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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Seven Simple Truths for 2012 - February 29th

HDD has come to the conclusion that the following SEVEN TRUTHS are self-evident:

#1. There is no DEMOCRACY rather extremities of governance - the US has a sham democracy with two parties both LOBBIED to the hilt with hundreds of millions of dollars flowing through the system, most of which goes to write, pass and implement legislation that is against the interests of the majority.

#2. Only GRASSROOTS activism MAKES CHANGE. Politicians make NO CHANGE unless forced from the bottom up by OMOTS.

#3. The LSM's job is to DISTRACT, DIVERT and INSTILL FEAR into the consumer, influencing the viewer or reader to buy something. The LSM does not exist to inform or instill knowledge but rather to create disinformation and division.

#4. Debt is a device to ensure serfdom of the population. While banks literally get away with fraud, money laundering and robo-signing law breaking, OMOTS is expected to pay for these gangsters' mistakes, from higher fees, higher interest rates (relative to what the FED lends to banking members) and bailouts.

#5. Modern war (including the Global War on Terror - GWOT) is a device to further DISTRACT and DIVERT the energy of the masses in a bid to whip the population into a frenzy of blood lust against an enemy decided and created by military strategies decades ago. Iraq was invaded for one simple reason - Saddam wanted to sell his OIL IN EUROS, abandoning the dollar!

#6. Education in this country has become a popularity contest from high school to college and beyond. There has been an ongoing and intentional dumbing down of the American population despite billions spent (misspent) on education. This is a scandalous consequence of bureaucratic ineptitude and a gradual erosion of BASIC COMMON SENSE in education at all levels.

#7. Finally, the majority need to reconnect with their OWN INTUITION, build COMMUNITY and reevaluate attitudes to GROSS MATERIALISM and refuse to be entangled in the MODERN MATRIX that acts as a massive vampire of ENERGY.

The entire edifice is cracking from fiscal to financial, economic to educational and religious dogma are all being swept away by the INTUITIVE ENERGY of common sense.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

WIKI at it again! Wachovia and Drug Dollars

Wiki Leaks is targeting, through Anonymous, STRATFOR and leaking 5 million emails pertaining to those corporate and governmental entities that use the STRATFOR "expertise".


Who is behind Stratfor?



What does Stratfor do?

Apparently "collect information" through the public domain.

Are they spying on US citizens?

Most likely collecting information on them.

If so why?

This is the more important question and HDD will leave the LSM to sort all of those 5million emails out!

Here is a most interesting email chain pertaining to banking and drug money ---


And the two characters "advising" each other on how to play the Wachovia-Wells Fargo wedding:

Karen Hooper (left) "director" of Latin America Analysis for STRATFOR!

Sean Noonan (below) "tactical" analyst, whatever that is supposed to mean!

The most interesting aspect to all of this is the extent to which so-called "legitimate banks" like Wachovia were laundering money for gangsters, while OMOTS were being sold fraudulent mortgages, robo-signed and then foreclosed on! Not one single Wachovia executive has been indicted for any of this drug money laundering!

Wachovia's stock price (above) from 1990 to 2008, at the height of the crisis, is shown below. What role did money laundering and fraudulent mortgage sales play in buoying this company before its rushed take over by WF?

All of this Wiki-Leaking simply clarifies and verifies the role international drug money has played and continues to play in private and international banking.

Summing up all of these emails, a tiny number read by HDD, the following questions need to be posed:

Are these emails legitimate?

If no, why would WL go to the trouble of "faking" them all?

If yes, what will be done about those who broke the law if any laws were indeed broken?

How deep is the banking industry involved in the drug industry?

Millions of emails, millions of more questions!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Sheriff Attempts to Serve Eviction Notice - IRELAND

The OMOTS in Ireland is waking up, educating himself and fighting back against a legal system that is out of date, British colonial era anti-Irish and more importantly PRO-BIG BANKS.


The video above shows how the Irish Constitution TRUMPS any law passed in accordance with a business entity or banking related activity that involves the eviction of an Irish citizen.

