted prescribed drugs are heinous, but people put up with them as if their doctor is some invincible GURU.

Many of the side effects are hidden by BIG PHARMA in s bid to sweep under the carpet what really happens over time and Americans are addicted to over the counter and prescription drugs in increasing numbers.

Watching prime time television, many of the adds are geared toward FEAR and older people who are already taking a cocktail of tablets for this or that. The exponential growth of drugs that assist with depression, ADD, moodiness and increased energy along with Viagra and Cialis (ED) is astounding.

More to come on this subject in the coming weeks!

The Berlusconi & Draghi Show

The Chinese to the rescue in Greece?

Super Mario and Sleazy Silvio to the rescue in Italy?

Perhaps a possibility to the first question, doubtful to the second.

See Link ---


One man cannot save an entire economy and if the LSM were to be believed this Super Mario has come as saviour to the Italian economy.

CDS spreads for Italian bonds have been volatile lately and will continue to be into the next few months and in early 2012.

If the Italian population begin to rebel and defy any decisions made on their behalf by Caesar Silvio, him of the darkly dyed toupee, the Greek tragedy will look like a comedy show compared to the Italian rage about to be unleashed.

According to the CIA FACT BOOK --- see link --- With almost 61 million people in Italy.

Compare this - six times more than the Greeks - with a mere 10.7 million.


The key demographic in Italy is the 15-25 year old, those most likely to rebel or defy any governmental measures aimed at austerity.

And with youth unemployment hitting 30% these seething youngsters are likely to give Caesar Silvio a real run for his money.

As Italy grapples with its massive debt and economic problems, Spain with its almost 43% youth unemployment will start to burst at the economic and social seams.

See Link ---



Friday, October 28, 2011

China to EU-RESCUE

Looks like Communist/Capitalist China (CCC) is riding in as a white knight to the rescue of the dastardly Europeans!
See Links ---



Maybe the Chinese will bail out the FED as well:


According to its own audit the Fed is levered about 53/1 while US banks are about 13/1 levered and European banks running on average at about 33/1.

Bertie --- "Gettin' it in the NECK"

Here's an interview with that CLOWN Bertie Ahern who "resented working on Sundays". Says the Irish government "were saving for the rainy day!" (See Link)


Who does this FAT FOOL think he's fooling? These are the kinds of parochial cretins that are being voted into office in the Emerald Isle, "cute hoors" and gobshites.

Anyway, as the Europeans pass a package for Greece, another VETERAN CLOWN in Ireland, Michael Noonan, finance minister said that Ireland won't be seeking ANY DEBT REDUCTION as Greece did.

Take a look at these doubled chinned career politicians and ask yourself: How the hell can a country be dug out of a financial and economic HOLE with the EXACT PEOPLE STILL in power many of whom CAUSED THE FISCAL MESS!

They should be charged with ECONOMIC TREASON, not complaining that they "hadn't time to see the football matches!"

In other words, the Irish people will be burdened by the entire debt and will act as servile SERFS and pay it off in full as they get tossed out of their houses and watch their national assets be put upon the action block.

Pain and suffering are what the Irish are great at as far as Noonan and his cretinous government allies are concerned.

Another fat fool living off the fat of the land!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Don't know the results, but here were the odds courtesy of our friends at:

Paddy Powers

Michael D.Higgins 1/4
Sean Gallagher 5/2
Martin McGuinness 20/1
Gay Mitchell 66/1
David Norris 33/1
Mary Davis 300/1
Dana Rosemary Scallon 300/1

Thug Oakland Cops Versus Iraq War Veteran


Tuesday night, Oakland THUG cops fired tear gas a stun grenades at Occupy Oakland, hitting an Iraq War Veteran, Scott Olsen in the head, fracturing his skull and leaving him in a hospital in Oakland in critical condition.

Olson was a Marine and served two tours of duty in Iraq. (See Links)


When thug cops attack peaceful protesters on the streets of Oakland and brutalize its citizens, people need to WAKE UP AND SMELL the police state COFFEE.

