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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

PAID DETAIL UNITS (PDUs) = Guiliani's Brainchild

Blame Giuliani for the "PAID DETAIL UNIT" and the onslaught of private NYPD units protecting banks, the downtown area and MACING OMOTS.

The link below, gives the history behind PDUs and the NYPD, started around 1998, with little or no consultation with the public.


And back in 2003, the Daily News wrote about the same phenomenon ---


Now in 2011 these PDUs are roaming around in white shirts getting paid from private coffers while supposed to be protecting the public.

There has to be a conflict of interest in this entire policy created by the notorious Giuliani.

I wonder if the cops above are being paid by BOTH TAXPAYERS and through PDU funds?

In 2001, while handing out flyers outside Citibank, Pam Martens was arrested.

The counter punch story above (written by Martens) details how these white shirted PDU-NYPD cops operate.

See Link ---

(Martens v. Giuliani)


In his bid to "clean up the city" Giuliani's notorious attempts to ban dancing, freedom of speech and a host of other civilian expressions made him many, many enemies.

While we New Yorkers live with his legacy of private cops, free speech assualts and NYPD's disregard for dissent, he has been cashing in on the GWOT (Global War on Terror) with his Giuliani Partners (founded in 2002!).

From the website ---

"Giuliani Partners LLC is dedicated to helping leaders solve critical strategic issues, accelerate growth, and enhance the reputation and brand of their organizations in the context of strongly held values."


Clearly the "strategies" outlined on the website are being followed by many a bank in NYC today.

Thanks Mayor G!

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