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Oliver Stone
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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A Colossal Blunder of Epic Proportions

Watching the excellent show on PBS the other night "Prohibition", I was moved to investigate the link between INCOME TAX and the ANTI-SALOON LEAGUE (ASL),1893-1933, a bunch of do gooder Utopian clowns, who grasped to their fanatical ideals and destroyed the jobs of hundreds of thousands (mostly immigrants) in the liquor and beer industries.

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Barrel makers, carriage transport drivers, brewers, waiters and bartenders all thrown by the way side by these ASL Utopians, who promised the masses that slums and poverty would be a thing of the past. In destroying the breweries - almost 500 out of the pre-prohibition 1000 - the ASL degraded the Federal government's tax base. Two-thirds of revenue was collected from brewers, liquor makers, saloons and the sale of alcohol before the lunacy of prohibition was passed by the majority of states.

The ASL were therefore 100% behind the income tax which came in on February 14th 1913 and by assuring the Congress that alternative means of taxation could be hoisted upon the backs of the OMOTS, the ASL ushered in the income tax as they kicked saloons and legal drinking out!

The ASL, under Wayne Wheeler and his like minded puritan Utopians, mobilized their brainwashed supporters over many years to implement a TOTAL BAN on alcohol throughout the United States of America, a national ban that was to last from 1920 to 1933.

Although several fits and starts between the late 1870s, 80s and 90s ended in failure, on January 16th 1919 the 18th amendment was ratified and effected on January 17th 1920.

This was a time of hysteria, of evangelical ardour, immigrant uprisings and above all, the dawning of the age of unions in the USA, driven primarily by newly arrived immigrants.

But there was more to prohibition than the banning of alcohol.

It was another way of ensuring the population were kept down, kept working hard and long hours and above all, a WAY TO ENSURE the UNIMPEDED FLOW of INCOME TAXES into government coffers.

It is NO COINCIDENCE that the US entered WW-I THREE FULL YEARS AFTER the income tax act was passed. By financing the government through this new vein of perpetual money flow, the US would now embark on its worldly ambitions. It was a double win for those in power - income tax on the OMOTS PLUS send them off packing to the Great War!

The new dawn had risen!

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