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Oliver Stone
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Sunday, October 2, 2011


The nature of new movements will be leaderless due to the unpredictable tactics applied in a bid to mither the authorities. A great example is the O-W-S-Brooklyn-Bridge tactic on Saturday. As the current system operates as a top down structure, leaderless, circular movements can out wit and out maneuver whomever they are opposed to.

When NYPD for example is flooded with arrests and desk appearances for "resisting arrest" or whatever other silly law the protesters "broke", the courts will soon tire of the total waste of their time and sooner or later the law regarding "permit to protest" will have to be OVERTURNED!

Think of the mathematics behind 1000 plus arrests, 1000 plus desk appearances, and the total WASTE of taxpayers money tied up with all of these absurd arrests!

As discussed on this blog several times, the more people show up, the more the movement will be galvanized and the more the OMOTS will realize that it is him and his offspring who the protesters are attempting to fight for.

These big banks recently and WITHOUT input from their customers raised FEES ON CONSUMER ACCOUNTS.


I myself plan to WITHDRAW ALL of my cash by the end of October if not sooner instead of paying these banksters a single DIME IN FEES>

See Link ---


When the banks' ATMS ARE ALL EMPTY they'll "have some 'splainin to do"!

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