I wonder where these fat cops were when Marine Olsen was serving his country in Iraq, on two occasions?

As the Occupy movement gains momentum and more and more people in the US WAKE UP AND SMELL THE ECONOMIC COFFEE and are joined by returning veteran, the political elites and their plutocratic financiers will begin to get a little more nervous.

I wish Scott Olsen a speedy recovery and hope he gets through the next few hours and days with strength. The irony of this horrible attack on a decent, hardworking ex-veteran in his own country by THUGS IN BODY ARMOR armed with stun grenades and tear gas is an OUTRAGE.

The consequences will be long lasting.

Who are these stun grenade and tear gas manufacturers? (see link)

ANS: UPCO, Phoenix, AZ


OCCUPY Universal Propulsion Co.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Gupta Facing Criminal Charges; Irish Banks 2008 Disaster

The Wall Street Journal is reporting this morning that Rajat Gupta will surrender himself to authorities today.

The crime, this ex-high flyer has committed? Insider trading.

He is also a Goldman Sachs board member. The unravelling of this case will bring light to the entanglements of Goldman Sachs and its dealings throughout the financial system.

Let's hope a few big-wigs in GS are found out to have broken the law and more critically are punished for their transgressions.


A presidential candidate in the Irish election spoke at length on the floor of the parliament about the Irish government's disastrous decision to GUARANTEE ALL BANK DEPOSITS back in 2008.

Michael D. Higgins speech (see link below) illustrates the passion one lone voice exhibited at a time when most were CRAWLING UNDER ROCKS of political expediency like the vipers they are!


This decision sent a message to the arrogant bankers that "if you fuck up, we'll bail you out through the dumb taxpayers".

Now three years later, the IMF is taking over the country and dictating policy to the Irish people as to what they can or cannot do, what they can or cannot own as public assets and more critically, the terms of the loans lent to the very banks and government operatives that CAUSED THE ECONOMIC FUCK-UP in the first place.

While the people of Eireann are distracted and diverted by the silly presidential election, the REALITY POINTS TO PEOPLE BEING TOSSED out onto the street.

In the early 1870s Michal Davitt's Land League fought absentee land lords as they raised the rents on tenant farmers, tossing them and their families out onto the street.

That was the law then. But Davitt fought and instituted the Boycott and together with his tenant farmer's network his Land League succeeded where many had failed.

Even Gandhi was influenced by the Boycotts instituted by the Land League Davitt's devotees.

Why is all of this relevant today, more than 140 years later?

Because according to the recent Keane Report, swamped in an avalanche of trivial presidential crap by the Irish media, tens of thousands of families are being tossed out of their houses.

Banks that have themselves been BAILED OUT by taxpayers are taking possession of houses and tossing the previous owners out onto the street. Instead of the picture above from the 1850s where tenant farmers were being EVICTED BY THE BAILIFF, the banks have taken the job of the bailiff of old!

The Keane Report (see links)


The full report can be accessed on Ireland's national broadcasting television channel RTE (see link)


Declan Keane of course works for KPMG the accounting behemoth and by default holds the opinion of the banks. Even though they were bailed out, the report suggests that, "a blanket debt forgiveness scheme is not recommended" and that "unfortunately it is inevitable that people will lose their homes".

The 44 page report suggests that in the coming years, 2012 and 2013, the current 45,000 households in arrears will increase resulting in more repossessions and undoubtedly families losing their houses.

This is a national DISGRACE!

But it will quickly EVOLVE INTO A CRISIS as time goes on and the number of households fall further into arrears and delinquency.

One "solution" offered is a Deferred Interest Scheme (DIS). In other words a household who CAN'T pay the CURRENT INTEREST is expected to pay it in the future. This assumes the economic environment IMPROVES DRAMATICALLY, a rather magical thought.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Plutocracy Versus Democracy

Recently I have been thinking about the reality of four things:
the US economy, the US political system, the US citizenry and the ongoing O-W-S.

I have written the manuscript for a OMOTS version of a book about the US Federal Reserve System and its effect on the US economy and on a recent saturday morning, I received a PROOF COPY in the mail.