Ulster Bank is the mortgage holder in this case (see full video and interview) and Ulster Bank purchased by RBS few years ago, is now 84% owned by HER MAJESTY'S TREASURY! (HMT)

Here's a bank that as recently as February 23rd, 2012 reported pre-tax losses of ONE BILLION POUNDS in 2011 and has been attempting to EVICT OMOTS out of their homes in a bid to capitalize on their own GREEDY MISTAKES! (see link below)


Under the Irish Constitution (Bunreacht Na hEireann) drafted in 1937, a man's house is inviolable under the law:


ARTICLE 40: Section 5:

"The dwelling of every citizen is inviolable and shall not be forcibly entered save in accordance with the law."

Under the Irish Constitution then, a bank cannot forcibly enter a dwelling unless in accordance with the law and if a mortgage cannot be shown to be OWNED by a particular bank, there cannot be any law upholding the right of a sheriff acting on behalf of a bank to forcibly evict or serve an eviction notice.

Many times in the post-Celtic Tiger Ireland, banks CANNOT PROVE that they are in fact owners of the original mortgage.

Thankfully many, many people in Ireland are waking up and educating themselves as to their rights under the common law and Constitution. Banks are realizing this and are scrambling to the High Court in Dublin to change the law in a bid to TRUMP the section above, Article 40, section 5.

This brings to mind a wonderfully written book from 1995 by the great Leon Uris: "Redemption", (see left) an historical novel describing the British and their RUTHLESS REPRESSION of the Irish rebels pre and post 1916, their levelling of town after town that rebelled against their heinous presence.

What are the differences today, 100 years later in Ireland?
People are still getting evicted from their houses are they not?
The British government has taken over many banks through HM Treasury, has it not?

But the main difference today is that OMOTS Irish have EDUCATED themselves and are no longer AFRAID of the powers that be, the same powers that have for years controlled the resources or Ireland, the lands of Ireland and the minds of the Irish.

The global banking crisis of 2008 has shown the OMOTS across the globe, that these banks are not to be trusted and their greed and fiscal irresponsibility caused the meltdown, and taxpayers are expected to pay up and bail them out!

Grassroots organizations such as FREEDDOMFROMALLDEBT.COM and NOTOURDEBT.IE are challenging the scandalous activities and fraudulent behavior of these banks.

Friday, February 24, 2012


The idea that a "Greek package" may work, but with risk, is being heralded in the LSM.

Stories such as the ones below, belie the facts on the ground that there is no support for these ruthless IMF measures and many photographs taken in the first weeks of February 2012 point to this fact.




The reality is that a Greek default is definite, the question is when? For the IMF to get a package through, the Greek government has to be able to guarantee that the population will be taxed higher, that the national assets can be sold to the highest bidder and more critically, that TAXES CAN BE COLLECTED from the population.

In the past this has proved awfully difficult and what makes the IMF-ureaucrats think that this time around taxes will start to flow in, unimpeded?

The Greeks have been through far worse over the years, from Nazi occupation to a C.I.A. backed coup that ousted their democratically elected president, so this IMF takeover won't work either.


Indeed, George Papadopoulos (left in his Nazi attire) who died in 1999 at aged 80, was a Nazi collaborator and hunted down Greek resistance fighters after the war.

In 1952 he jumped on the CIA payroll.

All of this history is conveniently omitted in the LSM and its simplification of how Greece needs to get its fiscal house in order!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil

It's all about the money!

FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) and when the IMF gets its tentacles into a country, all conscience goes out the window.

Take Ireland the latest country to play the IMF "game". How does the game work?


#1. Whatever the IMF says goes!

#2. Loans are conditional, regardless of how their repayment impacts the economy;

#3. National assets that took years to build by the hard work and sweat of the population are privatized and sold off, citing, "efficiencies" as the main purpose of the sell-off;

#4. Large multi-nationals with excess cash and boat loads of lobbying power, make bids on "infrastructure improvements" and are granted tax holidays and grants to set up in the IMF-at-ized country;

#5. The general population have no control over the machinations of the IMF creep.

