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Oliver Stone
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Monday, October 31, 2011


You won't see this movie distributed to a wide audience.

The reason: Conventional medicine and the insurance companies have allied themselves to big pharmaceutical corporations and make billions from sick people.

Preventative care is ignored. Doctors dismiss alternative methodologies and stick to the status quo despite what the evidence points to.

I plan to watch this movie when it hits NYC or buy DVD when available and will post a few more screeds on this.

Here's a brief clip ---


Unnecessary procedures are doled out like candy and the profits generated are in the tens of billions.

Keeping the status quo in place is the order of the day. The side effects of many socially accepted prescribed drugs are heinous, but people put up with them as if their doctor is some invincible GURU.

Many of the side effects are hidden by BIG PHARMA in s bid to sweep under the carpet what really happens over time and Americans are addicted to over the counter and prescription drugs in increasing numbers.

Watching prime time television, many of the adds are geared toward FEAR and older people who are already taking a cocktail of tablets for this or that. The exponential growth of drugs that assist with depression, ADD, moodiness and increased energy along with Viagra and Cialis (ED) is astounding.

More to come on this subject in the coming weeks!

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