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Friday, October 21, 2011

Germany and the EURO

At the outset of European integration, who was behind the EURO?

Now, after 12 years 1999-2011, who is behind the EURO?

Germany and France were the two countries DRIVING THE EURO train and as of 2000, most countries had made immense progress to be part of the new currency or had already embraced the EURO.

Shoot to 2011 and beyond. It now seems that Germany is steadfastly against anymore bailouts and as such will most likely, abandon Greece even if that means abandoning the EURO.

France needs the EURO more than Germany. And as for the UK, ex-PM Gordon Brown said today that the EURO needs fundamental reform.

Does this mean that the UK wants to EURO to fail?

The wiley Brits have been against the EURO from day one but are members of Europe.

Could the Germans and the Brits be working behind the scenes to DESTROY THE EURO?

With the December 22nd MERGE of the BOURSE and NYSE, could the EURO be under further pressure to DISBAND?

If so, what would replace it?

My prediction is that the weekend "conference on the Greek bailout" is only a diversion and that it has ALREADY BEEN DECIDED, that the EURO is a dead duck!

The Economist has a story regarding the agenda for the weekend.

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Apparently the summit itself is a dead duck!

Germany, the UK and the US are dead set against the bailouts of nations and have the power to abandon any association with the EURO.

It is not beyond the realms of possibility that a NEW GERMAN MARK, pegged to the USD may arise and that the poor indebted nations, PIIGS will end up REPAYING IN A NEW CURRENCY, already decided by the CORE POWER IN EUROPE!

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