It was a wonderful experience to open the package and see a gleaming new book in front of my eyes.

The proof copy needs lots of work, editing etc. but the fact that I had produced this and gave birth to it from my mind, was one of the highlights of my writing life to date.

Anyway, I digress from this blog entry.

What exactly is a plutocracy?

It is a system that exists for, is represented by, is paid and bought for and is controlled by, the super wealthy class.

The word comes from the Greek root - from wealth, of wealth. I have NOTHING AGAINST wealth but when it is used to CONTROL the political system, when decisions are made on behalf of a certain small group, an oligarch, a plutocracy and EXCLUDE THE VAST MAJORITY OF THE POPULATION, I have a major problem.

What is a democracy?

It is a system of government by the people, of the people, representing the interests of the OMOTS where decisions made IMPACT IN A CONSTRUCTIVE way the majority of the population.

What do DC and Rome have in common?

Instead of gladiators and coliseums, we have sports 24-7-365 (almost).

Instead of Roman legions stretched across the world, we have US armed forces in 150 countries across the world (see link).

Both had CORRUPT SENATORS and a population that were distracted and diverted from the main issues of the day!


Of the more than 1.5 million armed services population, the US has 369,000 deployed in these 150 countries.

Is this the mark of a democracy? Or an imperial entity?

Banking has assisted and financed this vast expansion and internally, the banks have become villified due to their risky and arrogant behavior over the past several years.

A leaked Citi Group report from 2005, at the height of the HOUSING and FINANCIAL BUBBLE, entitled "PLUTONOMY: Buying Luxury....", three CFAs discuss their views (from a purely investment perspective) on the US, Canada dn teh UK and where they see wealth creation opportunities.

Readers can GOOGLE the PDF file that I found on the Internet and downloaded. It makes very interesting reading six years later!

The three, Ajay Kapur (NYC), Niall McLeod (London) and Narendra Singh NYC) write the report in an almost DISMISSIVE tone as far as the OMOTS is concerned. They are not concerned with the trend that income INEQUALITY will continue to accelerate in the three countries mentioned in the report.

They are primarily concerned with one and ONLY ONE consumer: THE RICH CONSUMER and they don't particularly give a damn about the ordinary consumer, because the future, as far as the report is concerned, DEPENDS ON THE CONSUMPTION OF SUPER wealthy products and services.

But now the sleeping masses are beginning to wake from their slumber, their lethargic political hubris.

They are flowing out onto the streets and they will not be placated by the usual platitudes uttered by buffoons in suits, politicians wrapped in the US flag, or banksters pretending to be for the good of the OMOTS.

Monday, October 24, 2011

UN-employable VERSUS unemployed

The NYPOST has a well researched story on INEPT and ENTITLED job seekers feeling they DESERVE a job, even though they're UNEMPLOYABLE.

See Link ---


There are a myriad of factors that influence this ineptitude:

#1. Way too much time on FACEBOOK;

#2. Computers that move so fast the brain of the young adult is incapable of concentration;

#3. Undisciplined browsing on the INTERNET;

#4. A hyper-convenient approach to information and therefore education;

#5. A proliferation in the number of so-called SMART PHONES which are DUMBING DOWN the population, doing the THINKING FOR THEM;


#7. An over bearing parenting experience where as kids the young adult wasn't expected or permitted TO FAIL OR MAKE MISTAKES, thus sheltered from the REALITY OF LIFE!

Helicoptering parents are discussed at length in this excellent piece written a few months ago by THE ATLANTIC:


Welcome to the "new normal"!

VISA et al blocks WIKI-leaks

Here is s great story on how the whistle blower web-site WikiLeaks is being BLOCKED by VISA and its fellow financial buddies.


Why should a financial company that operates a credit card network block fund raising for a web site?

Bank of America, Visa, Mastercard, PayPal and Western Union are all involved in PREVENTING Wikileaks from raising money online.

Who is behind this? What organization or institution is ensuring that these financial GIANTS continue to BLOCK the site from raising money?

