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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

WIKI at it again! Wachovia and Drug Dollars

Wiki Leaks is targeting, through Anonymous, STRATFOR and leaking 5 million emails pertaining to those corporate and governmental entities that use the STRATFOR "expertise".


Who is behind Stratfor?



What does Stratfor do?

Apparently "collect information" through the public domain.

Are they spying on US citizens?

Most likely collecting information on them.

If so why?

This is the more important question and HDD will leave the LSM to sort all of those 5million emails out!

Here is a most interesting email chain pertaining to banking and drug money ---


And the two characters "advising" each other on how to play the Wachovia-Wells Fargo wedding:

Karen Hooper (left) "director" of Latin America Analysis for STRATFOR!

Sean Noonan (below) "tactical" analyst, whatever that is supposed to mean!

The most interesting aspect to all of this is the extent to which so-called "legitimate banks" like Wachovia were laundering money for gangsters, while OMOTS were being sold fraudulent mortgages, robo-signed and then foreclosed on! Not one single Wachovia executive has been indicted for any of this drug money laundering!

Wachovia's stock price (above) from 1990 to 2008, at the height of the crisis, is shown below. What role did money laundering and fraudulent mortgage sales play in buoying this company before its rushed take over by WF?

All of this Wiki-Leaking simply clarifies and verifies the role international drug money has played and continues to play in private and international banking.

Summing up all of these emails, a tiny number read by HDD, the following questions need to be posed:

Are these emails legitimate?

If no, why would WL go to the trouble of "faking" them all?

If yes, what will be done about those who broke the law if any laws were indeed broken?

How deep is the banking industry involved in the drug industry?

Millions of emails, millions of more questions!

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