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Oliver Stone
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Friday, February 24, 2012


The idea that a "Greek package" may work, but with risk, is being heralded in the LSM.

Stories such as the ones below, belie the facts on the ground that there is no support for these ruthless IMF measures and many photographs taken in the first weeks of February 2012 point to this fact.




The reality is that a Greek default is definite, the question is when? For the IMF to get a package through, the Greek government has to be able to guarantee that the population will be taxed higher, that the national assets can be sold to the highest bidder and more critically, that TAXES CAN BE COLLECTED from the population.

In the past this has proved awfully difficult and what makes the IMF-ureaucrats think that this time around taxes will start to flow in, unimpeded?

The Greeks have been through far worse over the years, from Nazi occupation to a C.I.A. backed coup that ousted their democratically elected president, so this IMF takeover won't work either.


Indeed, George Papadopoulos (left in his Nazi attire) who died in 1999 at aged 80, was a Nazi collaborator and hunted down Greek resistance fighters after the war.

In 1952 he jumped on the CIA payroll.

All of this history is conveniently omitted in the LSM and its simplification of how Greece needs to get its fiscal house in order!

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