The public, OMOTS needs to know what its government is up to and Wiki Leaks, love them or hate them, provide information that weakens governmental control of the population.

But now the same power behind lobbyists for financial monoliths are FORCING THE CLOSURE of a web site.


And through financial tracking, the likes of VISA and their buddies have the power to PREVENT OMOTS FROM investigating what is really going on!

Give the population the usual "mushroom treatment" ---

Keep them in the dark and fill them with BS!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Germany and the EURO

At the outset of European integration, who was behind the EURO?

Now, after 12 years 1999-2011, who is behind the EURO?

Germany and France were the two countries DRIVING THE EURO train and as of 2000, most countries had made immense progress to be part of the new currency or had already embraced the EURO.

Shoot to 2011 and beyond. It now seems that Germany is steadfastly against anymore bailouts and as such will most likely, abandon Greece even if that means abandoning the EURO.

France needs the EURO more than Germany. And as for the UK, ex-PM Gordon Brown said today that the EURO needs fundamental reform.

Does this mean that the UK wants to EURO to fail?

The wiley Brits have been against the EURO from day one but are members of Europe.

Could the Germans and the Brits be working behind the scenes to DESTROY THE EURO?

With the December 22nd MERGE of the BOURSE and NYSE, could the EURO be under further pressure to DISBAND?

If so, what would replace it?

My prediction is that the weekend "conference on the Greek bailout" is only a diversion and that it has ALREADY BEEN DECIDED, that the EURO is a dead duck!

The Economist has a story regarding the agenda for the weekend.

See Link ---


Apparently the summit itself is a dead duck!

Germany, the UK and the US are dead set against the bailouts of nations and have the power to abandon any association with the EURO.

It is not beyond the realms of possibility that a NEW GERMAN MARK, pegged to the USD may arise and that the poor indebted nations, PIIGS will end up REPAYING IN A NEW CURRENCY, already decided by the CORE POWER IN EUROPE!

See Link ---


Thursday, October 20, 2011

No Moa-mmar, Turkey and Kurdistan (Good Kurd/Bad Kurd)

Continuing on my history kick: The map above illustrates the boundaries artificially constructed mostly by the Turks after the collapse of the Ottoman empire and then following the Great War.

A recent incursion by Turkey into Northern Iraq/Kurdistan has fuelled tension in the region, as the Turks continue to creep further into the disputed territory.

See Link --


Several years ago, FRONTLINE, broadcasted an excellent documentary entitled Good Kurd Bad Kurd and the US relationship with this group who have been repressed by the Iraq regime under S.H. and now repressed under the Turks.

See Video Link --- Part 1 of 8


The documentary from 2010, illustrates the NATURE OF GEO-POLITICS and the decisions to support or withdraw support from a group depending on US strategic interest in the region.

This ongoing skirmish between Turkey and the Kurds may well become a full fledged war.

NO MO-ammar

Finally, Gaddafi has been slain, apparently shot by the rebels in Sirte, his birthplace, in Libya.

Now the scramble for the nation's oil by the French, British et al.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Smedley Butler --- Major General in the US Marines

SMEDLEY BUTLER - July 30th 1881 to June 21st 1940

History is taught in a way that ensures the student will get so BORED that he or she won't even BOTHER.

Don't bother with the boredom!

The typical way of teaching history, in high school at least, goes like this:

Names; Dates; Events; and that's basically it!

There is little or no CONNECTION TO ECONOMICS or FINANCE. Wars are always presented by the conqueror as a means to "liberate", "democratize" etc.

One question that always fascinated me as a young student was how did Germany, devastated from the Great War (WW I) manage to get out from under total collapse, militarily and economically and socially to become the Third Reich stomping on all in its path?

Who financed Germany in the interim years from 1920 to 1933 and beyond?

How did the German Mark go from being worth nothing, wheel barrows of the stuff needed to buy bread due to hyper inflation, to once the dominant currency of Europe before the Euro?

All of these questions forced me to think LATERALLY and not confine myself to the usual, conventional, authorized version of history, economic history especially.