Ireland has been courting the Chinese lately and have, like the three monkeys above, "heard no evil", "seen no evil" and "spoken no evil" regarding China's atrocious human rights record, genocidal policies in Tibet and its treatment of pro-democracy Chinese citizens.

Ireland has accepted the Chinese hierarchy and signed off on all kinds of deals to ensure access to the Chinese markets in the future, assuring its own population that Ireland can "export its way out of recession".

Here's a litany of economic episodes that have come to pass in Ireland since the IMF were "invited" by the government:

National assets such as the ESB (Electricity Supply Board) a semi-state run entity that provides electric power to the entire nation of Ireland is to be sold off to the highest bidder, most likely a German, French or British company; (see link)


The national Gas Board is to be sold off;

The national airline (a major loss maker), Aer Lingus will be sold;

First comes gas, then electricity and quickly afterwards, WATER!

All of the national assets owned by, built by and managed by generations of Irish people are to be sold off to the highest bidder to re-pay IMF loans, accepted by a government that is out of its depth when it comes to the intricacies of international finance and suits behind the cabal that is the IMF!

How much of the Irish taxpayers' funds were rifled from their pockets to build the national gas pipeline?

How much money has the Irish taxpayer shelled out in subsidizing national assets when they were struggling to make a profit?

Now that they are (well most of them) profitable, why are the Irish taxpayers getting NO BENEFIT from that profitability? Instead they'll have to pay HIGHER PRICES upon sell off!

Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil seems to be the catch phrase of the Irish government when dealing with potential buyers of the national assets!

Monday, February 20, 2012


#1. What is the difference between Iceland and Ireland with regards to the IMF?

#2. What are the similarities between the two small countries?

ANS #1: Iceland told the IMF to keep their poxy loans and leave them alone. They refused to take IMF "loans" because they knew they'd be enslaved to debt into perpetuity.

Ireland, due to its abiding (and frankly servile) refusal to upset its BANKSTER masters, has agreed to loans, agreed to IMF SAPs and agreed to debt into perpetuity even though the population at large are against the IMF. It's a pathetic scenario.

ANS #2: Both countries are small islands, depending on larger neighbors for trade etc. Both are small open economies trying to navigate through the global tidal waves of economic and financial turmoil.

But ICELANDIC people have BALLS!

And the LSM isn't covering the Icelandic resurgence because the idea is that small countries have to go the IMF route, beg for funds and agree to ruthless "conditionalities".

This is a BLATANT lie!

The story below illustrates just how Iceland got its fiscal house in order and told the IMF to and TAKE A HIKE!


And you won't see Iceland on ABC news or CNN-NBC-CBS or any of those other crappy "prime-time news".


Here's the KEY QUOTE:

"In the March 2010 referendum, 93% voted against repayment of the debt. The IMF immediately froze its loan."

If the IRISH could just look to their friends in Iceland and take a few leaves out of their book of revolt!

There is no money to be made in non-indebted nations and the LSM has no interest in covering stories that show small nations getting out of fiscal wreckage by their own unity, their own revolution against their corrupt governments and their own innovation against accepting the post-colonial IMF!

Ireland and its people need to QUIT BEING ECONOMIC LEPRECHAUNS and start asserting their CELTIC-NORMAN-VIKING past and tell the IMF and its client banksters to go screw themselves!

No more leprechaun-ITIS!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Ramarley: Teen Shot for a puny bag of weed!

What are cops taught at the academy on 22nd Street in Manhattan?

Why was a teen shot in the chest for a measly bag of weed?

Why did they have to shoot in the first place?

Why not shoot in the legs if the trigger has to be pulled?

On Saturday the teenager will be buried in the Bronx.


HDD believes that a teen should not be murdered by cops for a bag of weed.

There is video of these cops entering Ramarley Graham's residence where he lived with his family and breaking the door in. (see link below)


Did they have a warrant?

