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Oliver Stone
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Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Guess the investment banking game is in trouble. When the likes of GS reports a loss of 84 cents LOSS, the second loss EVER IN ITS HISTORY, things are not great for those at the tip of the banking pyramid.

Black Swan author, Taleb was on Bloomberg News this morning talking about bankers, bonuses and pay. He made a very important point amidst constant interruption from the suited pretty boy, masquerading as a "journalist".

Taleb said that the military don't get a bonus when they are successful, yet they put their LIVES ON THE LINE. The downside risk is DEATH, while the bankers' downside risk is SOCIALIZED LOSSES and a continuous stream of income REGARDLESS OF PERFORMANCE.

And if you think the 2012 election will be full of HOPE AND CHANGE, think again, because the amount of $$$ sloshing around DC and the front runner, Obama, is truly obscene.

If you think the OMOTS is being represented, think again!

If you think our best interests are at the core, think again!

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Both of these clowns are the TWO SIDES OF THE SAME COIN --- the coin of CORRUPTION!

They're laughing all the way to the White House and the bank.

We're socializing the losses made by banking entities and taxation collected is promptly diverted toward their coffers, facilitated and overseen by the FED and its executor, the Treasury.

Take another look at these two smiling liars and ask yourself --- Hope and Change?

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