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Oliver Stone
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Thursday, October 20, 2011

No Moa-mmar, Turkey and Kurdistan (Good Kurd/Bad Kurd)

Continuing on my history kick: The map above illustrates the boundaries artificially constructed mostly by the Turks after the collapse of the Ottoman empire and then following the Great War.

A recent incursion by Turkey into Northern Iraq/Kurdistan has fuelled tension in the region, as the Turks continue to creep further into the disputed territory.

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Several years ago, FRONTLINE, broadcasted an excellent documentary entitled Good Kurd Bad Kurd and the US relationship with this group who have been repressed by the Iraq regime under S.H. and now repressed under the Turks.

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The documentary from 2010, illustrates the NATURE OF GEO-POLITICS and the decisions to support or withdraw support from a group depending on US strategic interest in the region.

This ongoing skirmish between Turkey and the Kurds may well become a full fledged war.

NO MO-ammar

Finally, Gaddafi has been slain, apparently shot by the rebels in Sirte, his birthplace, in Libya.

Now the scramble for the nation's oil by the French, British et al.

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