What gives the right to the NYPD to smash down doors and follow an unarmed teen into a building?

How can it be justified that NYPD can simply chase an unarmed citizen into HIS OWN HOUSE and shoot him in his own bathroom?

There can be no excuses on this one. HDD has written about cops been shot by hardened criminals, a whole different scenario, but this is OUTRAGEOUS and SCANDALOUS!

Who is this cop rushing in haste?

Richard Haste needs to slow down and learn how to handle a situation in a less violent way! Haste had a puny THREE YEARS experience. The standards within NYPD have slipped rapidly since the early 2000s and a bunch of gung-ho clowns are joining up.

Haste needs to be fired end of story.

And the family of the slain teen have rightly rejected a meeting with Ray Kelly.

Ray needs to quit covering up for these cops and set a policy of severe punishment for such heinous behavior: a 30 year old cop with three years experience breaking down a door and shooting to death a teenager!


Thursday, February 16, 2012

Savings Rates and Interest on Loans

Americans are typically blamed as being bad savers, as if they're just fiscally irresponsible or worse, financially illiterate.

This is not so.

The reason why they don't save is simple: The Fed in its unwise policies over the last several years has synthetically kept interest rates low, by their absurd QE-3 misguided policies. These policies attempt to keep interest rates low in the SHORT to MEDIUM TERM, something that cannot be done in the LONG TERM.

Why put money in a bank when the interest rates are close to zero for a savings account? HDD went to Citi Bank this morning and enquired about savings account rates and was shocked at the Mickey Mouse numbers (non-whole numbers fractions rather).

Here's a snapshot of what was available - a laughable scenario really:

Day to Day Savings = 0.05% APY (Annual Percentage Yield)
3 Month CD (Certificate of Deposit) = 0.15% on minimum balance $500
6 Month CD yields the same, while 8 Month yields 0.25%, a measly one quarter of one percent - PATHETIC!

Link below shows more detail on this joke to savings customers -


The gospel of low interest rates was unmercifully drummed into the minds of many by it's arch-proponent, "Sir" Alan Greenspan, who in 2002 was "knighted" by the British monarchy. (see link)


Where in the Constitution is it mentioned that a US citizen can accept a knighthood from the former masters of this country?

U.S. Constitution - Article 1 Section 9 states categorically:

"No Title of Nobility shall be granted by the United States: And no Person holding any Office of Profit or Trust under them, shall, without the Consent of the Congress, accept of any present, Emolument, Office, or Title, of any kind whatever, from any King, Prince or foreign State."

Did Congress consent to "Sir" Greenspan?

"Low interest rates" Alan also works for Her Majesty's Treasury as an unpaid "consultant".

Who is this guy working for? While baby boomers face almost negligible interest rates on their savings and are FORCED to engage in risky volatile investing the stock market, "Sir" Alan live the life of a lord. And then there's the MYSTERY of the low interest rate maestro's PhD dissertation!

See Link (very interesting read indeed)


According to the article above, his PhD was:

"his degree was largely honorary and that the thesis was a cut-and-paste job, comprised of previously published, non-academic articles wrapped in a flimsy introduction."

HDD has one question for "Low interest rate" Alan:

Who exactly have you been working for? Below is the Fed Funds rate from 1956 to 2010:

By keeping a hyper-low interest rate environment it encourages more debt, less savings and forces people to INVEST in the stock market which of late has been quite volatile. It also provides a PERPETUAL flow of CHEAP finance for banks and corporations along with trillions of dollars flowing into stock investments.

And long term, the FED's misguided QE-3 will ensure that interest rates will RISE! They have to given that they are near zero now!

So bottom line: the Fed lends at near zero, we get near zero for our puny savings, BUT, we pay through the nose for loans for cars, mortgages and credit cards, even though banks are paying next to nothing for their finance through the FED a PRIVATE institution with a .GOV web site!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

McChrystal Lecture at Ringling College Library Association

It's not often one gets to hear a live, battle hardened, combat veteran speak in a theater that holds over one thousand people. But this past week, HDD managed to hear General Stanley McChrystal (RET) at the Ringling Library Association venue in Sarasota, Florida.

