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Oliver Stone
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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Seven Simple Truths for 2012 - February 29th

HDD has come to the conclusion that the following SEVEN TRUTHS are self-evident:

#1. There is no DEMOCRACY rather extremities of governance - the US has a sham democracy with two parties both LOBBIED to the hilt with hundreds of millions of dollars flowing through the system, most of which goes to write, pass and implement legislation that is against the interests of the majority.

#2. Only GRASSROOTS activism MAKES CHANGE. Politicians make NO CHANGE unless forced from the bottom up by OMOTS.

#3. The LSM's job is to DISTRACT, DIVERT and INSTILL FEAR into the consumer, influencing the viewer or reader to buy something. The LSM does not exist to inform or instill knowledge but rather to create disinformation and division.

#4. Debt is a device to ensure serfdom of the population. While banks literally get away with fraud, money laundering and robo-signing law breaking, OMOTS is expected to pay for these gangsters' mistakes, from higher fees, higher interest rates (relative to what the FED lends to banking members) and bailouts.

#5. Modern war (including the Global War on Terror - GWOT) is a device to further DISTRACT and DIVERT the energy of the masses in a bid to whip the population into a frenzy of blood lust against an enemy decided and created by military strategies decades ago. Iraq was invaded for one simple reason - Saddam wanted to sell his OIL IN EUROS, abandoning the dollar!

#6. Education in this country has become a popularity contest from high school to college and beyond. There has been an ongoing and intentional dumbing down of the American population despite billions spent (misspent) on education. This is a scandalous consequence of bureaucratic ineptitude and a gradual erosion of BASIC COMMON SENSE in education at all levels.

#7. Finally, the majority need to reconnect with their OWN INTUITION, build COMMUNITY and reevaluate attitudes to GROSS MATERIALISM and refuse to be entangled in the MODERN MATRIX that acts as a massive vampire of ENERGY.

The entire edifice is cracking from fiscal to financial, economic to educational and religious dogma are all being swept away by the INTUITIVE ENERGY of common sense.

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