Then I stumbled across two books, one by Butler (See Links) and the second by
A. Sutton.



You won't see these books on the history syllabus in universities.

No way! This is the way the educators want to population to stay - NOT BOTHERED WITH THE BOREDOM OF HISTORY.

Another book that encapsulates the period when Germany was on its knees and was forced to pay war reparations AFTER WW I, is "Lords of Finance" describing the vast economic changes that were affecting Europe after WW I and into the beginning of WW II.

Wars are used to alleviate internal tension between those in power and those grappling with the rules overseeing the citizenry. And Butler's book is a great insight into how he felt after his life long military career.

All of these books are well worth the read if one is seriously interested in history and its connection to economics, finance and general knowledge.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Guess the investment banking game is in trouble. When the likes of GS reports a loss of 84 cents LOSS, the second loss EVER IN ITS HISTORY, things are not great for those at the tip of the banking pyramid.

Black Swan author, Taleb was on Bloomberg News this morning talking about bankers, bonuses and pay. He made a very important point amidst constant interruption from the suited pretty boy, masquerading as a "journalist".

Taleb said that the military don't get a bonus when they are successful, yet they put their LIVES ON THE LINE. The downside risk is DEATH, while the bankers' downside risk is SOCIALIZED LOSSES and a continuous stream of income REGARDLESS OF PERFORMANCE.

And if you think the 2012 election will be full of HOPE AND CHANGE, think again, because the amount of $$$ sloshing around DC and the front runner, Obama, is truly obscene.

If you think the OMOTS is being represented, think again!

If you think our best interests are at the core, think again!

See Link ---


Both of these clowns are the TWO SIDES OF THE SAME COIN --- the coin of CORRUPTION!

They're laughing all the way to the White House and the bank.

We're socializing the losses made by banking entities and taxation collected is promptly diverted toward their coffers, facilitated and overseen by the FED and its executor, the Treasury.

Take another look at these two smiling liars and ask yourself --- Hope and Change?

Monday, October 17, 2011

Bull Sick of All the BULL!

Bull Trashes Bar in County Cavan, Ireland.
See Link ---


Hilarious stuff!

He couldn't take anymore BS.

NYPD Tactics Protecting Citi Bank

See Video Link ---


On Friday, I rode my bike down to O-W-S, mostly out of curiosity and partly due to my ongoing cyber-following of the movement.

There is obviously NO SUBSTITUTE to physically walking around the park and talking to various people, listening to the spirited debate and more importantly OBSERVING the entire scene.

A few of the protesters were drumming away as the sun shone down and the cops stood to attention, some amused others clearly pissed off they had to stand around and watch the shenanigans of a few "hippies".

Of course NYPD is really happy to be getting over time from all of this.

"Thank you O-W-S," their saying privately I'm sure.

The square itself was spotless having been cleaned earlier in the morning.

One point I think is worth noting:
O-W-S is a FOCAL POINT FOR DISSENT and as a consequence, the protesters MUST HOLD THE SQUARE, no matter what happens. There are all kinds of folk camped down there, some students, some jobless, some part-time protesters.

What matters is that they have the balls and gumption to stay there night after night and hold the square.

On Saturday after the larger march to Washington Square Park, a few protesters went to a Citi Bank on La Guardia Place, near NYU and were charged with criminal trespass.

I don't know how a cop can charge a citizen with criminal trespass as they enter a public ATM lobby to close their accounts.

I predict there will be more actions in this vein, as more and more of these mega-banks see their (or rather OUR DEPOSITS SHRINK).

It is the deposits of the customer, the ENERGY OF THE CUSTOMER that sustains these mega banks, without which they crumble!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Big Clean Up at O-W-S

Looks like people power won out down at O-W-S this morning. Hundreds of people scrubbed clean the park and prevented the owners of the park from removing the protesters to "clean the park".

Meanwhile, several council members showed up in solidarity with O-W-S.

See Link ---



Dan O'Halloran, Leiticia James, Ydanis Rodriguez and Jumaane Williams all showed up to see what was going on or support the protesters.

