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Oliver Stone
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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Arrests = 400 on Brooklyn Bridge

With the O-W-S heading into its third week, NYPD arrested around 400 people (several perceived leaders of the movement) this evening on the Brooklyn Bridge, many of whom were blocking traffic. The numbers of protesters has swelled and next week will see a renewal of numbers if support is galvanized by a UNITED message.

Of course the LSM is painting these people as a bunch of left wing loons. Many are simply fed up with the corrupted political system, the money sloshing around in DC coffers and the business as usual as we enter a new election cycle.

This O-W-S needs to somehow conceive of a concise message that will galvanize support, that will reach out to the OMOTS. If they can stay in their park and stick this out for a few more weeks or months, as numbers swell, they have a chance at greater support.

NYPDs tactic seems to be containment and arrests when protesters wander into the street.

By attempting to shut down arteries into the city, they run the risk of alienating OMOTS and if they do this they will lose support.

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