General McChrystal was candid and forthright with his overview of US foreign policy and even managed to crack a few jokes in between the grave and serious challenges ahead for the United States military, economy and OMOTS.

Here is a man with experience of the world and the ability to explain connections across the globe and how US policy can positively or negatively affect countries, economies and peoples.

Link below (video included) to a local newspaper's take on the evening's proceedings:


People such as McChrystal need to be listened to because worldly experience and deep understanding of America's place in the world are something MANY POLITICIANS DON'T HAVE!

When was the last time a combat hardened veteran went up for president in this country?

How many more lawyers and professional politicians will feed the corrupt government system over the next decade?

What percentage of CURRENT members of the House or Senate have battle hardened military experience and an up to date knowledge of far flung places in the world?

How many have passports?

The Senate and House are both awash with hundreds of millions of lobbying funds with little or no representation of the OMOTS.

The likes of McChrystal offer a much fresher view on overcoming challenges, but wisdom would inform him to stay as far away from DC as possible!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Valentine's Day 2012

Hallmark loves this one, everything turns red, then the hysteria of getting the "right gift" for the loved one, the romance, the chocolates, the pressure to get a ring and propose and all that silly stuff.

HDD believes that St. Valentine's Day has been distorted beyond recognition with glitz, kitsch, and sappy, superficial materialism.

Where is the real Valentine from? What was his deal when he lived? How did he die? What would he think about all of this "red" card stuff?


He was persecuted, interrogated (most likely tortured) by the Roman Emperor Claudius II, who had an ultra cruel streak in him toward any one deemed a Christian.


In around 270 A.D. Valentinius, a priest, was beheaded by the Romans i.e. Claudius "the Cruel", for continuing to marry lovers in secret, something the Roman hierarchy was strongly opposed to due to the need to draft men into the army.

The cruelty of the Romans is hardly mentioned in the modern rendition of St. Valentine with hearts and cards and chocolates. Instead, like most "Hallmark Holidays" it has become a materialistic frenzy with little or no context to its origins over the centuries.


Apparently there were 3 different St. Valentines and from reliable archives and historical data, one of them is buried in Dublin, Ireland.


By hypnotizing the masses around the world into thinking that romance and love are associated with the ideas of nice red roses, boxes of chocolates and cards, the majority have been duped every February 14th.

And here in New York City, if you're trying to get a table at a restaurant on Feb. 14th, as they say in Brooklyn - FUGGET-ABOUT-IT

Thursday, February 9, 2012

De-Mystifying Economics - Part 1 (Labor)

What is economics?

How has it become so complicated and where did modern economics originate?

HDD believes that economics needs to be DE-MYSTIFIED in order for the OMOTS to connect the dots between labor, taxes and government takeover by plutocrats and corporate lobbyists.

Modern economics has its roots in colonialism, especially British colonialism when at its peak, the British Empire had control over land, labor and capital from Hong Kong to Ireland and everywhere in between.

At the outset, there had been a book commissioned by those in power and written by one Adam Smith, a Scot and a lawyer. That book titled "The Wealth of Nations" was commissioned by one of the wealthiest nations on the planet, Britain.

Smith's analysis, written in a very dry tone in a tome worthy of a weightlifter, breaks down the factors of production and suggests how each be applied according to their usefulness.

Remember when Smith's book came out in print, 1776, England dominated the seas, had a mutiny in a colony called America and was grappling with how to MANAGE its colonial wealth. Capitalism and its father, Smith, needed a framework within which to understand resources and how better to exploit them.

Smith died one year AFTER the FRENCH REVOLUTION, when monarchy was put under the guillotine and OMOTS began to assert their popular rule, a method of civil disorder that the elite at the time detested and vowed to oppose by any means necessary.

