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Oliver Stone
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Monday, February 6, 2012

Beer Drinking and Military Service

The USA, Fiji and Pakistan all have one thing in common: 21 is the DRINKING AGE in all of these countries! (see link)


This is an insane law in the US: In many states, NY, NJ and Connecticut, the minimum age to drink is TWENTY-ONE. A person has to be 21 years old to take a mug of beer, a shot of whisky or a glass of wine. He or she has to be 21 to buy beer or any liquor in a liquor store.

But that same person who has to be 21 to have a beer, can JOIN THE MILITARY and HOLD an M-16 at EIGHTEEN! At 18 that same person can legally hold a gun!

So a military service personnel has the legal right to KILL another human being, BUT NO RIGHT TO HAVE A BEER!

This law is INSANE. There is no common sense in this law, none, zilch, ZERO!

This law has everything to do with BIG BUSINESS, insurance companies and NOTHING to do with intuition and common sense.

Here is a list of states where the drinking age is 21 YEARS OLD:


North Dakota, Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands are the only places in the US where the age is 18 or 19, yet in all of the other 49 states a man or woman can be sent to WAR at 17 or 18!

The RIGHT TO VOTE at 18 but not have a BEER!

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  1. The Vietnam War years brought social awareness to the paradox of 18-year-olds bearing the duty to fight for their country yet lacking the right to vote or legally consume alcohol. The 26th Amendment was passed in 1971, giving 18-year-olds the right to vote in federal elections. Likewise, between 1970 and 1975, all but 15 states extended adult status to alcohol use by lowering their minimum legal drinking age (MLDA) to under 21 years.1 However, liberalization of alcohol laws was associated with increases in teenage auto fatalities over the ensuing decade. Prompted by the threat of losing federal highway funds if noncompliant, all U.S. states reversed their lenient stance on alcohol use, and adopted the 21-year MLDA by the year 1988.