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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Sheriff Attempts to Serve Eviction Notice - IRELAND

The OMOTS in Ireland is waking up, educating himself and fighting back against a legal system that is out of date, British colonial era anti-Irish and more importantly PRO-BIG BANKS.


The video above shows how the Irish Constitution TRUMPS any law passed in accordance with a business entity or banking related activity that involves the eviction of an Irish citizen.

Ulster Bank is the mortgage holder in this case (see full video and interview) and Ulster Bank purchased by RBS few years ago, is now 84% owned by HER MAJESTY'S TREASURY! (HMT)

Here's a bank that as recently as February 23rd, 2012 reported pre-tax losses of ONE BILLION POUNDS in 2011 and has been attempting to EVICT OMOTS out of their homes in a bid to capitalize on their own GREEDY MISTAKES! (see link below)


Under the Irish Constitution (Bunreacht Na hEireann) drafted in 1937, a man's house is inviolable under the law:


ARTICLE 40: Section 5:

"The dwelling of every citizen is inviolable and shall not be forcibly entered save in accordance with the law."

Under the Irish Constitution then, a bank cannot forcibly enter a dwelling unless in accordance with the law and if a mortgage cannot be shown to be OWNED by a particular bank, there cannot be any law upholding the right of a sheriff acting on behalf of a bank to forcibly evict or serve an eviction notice.

Many times in the post-Celtic Tiger Ireland, banks CANNOT PROVE that they are in fact owners of the original mortgage.

Thankfully many, many people in Ireland are waking up and educating themselves as to their rights under the common law and Constitution. Banks are realizing this and are scrambling to the High Court in Dublin to change the law in a bid to TRUMP the section above, Article 40, section 5.

This brings to mind a wonderfully written book from 1995 by the great Leon Uris: "Redemption", (see left) an historical novel describing the British and their RUTHLESS REPRESSION of the Irish rebels pre and post 1916, their levelling of town after town that rebelled against their heinous presence.

What are the differences today, 100 years later in Ireland?
People are still getting evicted from their houses are they not?
The British government has taken over many banks through HM Treasury, has it not?

But the main difference today is that OMOTS Irish have EDUCATED themselves and are no longer AFRAID of the powers that be, the same powers that have for years controlled the resources or Ireland, the lands of Ireland and the minds of the Irish.

The global banking crisis of 2008 has shown the OMOTS across the globe, that these banks are not to be trusted and their greed and fiscal irresponsibility caused the meltdown, and taxpayers are expected to pay up and bail them out!

Grassroots organizations such as FREEDDOMFROMALLDEBT.COM and NOTOURDEBT.IE are challenging the scandalous activities and fraudulent behavior of these banks.

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