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Thursday, October 13, 2011

China Sputters - JPM Chase - 9-9-9 Plan - Raj GETS 132 months

According to latest data, China exports are slowing - bad news for the global economy and bad news for any Chinese driven growth.

JPM Chase reported a so-called "accounting profit".

This means a switch of a few billion here so it shows up as a profit over there! The investment arm of the bank is bracing for massive lay offs by the end of this year.

Happy holidays will most likely end up with thousands of job losses across the investment banking industry. As more and more investment banking employees lose their jobs, more and more will understand the O-W-S platform and perhaps join them!

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Herman Cain has a jazzy message, sounds great, NINE-NINE-NINE, wonderful!

Well Mr. Cain, how do you think the IRS will embrace your 9-9-9 plan? There are currently over 800 IRS forms created for tax collection.

Do you think the system of complicated taxation will allow your simple 9-9-9 plan?

I doubt it very, very much Herman.

Raj Gets 132 months ONLY!

What a joke? He swindles 72 million and gets just 132 months for that (11 years). This is an absolute WASTE OF TAXPAYERS MONEY, investigating, collating and paying city lawyers to "prosecute" this clown.

Raj had a bit of a health issue and clearly this influenced the judge. Another JOKE!

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