Britain had lost its colony in America, but still exerted huge influence around the world and trafficked in slaves (free labor), controlled the seas and had built up several corporations and banks to fund its ongoing "economic" experiments in unbridled "capitalism" or in essence colonialism!

One of the first "corporation" was the East India Company, incorporated on Dec 31st 1600! It had its own currency, see right, and traded between Britain and China and India.

Full history of the company at link --- http://www.hubert-herald.nl/BhaHEIC.htm

One of its most lucrative traded commodities was OPIUM basically the raw material for HEROIN.

Many other companies formed during the monopolistic reign of the East India Company trafficked in human cargo, packing human beings into ships like sardines.

Britain DOMINATED the slave trade in the early 1800s (see link) below ---


In the 24 year period, 1771 to 1775, 859,100 slaves were trafficked by Britain, up from just 2,000 in 1600, when the East India Company had been chartered by royal decree.

In 1834 the "Slavery Abolition Act" came into law, banning British ships from trafficking in slavery.

Now the colonial British would have to re-arrange their "economic" views on "labor"!

Upon the abolition of slavery, many in the British parliament believed it was necessary to institute another subtler form of slavery and set about doing just that, though long working weeks, crappy wages and DEBT!

Part II on the De-Mystification of Economics will appear this week!

Copyright (c) Banseed Productions 2012

Monday, February 6, 2012

Beer Drinking and Military Service

The USA, Fiji and Pakistan all have one thing in common: 21 is the DRINKING AGE in all of these countries! (see link)


This is an insane law in the US: In many states, NY, NJ and Connecticut, the minimum age to drink is TWENTY-ONE. A person has to be 21 years old to take a mug of beer, a shot of whisky or a glass of wine. He or she has to be 21 to buy beer or any liquor in a liquor store.

But that same person who has to be 21 to have a beer, can JOIN THE MILITARY and HOLD an M-16 at EIGHTEEN! At 18 that same person can legally hold a gun!

So a military service personnel has the legal right to KILL another human being, BUT NO RIGHT TO HAVE A BEER!

This law is INSANE. There is no common sense in this law, none, zilch, ZERO!

This law has everything to do with BIG BUSINESS, insurance companies and NOTHING to do with intuition and common sense.

Here is a list of states where the drinking age is 21 YEARS OLD:


North Dakota, Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands are the only places in the US where the age is 18 or 19, yet in all of the other 49 states a man or woman can be sent to WAR at 17 or 18!

The RIGHT TO VOTE at 18 but not have a BEER!

China to the Rescue

Looks like "Communist" China will have to come to Europe's rescue.

Human rights be damned!

It's all about trade!



According to the Bloomberg story above:

"Trade in goods such as clothing, electronics, toys and appliances soared to almost $3 trillion last year from $510 billion in 2001, with both exports and imports growing almost FIVEFOLD."

All of these goods are produced CHEAPLY and workers in China are being paid a PITTANCE to produce these products, while the majority of the factories are owned by those close to the Chinese "Communist" Party (CCP) or the PARTY OUTRIGHT!

It all revolves around CHEAP CRAP made for next to nothing per hour and imported to the EU for as cheaply as possible and sold to Europeans cheaply. Toys for kids produced at dirt cheap wages, apparel and other junk that has the quality of a few months.

The EU's trade with China is more important to Europe than it is to the US.


The problem China has is this - If the EU crisis accelerates (which HDD believes it will) China's trade with the EU and US will be NEGATIVELY IMPACTED and this along with internal social upheaval - little of which is covered by the LSM or China's media for fear of contagion - could have a devastating effect on China's social and economic fiber.

This puts the fear of God into the CCP, many of whom rule with an iron rod and a bureaucratic labyrinth that includes a cadre of state security thugs intent on maintaining the status quo, by any means necessary.

And as the EU crisis grows, China's jitters will continue, internally and globally. Its all about a flow of money going to China, a flow of cheap goods to EU and US and a servile, work focused Chinese citizenry!