And for all those detractors of O-W-S, this is an OMOTS movement, NOT A "far left pinko liberal mob!"

The more veterans show up at O-W-S the better as it shows that those who FOUGHT FOR THIS COUNTRY are more aware than those WHO SAT BACK AND SENT THEM to fight.

The arrogance of those in power is startlingly blind. As they sit in their ivory towers, OMOTS are forcing changes, while the lethargy in DC is astounding!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

China Sputters - JPM Chase - 9-9-9 Plan - Raj GETS 132 months

According to latest data, China exports are slowing - bad news for the global economy and bad news for any Chinese driven growth.

JPM Chase reported a so-called "accounting profit".

This means a switch of a few billion here so it shows up as a profit over there! The investment arm of the bank is bracing for massive lay offs by the end of this year.

Happy holidays will most likely end up with thousands of job losses across the investment banking industry. As more and more investment banking employees lose their jobs, more and more will understand the O-W-S platform and perhaps join them!

See Link ---




Herman Cain has a jazzy message, sounds great, NINE-NINE-NINE, wonderful!

Well Mr. Cain, how do you think the IRS will embrace your 9-9-9 plan? There are currently over 800 IRS forms created for tax collection.

Do you think the system of complicated taxation will allow your simple 9-9-9 plan?

I doubt it very, very much Herman.

Raj Gets 132 months ONLY!

What a joke? He swindles 72 million and gets just 132 months for that (11 years). This is an absolute WASTE OF TAXPAYERS MONEY, investigating, collating and paying city lawyers to "prosecute" this clown.

Raj had a bit of a health issue and clearly this influenced the judge. Another JOKE!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Symptom of Bubbles Bursting

Protesters Are Symptom NOT Cause

See Link ---


First known bubble in the financial memory was the tulip bubble in the Netherlands where people sold cows, sheep, land and wine for a single tulip with the hope of cashing in on the TULIP MANIA that swept the country.

Then came the South Sea Bubble from 1719 to 1722 which centered around 3 entities, the BANK OF ENGLAND, South Sea Company and British East India Company all of whom had taken on huge government debt amounting to 18.3 POUNDS when the total British Government Debt at the time was 50 million pounds.

All of these bubbles and the modern versions had the EXACT SAME characteristics:

#1. Greed
#2. Speculation
#3. Stupidity
#4. Corruption
#5. Rigged Markets by BIG PLAYERS

Fast forward to the 1920s and BLACK TUESDAY.

Then onto the 1990s and the DOT.COM FARCE.

I remember when AOL and NETSCAPE were trading at $300 plus in the mid-nineties. It seemed anything with a DOT COM after it was a sure thing.

And then it all fell apart and the little guy was left with JUNK!

Again in the late 90s and early 2000s when the banks lent money like it was going out of fashion people were getting mortgages at 110% the purchase price of the HOUSE!!!

But there was a CRITICAL DIFFERENCE in the housing bubble - the entire economy was affected - not a select few who were greedy enough or stupid enough to get involved in the shell game that was being unleashed by the so-called "financial engineers" at the BIG BLUE CHIPPED investment banks.

Further, a house is a place to live in, NOT A SPECULATIVE instrument.

Greed, corruption and lies via the so-called RATING AGENCIES slapped AAA on the packaged CRAP that was being peddled by Wall Street and its associates.

This is the reason why the O-W-S protesters are symptomatic of a burst bubble. They are rightly angry that crappy derivatives, crappy regulation, crappy spineless government representatives stood idly by while the entire economy, based on housing, (building, selling and speculation on that commodity) imploded.

As the momentum of foreclosures increased followed by job losses, the frustration swelled and poured out onto the streets.

That's the connection between financial skulduggery and the REAL ECONOMY.

Banks were bailed out.

The OMOTS was doubly screwed - taxes taken and given to bail out the banks AND foreclosed houses robo-signed by phantom individuals.

These protests will swell. They will, like all symptoms, show themselves ACROSS THE USA and then, only then will the CLOWNS in DC WAKE UP AND BE FORCED TO BREW some new COFFEE!